Friday, May 08, 2009

plastique de rêve.

if there is one label that remains a bit under the radar but is grossly underrated, its supersoul recordings. their latest release from plastique de rêve is all the proof you need. they consistently put out music full of soul and substance, with this release in no way an exception to that high standard. the beat has such a drive that i haven't been able to stop listening to them ever since they popped onto my computer.

plastique de rêve is no stranger in the music world, either. the berlin-based producer has long been obsessed with electronic music and has had past releases on international dj gigolos, turbo and mental groove. i think his collaboration with supersoul is a match made in heaven and don't think i can wait nine months for their next musical lovechild.

plastique de rêve - lost in the city
plastique de rêve - resist

go grab remixes by the juan maclean, rampage and a 40 thieves edit when it's released on may 11th on supersoul recordings.


Jamie H said...

So nice to find someone appreciating Supersoul. I got the "Nobody Knows Anything" comp off Emusic, and I absolutely love it, yet all the reviews I've seen of it are a load of baffling 6-out-of-10 affairs.

skikkelsen said...

Querido Discodust

No solamente has hecho mi vida un poco mas feliz. El post de hoy es absolutamente brutal!!!

Te amo

Jonas E. Synthe said...

If anyone here listens to Beats in Space they have heard this shit (shit in a good way) a thousand times. This track is hot as hell. Thank you Discodust, I have been searching for this for so long.

Anonymous said...

really nice track from plastique de reve, areally nice electro like den haag style.