Friday, May 08, 2009

hostage + autodidakt.

if there's one constant over here at discodust, it's that insane madman from edinburgh, hostage, who is the living equivalent to 'never stop the rave again'. i can't even count how often we featured him on here or how many fucking sick tracks he delivered by now but he just keeps surprising me and comes up with new ideas and fresh vibes like every other week, keeping on pushing things forward.

autodidakt from traktor records obviously thought the same and got hostage to do a remix for his 'ghetto nonsense' ep (artwork above). you can preview the remix right here:

autodidakt - ghetto nonsense (hostage remix)

we're also glad to be hosting a competition along with this release and help traktor records with giving away five copies of the twelve-inch vinyl. all you need to do is answer the following question: 'just how ghetto do you think you are?' and mail your answers to - keep in mind: the more nonsense the answer, the better!

as if that wasn't enough, alan hostage hooked us up with two brandnew tracks, proving that he is still on the dubstep/bassline tip, bringing us 'pirates' and 'rudeboys', of course flavoured with his trademark rave sound. (and very secret sources told me you'll most likely hear one of them on annie mac's upcoming show!) grab them right here, three-twenty kbps of course!

hostage - pirates
hostage - rudeboys

hold out for more from discodust favorite hostage and watch out for future releases from autodidakt and traktor records.


Parrots Nest said...

You read my mind.. was listening to some Hostage earlier and like when's DD gonna post more. Good job mind freak.

Anonymous said...

Errr, Aleks the aUtOdiDakT link s a german hip hop artist not me...only the second link is me! :)

aleks said...

autodidakt: one thousand apologies! should be good now!

Anonymous said...

No problem, was funny cause it suited the ghetto nonsense title when you got directed to some gangsta rapper also called aUtOdiDakt haha
Nice one! Thanks!!!

BTDJ said...

Rob Threezy - The Change up Exclusive pre-release and DJ Donna Summer interview on


Jonathan said...

Hostage absolutely smashes it EVERY time. Rudeboys as fav, with Pirates right up there too... Heavy ish!

aUtOdiDakT said...

Alright Competition closed! Thought I'll leave you my two favorite answers:

-How ghetto?

As ghetto as my tight jeans squeezing me into a mold that makes me
dance like a mofo reverting to society scaring scare tactics like
everyone else. Like everyone living in the ghetto, I'm as unique as
everyone else next to me, only challenged by my own ambitions that
only take me as far as I want. That's a mentality - call it ghetto, I
call you pretentious. That's how ghetto I am, you pretentious sod.

-I’m so ghetto, that in order to send this email I had to wire my comp to the street lights outside and wait till it got dark to send it...