Thursday, May 07, 2009

bionic commando + clipz.

legendary (arcade) game company capcom, creators of true classics such as mega man, street fighter, resident evil and ghosts'n goblins, are about to bring back their unforgettable 1987 classic 'bionic commando'. versions for xbox 360, ps3 and pc will be on shelves in the uk on 22nd may and you can pre-order via and today!

you might be wondering why we're featuring video games now. well, first of all 'bionic commando' and basically all capcom titles are among my personal all-time favorites, ever since i started playing games back in the c-64 days, to the amiga and super nintendo, the playstation and still lasting until today on current next-gen consoles. and even more important for us, capcom got uk heavy bass producer rusko, french techno saviour surkin and drum & bass legend clipz to remix the original 'bionic commando' theme.

we've got the premiere of the clipz remix right here for you today. with 15 years of experience in the jungle and drum & bass 'game' and releases on full cycle and audio zoo in his discography, the bristol-based producer adds some deep heavy bass and rolling breaks to the original game theme while staying true to the 8-bit flavour with lots of chiptune arpeggios, bleeps and sound fx.

bionic commando - bionic commando (clipz remix)

additionally, we've got a copy of the game to give away, send a mail with your name and address (uk only) to and put 'discodust' in the subject! good luck!

check out the rusko remix on mad decent, the surkin remix on bigstereo and the official game site on let's hope capcom brings us more of this in the future, can't wait to hear some banging resident evil ('ssssstarrrrrsssss!') remixes!


Anonymous said...

This is huge news!!

Bionic Commando Rearmed had a very nice soundtrack too, even played one of its tracks in my dj set.

Bionic Commando RE - Power Plant

Tobias Dödselectro said...

nice one aleks, and don't forget that the ones behind the bionic commando games are Swedes, Grin. (proud) I'm a fan of bionic commando as well, been playing the MP demo some that got released on the 360 a week ago.

Waiting for the real deal.

Flashmen said...

haha resident evil remixes :D Jill vocal samples pls.

Niklas Dödselectro said...

Flashmen: Huh, Resident Evil remix? O_o
The Resident Evil soundtracks have always been kinda... uhm, not so remix-friendly. :)
No, I vote for a fat Nu-disco remix of any track from the Mega Man-games (NES games thou)!

Anonymous said...

Niklas try Johan Agebjörn's Mega Man 2 remix. Look it up on youtube ;)

Niklas Dödselectro said...

Haha, why didn't I think of that?! :)
I have even used that video for VJ-purpose on both my old club-project and the current that is based on the blog Dödselectro :D