Wednesday, May 06, 2009

sally shapiro.

the undisputed scandinavian queen of new era italo-influenced pop sally shapiro returns with her wonderful new single 'miracle', once again produced by johan agebjörn and roger gunnarsson - a winning team reigns supreme again!

the twelve-inch vinyl and digital downloads officially drop on june 16th on one of my favorite german labels, munich-based permanent vacation. but right now and straight from the source, you can hear 'miracle' first on discodust!

sally shapiro - miracle

watch out for the single release coming with a remix from bogdan irkük also known as bulgari and stay tuned for the sally shapiro album which will be released later this year!

UPDATE: 128 kbps mp3 replaced with a higher quality (173 kbps vbr) file.


Parrots Nest said...

fuck yeah, LOVES me some Sally Shapiro!

Anonymous said...

oh shit, this is soooo good. definitely worth the wait.

snob said...

nice one!!
love that album (and the remixes)

valentism said...

i love her music but i HATE when she whispers at the beginning...not the first one, creeppy.

J Dub said...

you rock!!

loving this

Anonymous said...

valentism: the radio edit is without the intro speech, get that one :)

Anonymous said...

Please remove illegal download