Monday, May 04, 2009

thunderheist remixed.

those canadians are at it again. thunderheist just released their self-titled debut album and we're ready for the onslaught of remixes that will ensue. first one out of the gates is from mansion. true to form they speed it up, jazz it up, spice it up making it dance-floor, ipod (*ahem i mean iphone), big-soundsystem ready.

thunderheist - sweet 16 (mansion remix)

idiotproof polish a rather minimal glaze on thunderheist's next single. besides isis' vocals, it's almost a new song altogether but would probably work in a whole different range of parties that the original wouldn't. ahh, it's the simpler things in life.

thunderheist - nothing 2 step 2 (idiotproof remix)

thunderheist are pretty much booked out all over europe and the states until july so check their myspace for their schedule. and rumor has it that mansion are making their maiden voyage to the states in july so keep your eyes open for tour dates because you definitely don't want to miss these two.

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