Wednesday, July 29, 2009

death metal disco scene.

after finishing official remixes for bat for lashes, lily allen, kylie minogue and miami horror spread all over the blogs like wildfire, london-based boy & girl duo death metal disco scene decided it's about time to unleash some original material, leading us right to their self-released debut single.

they are describing their sound as 'dirty crossover pop with an electronic flavour' and i'd say that's spot on. the catchy guitar riffs, the charismatic vocals by scorch shepherd, sprinkled with just the right amount of synths courtesy of main man david james billing, make '21' a serious contender for the indie dancefloor crown. reminds me of the good old days when new young pony club had everything locked down on the blogs and out in the clubs. seriously, where did we lose damn addictive, yeah damn let's call it 'crossover pop' like this on the route to today?

death metal disco scene - 21
death metal disco scene - 21 (flairs remix)

see, i am so excited about the original that i didn't even mention the flairs remix until just now. it's the flipside to the ultra limited edition 10-inch vinyl single of '21' featuring art by peter stitson. i am not sure where you can get ahold of the vinyl but i am certain that showing death metal disco scene some love on their myspace brings you one step closer to this future collector's item! watch out for more from death metal disco scene around here real soon, they've got a new fan now!


Chop Logik said...

I agree, it's sick and nostalgic of past days even while sounding utterly different- capturing a feel lain dormant. Thanks for th' heads-up on the Flairs' rework!

frost. said...

FML! I think I have to have this song implanted into my teeths and when i talk it would only play this on a loop. It IS that good.

JohnnyB said...

I think it is very tedious - like a boring version of early Grace Jones with Saffron from Republica