Tuesday, July 28, 2009

little boots remixed.

little boots continues her quest of bringing some warmth and originality into the cruel and cold-hearted world of pop music with 'remedy', the redone produced second single from her debut album 'hands'. and as always, her trusty management thought of us and got blogger favorites rusko, a1 bassline and spanish tag team buffetlibre versus sidechains to get busy on remixes. check out these three poisonous flavours of 'remedy', ranging from heavy bass mosh pit dubstep to big room house.

little boots - remedy (rusko's big trainers remix)
little boots - remedy (a1 bassline get hype remix)
little boots - remedy (buffetlibre versus sidechains remix)

the single 'remedy' gets an official release on august 17th and you can already watch the video here.

UPDATE: had to re-post this because the evil censorship folks from google made it disappear without any notice. fuck this shit! it's all legit by ways of promo agencies, stop fucking around.

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Patch said...

I also got TWO takedowns for that Buffetlibre track... DMCA takedowns are bullshit...