Tuesday, July 28, 2009

memory tapes remixed.

although this rarely happens for songs that already seem too beautiful to be remixable, it did this time. it's one of those few moments where you listen to the song a second time real quick because you think you didn't hear right. like when you see something looking by and turn back fast to look again when you realize you can't believe what you saw. this is kinda the same only for hearing.

we posted 'surfin' by dreamy and psychedelic electronica producer memory cassette a while back. and after independently releasing his first two ep's online, his latest one 'call & response' was released by the wonderful collectible label acéphale..including 'surfin'. now as i said, i would not have expected to hear a fair remix, but obviously sail a whale did an amazing job of embellishing there...

memory cassette - surfin (sail a whale version)

this (unfortunately) fictional ep 'calls & responses' also has a remix by dreamy lo-fi electronic producer cfcf who should actually be well-known by most discodust readers. his last 7" 'you hear colours / invitation to love' has got a release on acéphale as well. so you should really start considering getting some of those beautiful limiteds if you haven't done so already!

memory cassette - last one awake (cfcf version)

bonus: astonishing rearrangement of new memory tapes (memory cassette + weird tapes) single 'bicycle' by horrors. same observations as above apply!

memory tapes - bicycle (horrors cosmic dub)

check out all the myspaces by memory cassette, cfcf, sail a whale, memory tapes, weird tapes and of course acéphale and spread the love!


Chuck said...

aaah, brilliant timing as usual! Been wondering what CFCF have been up to for a few days now! Just listening to his Presets mix now.


Regen said...

thanks man i love these tunes