Saturday, July 25, 2009

momma's boy.

here we go again. mike gnacadja aka mikix the cat (for his releases on trouble and bass) aka momma's boy has launched another barrage of tracks on the awaiting public in the form of the double-sided release 'wedouwedou/give it up'. since he's elected to go under this pseudonym this time, that must mean that the release is coming out on sound pellegrino.

like his picture above, this next ep is going to be grown up and ready to play with the big boys. he's smart to keep his hands in both genre pots. both are rather aggressive and distinct in their sounds and are showing large potential to forge the sound for the future.

momma's boy - give it up

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Anonymous said...

I like most of what Mikix does but this is boring and monotonous as fuck. Phoned in.