Saturday, July 25, 2009

sidechains remixes.

oh sidechains how i've missed you. i'd gotten caught up in this kindof bongo and that kindof maraca that i'd totally neglected the tried and true diva voice, stabbing pianos and sirens. i wish i'd had these songs four months earlier because they seem the appropriate soundtrack for just about everything i've encountered since then. i understand because you were probably laid up on some barcelonian beach sipping sangria. all i care is that you're back and that you keep me moving.

blue pearl - naked in the rain (sidechains remix)
booty luv - say it (sidechains remix)


Larvi said...

Fuck yeah!!

pablo said...

alex sidechains has been busy with his 'requesters' project!

Anonymous said...

sidechains and buffetlibre put barcelona in the map!
now we're enjoying partying again!