Wednesday, August 12, 2009

acid girls.

acid girls from los angeles are living the (american) blogger's dream: they went straight from hosting one of the most influential music blogs to dj'ing parties all over the world and are recently receiving more and more praise for their own productions and remixes. similar to duke dumont or jokers of the scene, their productions have a very wide range of influences but always build on the roots of classic techno.

their new single is about to drop on iheartcomix on september 1st features two dancefloor destroyers along with remixes by jokers of the scene and dave p & adam sparkles. pick up the a-side 'the numbers song' right here which has been a reliable killer tune in a lot of dj sets for months.

acid girls - the numbers song

and as acid girls have been really busy these days, here are some more tracks you should definitely check out including an original tune with shooting star frankmusik (which scored a release on kitsuné) and two remixes for spanish band delorean (who got the 'best new music' badge over at pitchfork the other day) and colorado-based electro-rock vandals 3oh!3.

acid girls featuring frankmusik - wake up
delorean - deli (acid girls remix)
3oh!3 - don't trust me (acid girls erotic braille dub)

watch out for more from acid girls and if you're looking for some cutting edge remixers for your upcoming release, they'd definitely be on top of our list right now.


cjbxz said...

Makes me proud to be from LOS ANGELES.

Devastated by the loss of GnB, it's up to these boys, Classixx, and others to keep LA from being overtaken by no-good electro acts and tarnishing this beautiful city's good name.

ALSO: if you dig Acid Girls' Frankmusic piece, give Fingerpaint a chance:
Your mind will be blown.

Jerome said...



AND THEIR MUSIX IS 22222222222 <3333

Your Only Friend said...

Such good doods. Definitely on the on the positive spectrum of the L.A. Club Scene.

vladimir said...

Actually, I don't like Frankmusik, I think his voice is annoying.
But Wake up sounds perfect! <3

Peter said...

Just realized acid girls + discodust's very own miss toats + pance party are all spinning in sf next saturday... i could not be more excited!

Anonymous said...

You guys are sweet!