Wednesday, August 12, 2009

designer drugs remixes.

the designer drugs remix powerhouse is still going strong and in-between all their time spent in the studio and in sweaty clubs, the guys just found the time to hook us up with their latest remix for the new flo rida single featuring nelly furtado. as so often, for some reason the remix didn't make it on to the official release but atlantic gave them the heads up to spread this around the blogs, so enjoy another discodust premiere right here.

flo rida featuring nelly furtado - jump (designer drugs remix)

also yet unheard is the special radio version of their remix for 'strange enough' by n.a.s.a. featuring ol' dirty bastard, karen o and fat lip. on top of that, i have also included the great designer drugs remix of 'your heart feels' by thieves like us that i didn't post when it showed up a few weeks ago - don't miss, absolutely huge!

n.a.s.a. - strange enough (designer drugs remix)
thieves like us - your heart feels (designer drugs remix)

the new designer drugs single is dropping in october and they are touring europe in september and october, check their myspace for the tour schedule!


Anonymous said...

these guys are sick.

but their stuff lately all sounds the same. nasa and thieves remixes sound pretty good.

not really feeling Flo Rida remix much at all. (maybe it's Flo Rida's fault).

hope the new single is better.

Carl said...

I love Designer Drugs, I love all their remixes. But lately their stuff hasn't been up to their standards. I hope it's gonna change soon.

Anonymous said...

luv these guys!

tigersapien. said...

DD straight crushes it!!!

and that tour schedule is fucking INSANE.

we cover the remix they made for us with a full band...check it:

Anonymous said...

Track is sick, N.A.S.A. is dope.

You might like these guys

Check out the track with Cee Lo Green of Gnarlsbarkley!

Anonymous said...

I'd say DD is getting better actually

[K] said...

if you enjoyed the 2 tracks from Designer Drugs, have a listen to [K]-TEAM's NEW MIXTAPE where they mash the crap out of them

Anonymous said...

DD needs to get their game up, these tracks suck