Saturday, August 01, 2009


discodust resident hostage won't ever stop, you know it. consistently exploring new sounds and hijackin' them for a wild ride to rave territory, you can always be sure his productions will set dancefloors on fire.

this time he hits us with 'i get high', an uplifting summer jam which puts up a soulful sample against several heavy basslines, ending up with a perfect tune for this season! just like all recent hostage tunes, 'i get high' already got radio1 support and as (almost) always, you get it first on discodust!

hostage - i get high

and just in case 'i get high' doesn't feel heavy enough to you, we've got you covered, as hostage hooked us up with his latest heavy hitter 'welcome to paradise' as well, delivered as custom refined 'discodust mix'. if i wouldn't feel special 24/7 already anyway, now would be the time, right? anyway, play this loud!

hostage - welcome to paradise (discodust mix)

more goods from hostage are coming up soon, among them is a remix for the new foamo single 'wardance' and if everything works out, a mindblasting collaboration with someone very special. we'll keep you posted!


Ken W. said...

You can't go wrong with a new hostage cut. Believe it! Keep it going Alek and Hostage!


White Rabbit said...

Big tune! Good lookin out DD