Friday, September 25, 2009

mimó + fenech-soler + vega.

a tiny bit of backfilling coming up now, as i missed out on posting a couple of good things during my idle time once again. first off is 'running out' by mimó who is probably someone semi-famous in disguise again but i am too exhausted to further investigate right now and we were hooked up with remixes by fenech-soler and vega anyway. i bet you know what to expect: disco-flavoured electro, twice.

mimó - running out (fenech-soler remix)
mimó - running out (vega italo dub mix)

help us solve the mystery by collecting more clues on the mimó myspace!


aleks said...

(links fixed. comment accidentally deleted.)

t0db0t said...

very fresh. A perfect blend of vibrations that illicit a profound emotional response in my brain. Synapses firing like a cannon.