Friday, September 25, 2009

udachi + jubilee.

our friends nightshifters recently unleashed what might be their biggest release so far, 'paypur' and 'smoke rings' by udachi and jubilee. with support by fake blood, klever and dj craze, i especially see 'smoke rings' having huge crossover potential and being a legit follow-up to the now played out 'day & nite' remix by crookers. a true banger!

udachi & jubilee - smoke rings video (on vimeo)

the release comes with remixes by breakbeat legend luna-c, dre skull, grahmzilla, cardopusher and nick catchdubs. the latter and the original are up for grabs right here!

udachi & jubilee - paypur
udachi & jubilee - paypur (nick catchdubs remix)

buy the full release on beatport and stay tuned for more greatness from nightshifters.


Anonymous said...

Breakbeat legend "luna-c"

Your just making shit up. Who the hell is that, A legend in your town?

Anonymous said...

Nevermid, i'll stick my foot in my mouth. I just wish you would of said luna-c of the Smart E's.

I was thinking more along the lines of plump djs, krafty kuts, stanton warriors breakbeat.

aleks said...

you thought wrong then. as far as i am concerned, stantion warriors and the like are referred to as 'breaks'.

and i don't think it is necessary to point out that luna-c used to be a part of smart e's as his 'most important work' are the tons of tunes he released on his own label kniteforce, the most important record company in 'uk hardcore'.

if you haven't heard their stuff, definitely check it out!

and i just wish you would rather be listening to the tracks and follow the given links when you don't know what i am talking about instead of being all keen on 'calling out bullshit'.

that said: peace!

Local Hero said...


Anonymous said...

OP back again
Checked out some kniteforce tunes, not really my cup of tea but thanks for the heads up. Respect for the blog, been checking it out for a good while, the paypur track is pretty sick.
Peace out, will try to look before leaping a little more often. Keep up the good work!

Johnny Love said...

not knowing who luna-c is = revealing what a n00b you are

AC Slater said...

luna-c is a don y'all, there was music before blogz.

Lovatron said...

I like purple!

Lovatron said...

+ this song RULES my face off. I LOVE it! Thanks! :)

n00b dude said...

After doing some reading up on luna-c i have nothing but respect for the man. Never really followed hardcore breakbeat or whatever tag you want to pigeonhole the style as, and i am just a casual follower D&B. As far as that noob comment goes, if it makes you feel better about yourself and your ultra oldskool coolness then so be it, your awesome.

Full apologies to luna and aleks for shitting up this comments thread with my uninformed initial comment.

Anonymous said...

omggg Udachi & Jubilee - Paypur is so huuuge =D thx a lot =)