Monday, October 19, 2009

alan braxe + palermo disko machine.

today we have a very special feature. considered one of the big bosses of the french sound, and responsible for inspiring a generation of people like me, alan braxe is a name we're proud to present.

i got the chance to ask alan a few questions, as if to get inside his head and understand what changed from stardust till now. well, to start, alan is a papa now. a father of two, he cannot stay up all at night slaving in the studio anymore. early morning carpool takes precedence! he takes great pride in his fatherly role, and learns to compromise. but like the moustache on a 70s pornstar, alan's studio is something he cannot live without. his broadly arranged setup is painted with oldschool hardware. knobs, keys, buttons and sliders from all the samplers, synthesizers and instruments are all inspiration to his production.

asked who he is keeping an eye out for, he singled out breakbot. does being french and looking like jesus have anything to do with it? just playing! as far as future plans for vulture, alan admitted that there hasn't been that many releases in the past. he noted that he is planning on releasing a lot more, from new artists, bands, and that of his own music. alan has also prepared for us a shiny 15 minute minimix named 'the vulture mash-up', which is a quick history lesson on vulture music.

alan braxe - the vulture mash-up

coupled with the minimix, is an upcoming vulture release by palermo disko machine. palermo is jens moelle, better known for his involvement in digitalism. as shiny and new this release may be, palermo disko machine is nothing brand spankin' new. they debuted on kitsune in 2006 and managed to keep quiet since! the 'theme from palermo disko machine' is what the common space traveler would listen to. covered in space dust, the ethereal sensation the metallic pads give off is nothing but otherworldly. i got my eyes peeled to see where jens will take this moniker!

palermo disko machine - theme of palermo disko machine

make sure to follow the hype! head over to the myspaces of vulture music, alan braxe, and palermo disko machine and don't forget to show some support -- cop the release on beatport here.


leon said...

minimix tracklisting:

Stars on 33 "I feel Music in you heart"
Das Glow "I wanna wake up with you"
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke "Arena"
The Paradise "In love with you"
Lifelike & Kris menace "Discopolis"
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke "Love lost"
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke "Intro"
Defender "Bliss"
Alan Braxe & Fred Falke "Penthouse Serenade"
Fenech Soler "The cult of romance"
Alan Braxe & Kris Menace "Lumberjack"
Sedat the Turkish Avenger "Sunrise"

Krepotkin said...

Merci.. :)

Anonymous said...

excellent, but sounds like the DVAS for ever for me

Anonymous said...

The minimix is brilliant! Thanks Leon!

Anonymous said...

Dude needs to start staying up all night again :(

At least he knows Breakbot is awesome.

Alexdaftpunk91 said...

Hey, anyone knows the song after In Love With You???

Jacques said...

fantastic mix. yeah, what is that song? right before discopolis and after paradise, as alex said.

jehan said...

really nice interview,

Anonymous said...



denparser said...

V for Victory. Soaring high is a simple of victorious challenge in life.

Anonymous said...

this is whack, what has happened to DD.... another song there the artists name carries it over the line. if that.

Anonymous said...


Club Collab said...

Alan Braxe this saturday in Warsaw.


Anonymous said...

this is some ball-bustin funkiness

Unknown said...

fantastic mix. yeah, what is that song? right before discopolis and after paradise, as alex said.austin healthmate air purifier

denise said...

I like it 100%.

dves said...

I might have to record this too.

eda said...




Anonymous said...

haha @ the french jesus look. oizo, tellier, breakbot, etc

Unknown said...

si si si si si
esto es otra cosa
y aun más
ZETA - gENERO zARZUELA punk, si ZARXUELA PUNK, escuchalo!!

syncq said...

minimix on repeat for the past week

Unknown said...

Friends, friends. This is a new phenomenom in Spain. You have to listen again and post what do you tinhg about this new gendre
good luck

Anonymous said...

FreakYou said...

wouaw, I never seen so much useless comment on that blog.
Do you really know, people, what you are really doing here ?

it's a blog for passionate people,
and one of the best one !!

so please !!! that polution is pissing me off ....