Monday, October 19, 2009

yeah yeah yeahs + a-trak.

there are tracks that get so many hype in advance that basically there's no introduction needed at all. the a-trak remix of 'heads will roll' by yeah yeah yeahs is one of them. in early october, annie mac played the banging remix on her radio show and ever since requests have been popping up everywhere on forums all over and radio rips have been floating around to as a substitute for the real thing.

while the remix is getting an official release, it's our lucky day as we've just got word from the man himself that everyone involved decided to have this spread on the blogs. and from what i can see it's not up anywhere else yet, so enjoy the full mastered version one of the year's best and most anticipated remixes as another first on discodust! (sometimes my sleeping disorders have their advantages, whoo!)

yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (a-trak remix)

and in case you're up for a different take on the track, our friend willy joy from chicago hooked us up with his steaming hot 'sex dream dub' which is more on the deep technoid side of things with some pretty driving drum programming. definitely worth checking as well!

yeah yeah yeahs - heads will roll (willy joy sex dream dub)

spread it like wildfire and show a-trak, his label fool's gold, willy joy and of course the yeah yeah yeahs some love!


Anonymous said...

yeah, it's finally back to quality on discodust! thumbs up!

CJ Milli said...

hell yeah, first! thanks

Adrian said...


Camphor said...

Good for you guys, well done. Keep it coming.

Urban Fabric said...

Aleks is always getting the goods! Big up man! Stay awake!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

not impressed, atrak really has no idea.

Anonymous said...

"yeah, it's finally back to quality on discodust! thumbs up!"

Exactly what I was thinking.
DD is definitely my favorite blog I just haven't been feeling the majority of their posts lately. This post is on point though!! :D

J said...

Been hanging out for it for soo long, props to DD!

Anonymous said...

sounds like it could be any prydz-a-like to me. of course i am sure the DJ response is 'but it works' but then so does the bloody beetroots and 5 year old justice v simian mixes

Tchiky Flow said...

Ze biG KIFF ! Thx U mister ;)

Anonymous said...



AnON^4^life^ said...

this song is good, but way over rated,and to be honest A-track as a producer is way over rated, cant think of the name right now but the tune is also ripped off, and the part where you really want to go crazy in the song is lacking some serious guts.

denparser said...

aw.. horible. this ugly face punk gonna suck ur tasty blood. :-)