Wednesday, October 14, 2009

french fries.

with rapid advancements in technology across the board, little kids are showing up the big kids beating them at their own game. i first noticed this phenomenon when i saw little 8-year-old kids doing skateboarding tricks and beating guys three times their own age in the x-games. i figured that they studied skate videos for hours and just thought these tricks were normal.

seems as though the same pattern is happening with music production. french fries just turned seventeen and is already churning out some major contenders. legend has it that he started fiddling around with production tools at the tender age of seven. it may sound like a stretch, but his dad is a major producer so he grew up playing on sound boards instead of making mud pies.

this is one of the few remixes of a bloody beetroots song that bears almost no resemblance to the motoring, crunchy sound of the bouncy italians. who would have thought i'd like french fries and beetroots together?

the bloody beetroots - theolonius (french fries remix)

if this original track is any indication of things to come from french fries, i can't wait to see what a little time and experience is going to turn him into.

french fries - coconut

his ep is slated to be released through young gunz entertainment (aptly named). until that happens, you can go grab his track 'rebola' on itunes.


Anonymous said...

This music is horribly repetitive and musically uninteresting!
Cans someone explain to me why this music is seen as good, and why it was featured on my favorite blog?

Anonymous said...

Thx Royal-T, just wanted to say the same.
At least , the guy has time to progress ... but when i remember what Surkin did with 17, it might already be over

aleks said...

big things to come from this kid, trust me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting something different. Yes, these tracks are repetitive. In essence thats what House music is all about. Please inform me about music that isn't repetitive. I can see how these tracks wouldn't be interesting on your drive to Starbucks, but if you Dj these will destroy clubs. Especially Coconut.

Jack Herror said...

looks like a promising producer to me! a lot of people talkin shit on these pages lol

Anonymous said...

coconut sounds an awful lot like stickin by SonicC... another 17 year old producer haha

Anonymous said...

French fries Feat Bambounou - COCONUT

Anonymous said...

Doesnt sound good at all. Reminds of bad dancehall music at bad clubs.