Wednesday, October 14, 2009

momma's boy.

this kitty's been busy busy busy. much to my surprise, he has relocated to berlin. i wonder if being in the epicenter of techno music is going to have an effect on either of his music making alter egos? he hasn't been taken over by the deep dark side of techno yet as he's still got a bit of tropical feel left in this track which features his brother, bloss hill.

momma's boy featuring bloss hill - wapomathics

momma's boy has been spotted frequently in the close vicinity of brodinski and even made the cut of remixes for noob & brodinski's megahyped 'peanuts club' track out now on turbo recordings. i wouldn't be shocked if they released a collaboration in the near future.

noob & brodinski - peanuts club (momma's boy remix)

of course you can always stay up to date with his travels, photos and new tracks at his zebrapop blog.

1 comment:

416 said...

Momma's Boy on DD... this is unreal!

Thanks 4 hookin up loads of wicked tunes 4 free... I would totally still buy vinyl if I wasn't a broke ass mofo who lives on canned tuna... I'm starting to feel like a cat... meow

Lots of Luv from TO