Wednesday, October 14, 2009


it's finally time. los angeles has incubated a handful of producers for the past few years and they're pecking thru their shells and makin' noise for everyone to love. paparazzi has been a staple la promoter who has also managed to dodge all the party-throwing politics along the way to now throw one of the most consistently packed weekly parties in the entire city.

he draws an average of 2000 kids to his all-ages monster simply named 'dance' where he regularly features big named djs. it's a place where locals like acid girls, classixx and harvard bass can try out new tracks on a proper soundsystem to a proper crowd and also where visitors like le castle vania, ac slater and a-trak can come and have a great show in a gigantic venue.

not one to be left behind, the next step for him is producing. he mixed up this track for crystal fighters. stay tuned for some original material as well and you can catch his future podcasts with more new music on itunes here.

crystal fighters - i love london (paparazzi remix)

he has also concocted a mixtape featuring cali done right. he even wrangled lil jon to do his intro.

paparazzi - paparazzi does cali mixtape (on zshare)
paparazzi - paparazzi does cali mixtape (on megaupload)

find the tracklist after the jump!


lil jon - paparazzi drop
drop the lime - devil's eyes (classixx remix)
drop the lime - set me free (harvard bass remix)
sidney samson - riverside (will bailey & hotmoff remix)
laidback luke & lee mortimer - blau (la riots remix)
crystal fighters - i love london (paparazzi remix)
justin martin & claude vonstroke - beat that bird
sinden - mega (harvard bass remix)
kid sister - right hand (kill the noise remix)
passion pit - eyes as candles (acid girls remix)
la roux - in for the kill (le castle vania remix)


Anonymous said...

Paparazzi, all though is a somewhat well known local DJ/producer in Los Angeles, he is quite the shitty DJ, I don't know how he ending up on this blog.

Perrez Hilton said...

"He draws an average of 2000 kids"
Yes, your are correct kids. I don't know whats worse a daycare center charging toddlers at the door, or "DANCE".(Paparazzi's venue at ARENA located in Downtown Los Angeles)

Despite his desperate attempts at trying to gain popularity from the younger generations, he some how manages to reel in big Artist.

This just goes to show, talent isn't everything. It's about who know and how much your willing to pay.

Anonymous said...

I disagree on both comments. I have booked Paparazzi on two occasions to come to Boston. Both times he has massacred the room, and has put on a much better show then alot of so called "Big name", "Big producers".

Second of all its real fuckin easy to to hate on a 2000+ turn out weekly party when you probably couldn't pull ten kids. News flash, the minimal techno and deep house nights don't fill arenas. Its a business and thats what he does for a living. He does it very well.

Im sure all the party monster retirees were talking shit about your faggy beads and UFO pants too so don't worry about it.

DJs who keep it real are dj'ing in their bedroom ok.
Get over yourselves.

Anonymous said...

newbz...its all about who you know.

Anonymous said...

Although he may be a good promoter and somewhat of a decent DJ, his production is below par. I pretty much lost some respect for this blog. There are tons of LA producers that have far better tracks and music out there, and is way more suited to fit this blog. No way this deserves any recognition alone server space.

Mitch Moore said...

Sounds like you bitches are mad that he's gettin shine and your not! U mad?

Quit hatin... dude is on point. "Get over yourself" is right... no one gives a f' what you think or how much you respect a blog.

Its about the music... if you dont like it go read another blog or just skip the post. You dont have to read it or listen the music.

Le Castle Vania said...

hey thanks for dropping the air horns on their to make sure no one jack the unreleased jam! good looking out!

Anonymous said...

really bad music
gimme back the Discodust i used to love!
(or at least name blogs where there might be some superior electronic music, i dont want waste time searching)

aleks said...

you might want to check out some of the other posts then.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I love this blog with all my heart, you guy's are always fucking cool as shit for shoot'n for the music and the new underground DJ's that haven't had their voice heard yet but Paparazzi? come on now...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is my first and last time coming to this blog, WOW paparazzi


Anonymous said...

Hahaaaaaa!! No Joke! This suucks!! What's happened to the Blog I loved! Been going waaay downhill with this type of shitty house music lately. Who the hell is this guy, and why would I ever want to listen/DJ music like this? It's supposed to be Discodust, not Senor Frogs highschool amateur hour daquiri-dust!

Anonymous said...

I don't understand how you can defend him. This track has a depressing bassline both melodically and in regard to the sound of the synth. Above that is a crazy lead line that doesn't really stick into memory except in how annoying it is like an alarm clock on drugs and vocals that really just add to the overall shittyness.

hungry hungry models said...

fuckin haters anywhere you go.

is it really worth wasting your time on hating what you dislike?

the power of hatred will never cease to amaze me.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand all the hate for Paparazzi. Last time he played Boston, he had an amazing set. You may not like the people that go to his parties, but you certainly can't deny that he's making an impact. No matter what you think of his style, there's no denying the numbers he draws.

Unknown said...

Papa is, let's face it, one of the top promoters in LA at the moment. Even if he does run a day-care on Tuesday nights, Dance always seems to pull HUGE crowds...especially, when he books the likes of Le Castle Vania or AC Slater.

My only dispute, Discodust, is you claiming Dance to have a proper soundsystem. LOL ya, ok. If you'd ever been inside Arena, you'd have heard the shittiest soundsystem in all of Hollywood. I'm not trying to hate or anything, but I think the lack of any real speakers is what keeps Dance ranked behind the likes of Heist or Avalon. I'm not saying go out and throw Funktion 1's in there before next Tuesday, but seriously, my 400W Behringer throws out MORE bass than those shitty speakers @ Arena.