Thursday, October 08, 2009

malente + riton + primary 1.

i am sure all of you have heard "who's there?" from riton and primary 1 by now which has been tearing up dancefloors in either it's original form or remixed by in flagranti, style of eye or l-vis 1990. still, my favorite version was the remix by malente though which did not make it on the final release for some reason.

so after hearing it on one of his recent mixtapes and some mailing back and forth with both malente and the people in charge at phantasy sound, we managed to de-ice this sweet version, right on time before it went lost in the perpetual ice of unheard remixes. malente's take on "who's there?" is percussion-heavy and brings some classic techno flavour to the table, perfectly up my alley!

riton & primary 1 - who's there (malente remix)

head over to the malente myspace and make sure to check out his new release, put out by our friends from fool's gold.

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Anonymous said...

One of malentes best since a really really long time!

great post