Thursday, October 08, 2009

silver columns + joe hot chip.

not exactly sure what we are dealing with here, as this track came to me without any vital information, there is no myspace page and several search engines only lead me to other clueless bloggers.

the only thing i know for sure is that we are talking about a band named silver columns and joe goddard from hot chip is on the controls for this remix and pairs the bronski beat style vocals with a stomping uptempo hi-nrg disco sound and detuned chip sounds - as scott from the beloved pinglewood puts it 'this song sounds like jimmy somerville playing mario kart'. so i take it we have just found this years' 'stuck on repeat' (FULL DISCLOSURE: as travis from bigstereo already mentioned to me in a twitter direct message). let the hype begin!

silver columns - brow beaten (joe goddard remix)

as much as i would love to point you to a place where you could show silver columns some love, i couldn't find one, so use our very own comments to express your loving feelings.


Gwawr Sam said...

mmmm... bouncy retro loveliness

Daniel said...

Klingt am Anfang entfernt wie eine Reminiszenz an "Flashdance" - oder geht das nur mir so?

LeatherTramp said...

hmm, for some reason while listening to this, the song blind by hercules and love affair keeps poppng up! they sound remotly familiar. maybe "hercules and love affair" and "silver columns" have something to do with each other? check out their myspace:

listen to the song "blind"

Anonymous said...

Who are they?