Thursday, October 08, 2009


while some big questions have just recently been answered (gucci vump being brodinski and guillaume of the shoes), new ones just keep popping up. i know nothing about these tracks except that they're on brodi's new chart and can find no information on r.i.v.e.r.

it was passed to me by sound pellegrino big boss teki latex with no more information than "this is my friend's song, you wanna blog it?" and with his recent track record of secrets and jokes (half fake unattainable charts and misleading press releases) i have half a brain to think this is someone's secret side project. well, it's good and it technically doesn't matter who made it as long as i get more of it!

r.i.v.e.r. - fairycide
r.i.v.e.r. - l.o.a.d.

head over to the r.i.v.e.r. myspace and watch him making some serious moves soon!

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