Friday, January 22, 2010

ladybox + b. rich + ac slater.

ladybox are a girl duo from copenhagen who recently ended up in the studio with ac slater and b. rich, leading to a new release on their party like us label. both the original track 'cookies fly' and the remix of 'hit my ride' are bouncy upbeat bass-heavy club tracks with raunchy lyrics that will get the rave going!

ladybox - cookies fly
ladybox - hit my ride (b. rich remix)

check out the complete 'cookies fly' ep over at junodownload, beatport or itunes and let ladybox know how much you love them on myspace!


Urban Fabric said...

BASS! Yes please! Ken_UF

Anonymous said...

hahaha i got it on the 21st hahah.
cali time...sik ass tune

Anonymous said...

She's got to work a little on that accent, me thinks. Not very convincing singing in 'danglish'.

Nice work by AC and B. Rich though :)

Anonymous said...

wicked tune. thanks for the post.