Friday, January 22, 2010

so shifty.

while i am not really known to be a fan of dancehall and reggae vibes, hamburg-based so shifty are definitely among the most exciting producers in germany to me right now these days. already honoured with the sign of approval by our friends from mad decent and discobelle, these guys are causing quite some buzz right now! combining influences from dancehall and soca with current electro house and uk funky sounds, so shifty is giving me some hope that germany didn't completely lose connection to the rest of the music world. big ups!

here's the title track from their debut release 'wine touch clap' on crossfaded bacon (the label run by emynd) and their most recent remix for tinashé.

so shifty - wine
tinashé - mayday (so shifty remix)

the 'wine touch clap' ep comes with two more originals plus remixes by douster, top billin, emynd and them jeans. go pick it up at junodownload, turntable lab or itunes and head over to the so shifty blog for more music!

UPDATE: head over to bigstereo for the them jeans remix!

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