Friday, February 19, 2010

bit funk.

a million blog years ago (as in april 2009), our friends from creamteam first posted about chicago/toronto-based producer bit funk. thousand blog years (as in may 2009) later i finally listened to his tracks and ever since wanted to post about him but miserably failed, shifting down to superslacker-mode each time he sent me tracks. and still some of his tracks from back then never really left my player but more about that soon. let's act like i am a serious blogger and talk about the actual news first!

bit funk just finished two new remixes for uprising london-based singer kirstenana and fellow toronto band madrid, both being great demonstrations of how well he can work with vocals, pop song arrangements and turning these into sure shot floorfillers! both brandnew and previously unblogged!

kirstenana - love love love (bit funk remix)
madrid - iron ways (bit funk remix)

and now it's about time to face the truth again, which is that some of you might have never heard an original bit funk track yet and we need to change this urgently. especially as 'love scientific' is one of my personal favorites in the whole 'dreamy' french genre and the two other tracks should not be missed either! go get busy!

bit funk - love scientific
bit funk - things i can't remember
bit funk - a question for you

make sure to keep up with bit funk on myspace or follow him on twitter, i'll definitely keep you posted as well. moreover, you can check the full madrid single release out on itunes and add kirstenana on myspace.


V said...

It feels a bit funky up in this post (har-har). :D

Anonymous said...

This is some fresh shit. Diggin' it!

Bald E. said...

I know that mug...nice ones, Mr. Funk.

gih said...

yeah! me too i agree with that. Cool!

tim said...

he looks stunning, love his songs, some awesome sound he got there