Friday, February 19, 2010

justin faust + moullinex.

we just brought you the 'forbidden cuts' release on discotexas and now moullinex, xinobi and the rest of the clique are already dropping a new release: "holdin' on" by munich-based discodust favorite justin faust. discodust was among the first to discover his greatness and if you followed his output, he is just getting better all the time! the title track is hands down my favorite french flavoured track so far this year and finally lifts justin faust up where he belongs, among the top producers in this game! the nu-disco flavoured moullinex remix and the spaced out flipside track 'witty' are making this a rock solid release, essential for everyone on the disco and house tip!

justin faust - holdin' on
justin faust - holdin' on (moullinex remix)
justin faust - witty

as you will notice, only the title track is in 320 kbps, so check out the full release (also coming with two additional remixes by nightriders) on junodownload, beatport or the discotexas label website. show justin faust, moullinex and discotexas some myspace love!


Jake said...

another awesome release. discotexas hits it.

Michelle said...

Genius! Bought this EP today. HIGHLY recommend this as well!

Persym said...

Yeahhhh, Holdin' On has got that likeable Faust touch to it. Way to it. nice phased intro and follows through constant,He's been dropping a lot of new ones lately so I'm not surprised but always hyped to hear more.

Unknown said...

Awesome, is not enough!
Justin Faust is probably one of the best artists i discovered on the last 2 years!
what's next discotexas?

Anonymous said...

Great release!!!
THX to Justin, Moulinex & OF COURSE Discodust!!!!!

I'll play more and more

gustavo beça said...


<3 <3 <3

Sam said...

ooomfg ultra jams.
love that justin adds a sort of progressive house edge to his stuff.
very melodic and uplifting, so its a good border jump for people looking to dabble in different genres.

Anonymous said...

moullinex with two "L's" now?