Monday, February 01, 2010

chaos in the cbd.

it's getting tropical in new zealand. two brothers from auckland are proving my theory once again that kids dont know they're not supposed to be this good this early. chaos in the cbd are pulling inspiration from old jackin' house, mixing it with the new tropical sound and a little dutch house thrown in for good measure. they're pumping out original tracks faster than tiger woods can pump out swedish girls. it's a good opportunity to show the world their ideas instead of jumping on every recycled remix contest that hits the internet.

they let us post this one because they can't release it due to the de la soul sample. i think they should just say that dances with white girls did the vocals and call it a day.

chaos in the cbd & tom lawson - out ma house

this one sounds like big room house mixed with afrojack mixed with carnival.

chaos in the cbd - tesh and maccas

this one has a deeper house sound to it which slips you into a six minute long day dream. not mad at that.

chaos dans le cbd - cheese's christ

they've got a new remix for myd on the way and an ep in the works. follow their bengal tiger obsession on twitter or myspace!


taylor said...

big ups to discodust !
chaos in the cbd is some hot stuff !

kevin said...

these tracks are hella legit! great post

Louis from Chaos In The CBD said...

Cheers Taylor! You ma boi! Thanks kevin hahaha 'hella legit'! And once again a huge thanks to Miss Toats! Wish there were more girls out there with music taste like her's :)

aleks said...

no way, miss toats is one of a kind! :)

second the love for these tracks by the way, keep us in the loop! :)

Kelzo said...

DeJay's christ, Cheese's Christ is the shit!
got almost addicted to these chilling track.

Anonymous said...

I was bored with this minimal kinda stuff 3 years ago. Sorry I'm not diggin' it at all :/

EvilAngle said...

LOL! First De La Soul got into trouble for sampling and now people get into trouble for sampling De La Soul... weird world. ^_^

Anonymous said...

preset music, random picks outta soundbanks... yaaaawnn

kevin said...

yo had to come back to this one.. i'm sorry but 'I was bored with this minimal kinda stuff 3 years ago,' are you kidding me? these dudes are bringing the ruckus - percussion, deep synths, solid groove... we're not talking harsh German bleep minimal now are we. keep killing boys, I'll definitely be following your progress closely.

Anonymous said...

Thanks soo much for the support kevin means alot !!always gonna get haters in this world! if you need any promos dont be a stranger and come and ask!! Love from NZ.

Unknown said...

awesome work fellas. fellow kiwi here downloading it in london-town.

much respect.

good to see you getting in with the Beat Mafia at Be as well!

rock on

James Ohh!