Monday, February 01, 2010


as of lately i haven't been captivated by the lighter side of music. but just as my favorite oh-so-dense brownies need a dollop of whipped cream to lighten things up, every now and then i need a little break from heavy dance music. millionyoung is a little breath of fresh air. i suppose i am a bit late on this one as i just stumbled on his remix for memoryhouse via pitchfork, but better late than never. his light, dreamy sound brings me back to when bands like lo-fi-fnk and klanguage ruled my ipod. it's comforting to know that this type of music hasn't become obsolete.

memoryhouse - to the light house (millionyoung remix) [320 kbps]
millionyoung - cynthia

still craving more? click over to bigstereo for some instant gratification or purchase his ep here.

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MASSES said...

We just did a interview with Memoryhouse on our website MASSES//MASSES and we have their brand new video up.
Check it out here: