Monday, February 01, 2010


just in case you missed my last post on sqzmylmns with their crazy-ass mashups, here's your second chance to squeeze some lemon juice in your freshly sliced music cut.

with 'ethnic' house music hypnotizing producers everywhere, people have sampled jamaican, indian and even gypsy music. sqzmylmns are sampling what they know best, corrido. the norteño trumpeting is spliced in with a deep house foundation, which may make it sound like your radio is slipping between stations on your drive to rosarito, but the tuba running throughout will assure you that everything was intentional. and while you may not hear the full effect via laptop speakers, i can assure you that it sounds amazing on a big system, so don't sleep on this one!

sqzmylmns - paisonic

they also got their hands on a tune by fellow san diegans, all leather, gave it some new legs with bass so deep i can almost feel it through my laptop speakers and crafted it into a galloping dancefloor monster big enough to fit into the dim mak family for the band's remix ep 'hung like a donut'.

all leather - audios mi amoebas (sqzmylmns remix)

get the whole juicy thing over at beatport or itunes or amazon. we don't care where you buy it, just go support!

also, quick trivia fact: disc-o (of sqzmylmns) is the brother of harvard bass. it's a family affair!


Anonymous said...

he's back to kid wonder :-p

SeaCoffee said...

norteno as in Mexican stuff??? =o

O shiiiit
its true!!!!!!!!!!

but this isn't norteno, its duranguense (banda, brass heavy XD)