Thursday, February 18, 2010

midnight club.

our friends from on the fruit are back with a new release and you know this means some new high quality vintage-flavoured epic synth music is coming your way, this time from new signing midnight club. information is sparse but these gentlemen are working with the actual hardware machines from 'back in the days' and are inspired by fellow synthesizer gods both old and new. their upcoming ep 'the machine' contains five original tracks and a remix by label mate worship and you're getting two of the originals right here, right now!

midnight club - the machine
midnight club - hot space

the actual release should be out any minute, i am sure you'll find more information on the myspace pages of midnight club and on the fruit real soon!


gartner said...

hot space is so great

Anonymous said...

Giorgio Moroder isn't dead! :)
Thanks for these 2 cool tracks, guyz!

Anonymous said...

sometimes 80s songs piss me off,
but not if it's well produced.

good ones

Anonymous said...

Machine / Escape Time. Amazing stuff.