Wednesday, February 17, 2010


slow network is a new label based in the netherlands, dedicated to release quality disco house on vinyl only. while i am not a big fan of the 'vinyl only' concept in general (but definitely can feel the appeal), the networkers obviously don't seem to mind their releases being available in digital form as well, choosing the blogs as a distribution channel.

the first release comes from webqueawry, a one-off project by dutch producer martijn poulus, known for his previous releases projects as hugo van dyck and lyhome. staying true to the label credo, 'searching' is an uplifting feelgood disco house track, with the remix going a bit more towards the 'nu disco' direction.

webqueawry - searching
webqueawry - searching (mam remix)

true turntable heads can order the release over at juno or their favorite recordstore now. and after this good launch, you'd be well off keeping track of upcoming releases on slow network coming soon, including more material from martijn poulus and patrick alavi.


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dLove said...

future classic im telling ya

Anonymous said...

Any clue on the sample !?

jm said...

Ah man I love the worldplay AND the music!