Thursday, February 04, 2010

priors remixed.

we hooked you up with 'what you need' by priors (involving raw man of crydamoure fame) many moons ago and eye industries are finally coming through with a release of remixes, including discodust favorite grum and hey champ, which you can check out right now!

priors - what you need (grum remix)
priors - what you need (hey champ remix)

the secret star of this post is the raw man remix of 'neverest' by hey champ though, which was done in exchange for the 'what you need' remix. i see a bright future ahead for hey champ!

hey champ - neverest (raw man remix)

head over to junodownload or beatport to check out the full priors remixes release!


TILT Los Angeles said...

Disco Dust you so sexy! Thanks for these tracks! They are totally going to be part of my soundtrack to life this weekend! Big ups! and keep the amazing tracks comin!

Keep it sexy baby!


Anonymous said...

we've had these for ages, but thanks

Urban Fabric said...

I started playing "What You Need" many moons ago on my show. I'm sure I got the mix from you as well Aleks ;)

Looking forward to hearing these new mixes!


Anonymous said...

Love this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Props to Discodust!

Anonymous said...

That Hey Champ Prior's remix has been ALL over the place (think it hit numero uno on Hype Machine). I like the Neverest Remix...but I prefer the original track.

aleks said...

spoiled brats! :)

official release just dropped this week, so it's still more than FRESH!

Urban Fabric said...

You guy's should check out the full release lots of good remixes!!

FourOH7 said...

I hate when people try to show off by saying they had a song forever ago. We're all really impressed...