Friday, March 12, 2010

grey ghost.

aleks is always giving me a hard time about trying to find more 'discodust'-type music that's a little more synthy and a little less ethno house-y. well, thanks to grey ghost, i didn't have to search much further than down the block from my house. anthony ross aka grey ghost aka half of bubblegum sci-fi somehow finds time between these multiple projects and being the friday night resident at new san diego über dj venue, voyeur, to concoct some tunes sure to make even mr. discodust happy.

the first track reminds me of everything ladytron should have ve evolved into; digitized and monotone vocals, catchy sampler hooks and circular rhythms.

ladytron - predict the day (grey ghost remix)

then, he took karin park and turned her into lykke li à la mode.

karin park - ashes (grey ghost & mezzir remix)

with the kajillion social networking sites available to keep tabs on your favorite artists, you can take you pick of any or all of anthony's facebook, myspace or bubblegum sci-fi to keep surveillance.


Dr.Schlongo said...

ahh gotta throw essence up! his best track!

anthony said he spent the most time on it as well

keep up the awesome posts, we're huge fans over at GDD.

Yana said...

synth is good too but we gotta keep the funk alive!!!

Julius said...

predict the day is absolute cream!

eltru said...

Too bad it isn't available here.

Anonymous said...

when i heart i feel like come back to 80's ,,wow thx discodust for post this,,thx ;)