Friday, March 12, 2010

mighty mouse.

that's it. i can't ignore mighty mouse any longer. i wasn't ignoring them, per se, but merely didn't grasp the magnitude of the momentum they were gaining. they first caught my ear on an ali love remix and then i couldn't scan over any of my music sources without seeing their names all over the place. they don't have that much posted all over the interwebs yet, but i'm sure that will all change in a matter of weeks as they are already drawing aeroplane comparisons.

these three tracks are a good sampling of the broad spectrum of influences they incorporate into their sound. it's proving successful to keep the spectrum broad as it garnered them accolades from bbc radio 1 as an "act to watch in 2010" and have their next release coming out on herve's 'cheap thrills' label.

john & jehn - lookin for you (mighty mouse nyc sensations remix)
mighty mouse - song for ellen
sweet sweet lies - the day i changed (mighty mouse instrumental mix)

don't forget to follow them on their twitter.


La Vie En Persimmon said...

Have had 'looking for you' on a constant rotation in the playlist since March 07, 2009 actually... Ellen's song is great as well, thanks, heaps!

masakankue said...

Thanks for the link to the mp3s.

pea said...

the sweet sweet lies track has made my day.