Saturday, July 25, 2009

headman remixes.

(aleks here: WE ARE BACK NOW! miss toats prepared these and all the following posts weeks ago, i take all the blame for not finishing them off and getting them up here earlier. don't miss any of these and fresh posts are following!)

sounds like it's time for a revival. the heart of relish recordings is beating again with purpose. headman has always sat a bit below the radar as far as visibility and frequency. never one to mass market to blogs, he sat back quietly and honed his craft and his label until he thought it was time to spring into full force.

the time must be now because i am getting showered with wonderful remixes. and without an ounce of bad taste in his being, his music knows no other way.

headman - dirt
headman - dirt (c90s get troniked edit)
doves - compulsion (headman remix)

we'll keep you posted for new releases from relish. i hear that the c90s are amongst the first in line to release an ep. god, i hope it goes faster than the line at the bank.

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V said...

God I love you Headman.