Thursday, November 30, 2006

talkin' trash.

trashtalk's 'tank girl' has been pushed by digitalism quite a lot and unfortunately that's about everything i have found out about these guys. the original version of their track is quite dirty already but as (almost) always, someone achieves to make everything even more screwed up. the following 'rebrand' by hystereo starts off with one minute of pads and percussion until all hell breaks loose. keep an eye on trashtalk and make sure to check out hystereo's album 'corporate crimewave' if you haven't heard it yet.

trashtalk - tank girl (hystereo rebrand)
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jamiroquai has never been my cup of tea. i can't remember a single track from him i really enjoyed. on the other hand, i can not remember a single remix by alan braxe and fred falke that i didn't have on repeat for hours right after i discovered them. to cut things short: those french disco gods remixed jamiroquai and i can't do anything about it - i am lovin' it. hope you guys won't ever stop.

jamiroquai - runaway (alan braxe and fred falke remix)
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up next is quite a contrast but when a less electro-based tune catches my attention these days, it has to be something special. michoacan from california delivers tunes ranging somewhere between disco, dub and still manages to come off like a punk. dr. lektroluv was right on time once again and released 'D.S.S.G.' on vinyl.

michoacan - D.S.S.G.
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Thursday, November 23, 2006

they kill guitars.

deichkind from hamburg are best known for their furious shows that manage to turn every non-believer into a hardcore fan. one half of moonbootica, kowesix, turned their latest single 'ich betäube mich' into a more dj-set compatible electro house track. about time they get some fame outside of germany - surrender, book them and go see them live!

deichkind - ich betäube mich (kowesix remix)
deichkind live at melt! 2006 (youtube)

on with john dahlbäck, who probably needs no introduction. "don't speak" is taken from his latest release called 'at the gun show' and continues where booka shade left after their hits like 'mandarine girl' and 'in white rooms'. electro house with a somewhat trancey twist.

john dahlbäck - don't speak
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last one for today is a track by tomboy, who is also the drummer of who made who. apparently he also knows how to treat synths really well, blessing us with 'i kill guitar', an electro floorburner released on gomma. tiga and michael douglas were impressed by his work, so why wouldn't you?

tomboy - i kill guitar
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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

hello world.

italian music maestro phonat, signed on manchesters splank!, turned the young punx' 'rockall' into an unstoppable slamming, roaring discomonster spiced up with vocoder slices. (and i swear if you close your eyes you can see robots playing guitars.)

the young punx - rockall (phonat mix)
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after his airwalk/overrun 12-inch, henrik b obviously felt like dropping something more noisy and pounding. his remix of 'let it drop' by dj delicious is just that. with the usual thick and somewhat trancey synth sounds always coming from the leading producers in sweden recently, it fits perfectly in any kind of driving electro set.

dj delicious - let it drop (henrik b remix)

the subs from belgium came to my attention when i was looking around for new stuff by dr. lektroluv. with its shuffled drums, fuzzy basslines and distorted synths, 'substraktion' should be just right for peaktime. and these guys are just getting started. (so are we.)

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