Monday, January 25, 2010

mirror people + the dark esquire.

you know that we're big fans of desire over here. and hopefully you have also read our post on the dark esquire from two weeks ago. now the latter has joined forces with mirror people (which is the new alias of producer rui maia) to record a sweet cover version of 'mirror mirror' by desire.

mirror people - mirror mirror (featuring the dark esquire)

keep an eye on mirror people and the dark esquire. read more!

french fries.

we told you before that french fries is one of the uprising producers to watch out for and now he is finally dropping his first ep 'arma' on youngunz. armed with two originals, 'predador' and 'senta' and reworks by remixers of the moment beataucue and bok bok as well as tomb crew, this will be a big record in the clubs for sure and has been a secret weapon of many leading tastemakers for quite a while!

we were hooked up with an unreleased track by french fries called 'saurus rhythm' which should spark your interest and show you what he is all about: big drums, world music flavour and booming bass! definitely one of my favorite producers in the whole 'post-banger' game.

french fries - saurus rhythm

the release should be dropping on beatport today, monday, january 25th and a week later on all other digital download platforms. watch out and show french fries and youngunz some love! read more!

Friday, January 22, 2010


i admit that we have been a bit lazy recently when it comes to unearthing new talent in the french house sector. but we'll make up for this tonight with our latest find! barretso is an upcoming producer from chile who just finished his first original material and is already signed to tuff em up, the new label by the australian trashbags crew who are well-known for throwing some of the best parties down under.

we've got two original tracks by barretso for you today and those are proof enough that we're dealing with some big talent here. reminiscent of our beloved russ chimes in a few ways, he layers multiple melody lines known from dreamy french house on top of driving drums and fast-paced basslines, has great sound design skills and even goes a step further by adding his own vocals. the beautiful 'midnight walk' has been posted by some of our friends already but the real winner 'bright city lights' (along with the remix by kolt13) is all new, unheard and yet another discodust premiere!

barretso - bright city lights
barretso - bright city lights (kolt13 remix)
barretso - midnight walk

his debut ep is coming soon on tuff em up who just secured a distribution deal and partnership with a major label, so watch out for big things to come! show barretso some love on myspace while we're waiting for more! read more!

ellie goulding + russ chimes.

sometimes combinations happen that seem like they are straight out of my daydreams. and that's exactly the case for this new ellie goulding remix by russ chimes, for the wonderful 'starry eyed'. he applies his trademark sound and adds some really big uplifting piano chords this time, definitely making this one of the biggest tracks given to blogs this year. enjoy another masterpiece as a premiere on discodust!

ellie goulding - starry eyed (russ chimes remix)
ellie goulding - starry eyed (video on youtube)

the 'starry eyed' single by ellie goulding is officially dropping on february 22nd, the debut album 'lights' follows on march 1st. show russ chimes and ellie goulding some myspace love! read more!

so shifty.

while i am not really known to be a fan of dancehall and reggae vibes, hamburg-based so shifty are definitely among the most exciting producers in germany to me right now these days. already honoured with the sign of approval by our friends from mad decent and discobelle, these guys are causing quite some buzz right now! combining influences from dancehall and soca with current electro house and uk funky sounds, so shifty is giving me some hope that germany didn't completely lose connection to the rest of the music world. big ups!

here's the title track from their debut release 'wine touch clap' on crossfaded bacon (the label run by emynd) and their most recent remix for tinashé.

so shifty - wine
tinashé - mayday (so shifty remix)

the 'wine touch clap' ep comes with two more originals plus remixes by douster, top billin, emynd and them jeans. go pick it up at junodownload, turntable lab or itunes and head over to the so shifty blog for more music!

UPDATE: head over to bigstereo for the them jeans remix! read more!

ladybox + b. rich + ac slater.

ladybox are a girl duo from copenhagen who recently ended up in the studio with ac slater and b. rich, leading to a new release on their party like us label. both the original track 'cookies fly' and the remix of 'hit my ride' are bouncy upbeat bass-heavy club tracks with raunchy lyrics that will get the rave going!

ladybox - cookies fly
ladybox - hit my ride (b. rich remix)

check out the complete 'cookies fly' ep over at junodownload, beatport or itunes and let ladybox know how much you love them on myspace! read more!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

jan turkenburg + pilooski.

french label sister phunk (known for their spot-on sisters compilation from last summer) have a very special release coming up. 'in my spaceship' is a song composed by dutch music teacher jan turkenburg and recorded with the kids of his class. the result is a very special and unique song that sounds like it has been long lost in the crates of dedicated italo disco or new wave collectors, especially with the remix by french editor in chief pilooski. released on a picture disc vinyl and coming with a remix from breakbot as well, this record is a true gem!

jan turkenburg - in my spaceship (pilooski remix)

find out more about the release on the dedicated in my spaceship website put up by sister phunk and head over to juno, topplers or colette to get the vinyl! plus watch out for an official video coming up in february! read more!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

sonicc + donna summer.

only a week ago we gave you his remix for sharooz and now sonicc is back with a stomping bootleg of 'bad girls' by donna summer. this will definitely come in handy for the disc jockeys out there!

donna summer - bad girls (sonicc bootleg)

show the man some love on myspace and follow him on twitter! read more!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

dragonette + van she.

dragonette just announced that they'll hit the road for a north american tour along with little boots and fan death. even better news is that they also included a new remix of 'pick up the phone', made by michael van she, reminding me of how i was the biggest van she tech fan in the whole wide world back in the days.

dragonette - pick up the phone (michael van she remix)

head over to the dragonette which will hopefully have the complete tour dates up soon. also show van she tech some love and tell them we'll never forget!

UPDATE: michael's working remix name is arithmatix!. read more!

Monday, January 18, 2010


french producer franck rivoire, better known as danger is one of the most remarkable talents who emerged from the huge buzz around new french electronic acts following the immense success of justice and ed banger records. danger was part of the 'second wave' of artists breaking through and while he utilizes similar methods such as lots of distortion and big drops and breakdowns, his sound is heavily influenced and reminiscent of video games as well as movie soundtracks and he's definitely in a league of his own.

ekleroshock is about to release the new danger ep called '09/17 2007', out on vinyl on january 25th and digitally on february 1st, featuring three great all new originals and remixes by riot kid and oliver $. we're more than glad to have the official authorized premiere of the first track '4h30', in full length and high quality. enjoy!

danger - 4h30
danger - 16 bit teaser 09/17 2007 ep (video on youtube)

on top of that, discodust is giving away 5 vinyls of the '09/17 2007' ep. all you have to do is answer the following question: what's the name of the composer of the soundtrack to the video game 'streets of rage' that has inspired danger for the track '3h11' on his new ep? submit your answer until january 25th in a mail to, good luck! read more!

jacques l. dorsey.

upcoming french producer jacques l. dorsey is into fast cars and hot girls and has got the art of filmic nightdrive slow jam cruisin' anthems pretty much locked down. been a while since we've taken you on a ride through vice city, so let's roll!

jacques l. dorsey - hard drivin' (main)

head over to valerie, the leaders in the game, to pick up a mix by jacques l. dorsey in a similar flavour and watch out for more! read more!

lorenz rhode.

exploited records artist lorenz rhode follows up his successful 'motor cortex' ep with his new ep 'something hot', already supported by sinden, fake blood, hudson mohawke and jackson & his computer band. the new release finds him going deeper into the realms of electro funk, featuring
berlin based singer snax on the lead track. as a teaser, we've got a special unreleased radio version of the ep track 'like a player'.

lorenz rhode - like a player (radio version)

make sure to check out the full ep, out now on junodownload, beatport or itunes. read more!

brusque twins.

brusque twins are a two piece based in montreal, consisting of hollie hensman and derek george. they just finished their first bunch of songs and already gained a few spots in the places to be (shout outs to 88 days in my veins and transparent). here are two tracks ranging somewhere in between disco and ambient, hot on the heels of parallels and chromatics but with a very unique and charming twist.

brusque twins - trapped in corners
brusque twins - diptych

the band is currently working on their live show and searching for a label. so, dear label employees, just do it like you did it in the past, head straight over from discodust to the brusque twins myspace and get in touch! read more!

love concept.

we first posted about love concept from chicago in march last year. by that time, no one ever thought their kind of sound would later be punished with the tag 'glo-fi' and become one of the most interesting developments of the year. now the early adopters regularly hanging with gatekeeper, mahjongg and salem are back around with a new jam called 'quarter century boy' and a remastered version of 'time enough for love'. enjoy!

love concept - quarter century boy
love concept - time enough for love (new version)

show love concept some, well, love on myspace! read more!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

helsinki 78-82.

our friends from top billin are about to drop another bomb next week. helsinki 78-82 is a 'big city house' project by top billin members flipper & koobra, going for the more melodic, dreamy and feelgood sound that we love so much here on discodust!

the vinyl release features two tracks: 'so lifelike' is kind of a dreamy remake of 'so electric' by lifelike featuring additional vocals by villa nah while 'cruising' is an all-in uplifting funky house track with great synth work! one week ahead of the release, check out 'so lifelike' and watch the video for 'cruising'.

helsinki 78-82 (featuring villa nah) - so lifelike (128 kbps)
helsinki 78-82 - cruising (video on vimeo)

worldwide release date is january 21st, vinyl and digital (with an extra track). see the pretty package over at the top billin blog, i think i'll go and secure one right now. thumbs up for this great release and we're hoping for more disco goodness from finland's leading dj team!

BONUS: check out the great mix helsinki 78-82 did for white light mixes! read more!

mvsevm + dada life.

we are glad to announce that our friends over at discobelle are firing up their own label discobelle records! and they are proud to present you their first ever release dropping this friday.

'to do this with style', they say, they 'went to finland to find a trio that we knew would give us the sound of the new decade'. and they were successful by finding techno retirees mvsevm striking back with a dose of cheesy keys & firm beats to make everything fresh again. the remix line-up is coming across like a who is who of contemporary hype including style of eye and edu k. the gem we have for you is pure fun stuffed into a track by electro house veterans dada life.

mvsevm - french jeans (dada life remix)

grab the full package over at beatport and show some love to our and your friends discobelle! we wish them lots of fun and success with the label! read more!

mille + fear of tigers.

when we first posted about him back in may, the playful and very melodic video game-inspired sound of mille received a lot of love. after letting him shine with remixes for marina and the diamonds and the sound of arrows, our friends from neon gold have now released 'crysteena' on twelve-inch, along with a remix by discodust favorite fear of tigers. enjoy this clash of the titans!

mille - crysteena (fear of tigers remix)
mille - crysteena (final 12" version)
the sound of arrows - into the clouds (mille remix)

head over to the neon gold shop to secure a copy of the limited vinyl! read more!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

ali love + mighty mouse.

following up on his track 'diminishing returns', ali love (pictured above) keeps on going strong, coming back at us with his new single 'love harder'. remixes are coming from prins thomas, our friends jaymo & andy george and uprising disco producers mighty mouse who are recently getting lots of love on the blogs. hear their beautiful laidback and very melodic remix of 'love harder' first on discodust, in full quality!

ali love - love harder (mighty mouse remix)
ali love - love harder (jaymo & andy george's moda mix)

watch out for the single release and head over to our friends from bigstereo to hear the extended version and the tronik youth remix. read more!

sharooz + sonicc.

london-based producer and dj sharooz (pictured above) has set his focus on his new label la bombe records which will from now on be the new home for all his originals as well as material from rising young blood and well-established producers.

the first release is coming from the man himself, goes by the name of 'saccharin' and includes a remix by miami wunderkind sonicc who once gain proves that he is definitely one of the leaders of the new (post) banger school! get a taste right here, another premiere on discodust!

sharooz - saccharin (sonicc remix)

the full high-quality release will be available on your favorite digital download store in mid-february. show la bombe records, sharooz and sonicc some love on myspace! read more!

dj slow.

our friend dj slow from brussels, belgium (who also runs the freaks and geeks parties) recently came through with a new mix featuring a lot of currently hot and up and coming artists. as i am a regular listener and fan of his ustream sessions and this is one of the finest mixes in a while, it just had to be posted here. expect a refreshing mixture in between garage, dubstep and the latest in overall club music.

dj slow - point break 2010 (on sharebee)
dj slow - point break 2010 (on mediafire)

watch out for more from dj slow, the next freaks and geeks party with regular roska and check the tracklisting after the jump!


intro - point break
mosca - nike
greena - actual pain
sunday roast - control
cooly g - dis boy pt 4
jam city - endgames refix
kenton slash demon - khattabi (ultravid edit)
sony - sugar rush
douster - allelujah (jay weed remix)
canblaster - no 23
voltron - easy (lorenzo vektor remix)
sam tiba - burnin' vip
dj quest - devil's bay
myninecanpiss - pay the rent !
nguzunguzu - got u
dj slink + dj dru - arch in ya back
dj pierre - it's hot
berou & canblaster - terence hill
tlc - girl talk remix
bok bok - citizens of the city dub
terror danjah - bipolar
kingdom - mindreader (l-vis 1990 remix)
fauxhemian - cryogenic
read more!

Friday, January 08, 2010

the dark esquire.

one of my favorite labels, thisisnotanexit - home of parallels - is about to release another slice of new romantic flavoured disco noir, courtesy of the dark esquire. the full 'situation' single comes with an extended twelve inch-version, remixes by discodust favorite cfcf and italian stallions crimea x (featuring members of ajello and giardini di mirò. enjoy the seven-inch version here today and watch the eerie video!

the dark esquire - situation (7" version)
the dark esquire - situation (video on youtube)

the release is due on january 25th. watch out for more good releases on thisisnotanexit coming real soon! read more!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010


dadahack is a new production duo consisting of the uk's james banbury and sweden's pete davis who have previously produced for gwen stefani, wiley and bloc party. their first ep named 'hellos' is out now and my favorite track is the wonderfully named 'hello dust' featuring hannah robinson on the vocals. prepare for a deep melodic ride, reminiscent of télépopmusik at their very best! just in case lovely singing scares you away, the second track is a dub version.

dadahack - hello dust
dadahack - hello

the full release comes with remixes by freelance hellraiser, håkan lidbo and tranquility bass and can be purchased in high quality via the dadahack homepage. read more!

Monday, January 04, 2010

mosca + greena.

bok bok and l-vis 1990 are finally taking their night slugs project a step further, releasing 'square one' by mosca on their new label. all tracks have been on heavy rotation for weeks by leading dj's operating in the zone between dubstep and garage, thus heard daily on as forerunner for the actual release end of the month, here is the greena remix of 'square one'. play it loud!

mosca - square one (greena remix)

the release will be out on 25th january with additional remixes by roska, julio bashmore, as well as bok bok and l-vis 1990 themselves and will be available in all good mp3 stores and on limited white 12" promos.

keep in the loop via the myspace sites of mosca, greena, bok bok, l-vis 1990 and night slugs.

UPDATE: bok bok also just dropped a new mix with tons of new dubplates, don't miss! find the tracklist after the jump!

bok bok - january 2010 mix (on multiupload)

01. mr mageeka - diffrent lekstrix [numbers]
02. aphrodisiax - unfinished business
03. egyptrixx - the only way up [night slugs]
04. dva - natty [hyperdub]
05. beezy - dejavoodoo (geeneus remix)
06. mosca - nike [night slugs]
07. cooly g - digitally higher
08. girl unit - i.r.l [night slugs]
09. bok bok - citizens dub ft bubbz [blunted robots]
10. bok bok - hands riddim (jahdan vocal)
11. endgames - ecstasy (jam city refix) [night slugs]
12. bok bok - ripe banana vip
13. terror danjah - sidechain [d.o.k remix]
14. mosca - square one (bok bok remix) [night slugs]
15. untold - bad girls
16. kingdom - mind reader [bok bok dub] (fool's gold)
17. 2562 - love in outer space
18. bad autopsy - mag (rare cymbals version)
read more!

alphabeat + the sound of arrows.

alphabeat, responsible for one of the most irresistible pop tracks of the last decade ('fascination', anyone?) are about to release their new full-length 'the spell' end of february. the single 'hole in my heart' is coming out a week earlier and we've got a sweet laidback synth-pop remix by everyone's favorites the sound of arrows for you today! enjoy another discodust premiere!

alphabeat - hole in my heart (the sound of arrows remix)

show the sound of arrows and alphabeat some love on myspace! read more!