Friday, July 23, 2010

rosanna + fear of tigers.

the amazing people from popjustice, world-famous for being the most influential blog dedicated to high quality pop music, finally started their own label: popjustice hi-fi, which is destined to become a new mecca for (guilty) pleasure seekers. the first release is coming from swedish singer rosanna and a single by london's bright light bright light will follow.

just as you would expect, 'waterfalls' by rosanna is catchy as hell and should go down well in the charts. considering the swedish heritage, the rather melancholic sound labeled as 'gloom pop' and the similarities in their voices, the comparisons to robyn are inevitable but of course that's not a bad thing at all, hinting at more cutting edge pop songs to come. hear the original 'waterfalls' on youtube!

in addition to the original, there's a great remix by discodust favorite fear of tigers which is on a much more uplifting tip, featuring his trademark playful synth sound and slightly over the top guitar solos! good vibes all the way, enjoy another discodust premiere!

the official release drops on august 22nd, head over to the popjustice hi-fi website for more details! read more!