Saturday, December 26, 2009

holy ghost!

holy ghost! put together a really special and classy mixtape featuring all their remixes plus shoutouts in true hip hop fashion. after they made a strictly limited run of physical tapes and sold them via turntable lab earlier this month, now is the time for us cheap fucks to enjoy the mixtape as well! you know we don't post mixes that often, so this is highly recommended and once again proves that holy ghost! are among the best remixers in the game right now.

holy ghost! - the remixes i (on

as a teaser, enjoy their most recent remix for the van she cover version of "don't fear the reaper". and as we didn't have it up before, check out the 'original' as well.

van she - (don't fear) the reaper (holy ghost's b-live mix)
van she - (don't fear) the reaper

head over to the holy ghost! blog to show them some love and grab some more unreleased remixes.

UPDATE: holy ghost! uploaded a new 'rip' of the tape - as several people pointed out in the comments here, the previous version 'sounds like shit'. sorry for the inconvenience and please re-download this proper version! read more!

Friday, December 25, 2009


i don't know what your favorite shows have been this year. if you didn't figure it out by now, i am not much of an outgoing person and the shows going on around here where i live are quite a bore these days. (resolutions for next year: get more involved with bookings and start an own club are noted, yeah.) but one of the absolute highlights this year was the live performance by desire and glass candy in frankfurt. accompanied by some of my most committed moments as a fanboy, talking to johnny jewel and (super-wonderful-beautiful) megan from desire simply felt out of this world as i appreciate their music so much (but unfortunately i was way too drunk to get into a serious conversation).

anyway, i feel like a fucking loner weirdo this christmas eve and just noticed that italians do it better put out an all new nine minutes long version by "if i can't hold you" by desire as a single, with instrumental and acapella, noticed no one else blogged it and thought it's about time to hook you up with this greatness. download the track, buy the vinyl, go and see desire live. if you're like me, they will break your heart, in the best way possible.

desire - if i can't hold you

show desire all your love and spend your christmas cash at the italians do it better store! read more!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


ever since they unleashed the demo version of 'gold in the fire', monarchy have been all over the blogs as well as countless online magazines and secured a twelve-inch release on neon gold records.

obviously the only blog who has not blogged about them since their first appearance is ours, so we're making up for this now by giving your their latest track called 'the phoenix alive', which equally reminds me of "can't get you out of my head" and 'here comes the rain again', meaning it's pretty close to perfection!

monarchy - the phoenix alive (demo)

and while i was hiding under the sheets, i missed out on posting a beautiful remix by diamond cut and another remix monarchy made for their new label mate penguin prison. if you haven't got them yet, pick these up as well!

monarchy - gold in the fire (diamond cut remix)
penguin prison - a funny thing (monarchy remix)

monarchy announced their first gig for january 20th in london, so if you're there around that time: go and see them! read more!

the swiss.

the swiss are a disco live band (as in 'live band' with instruments and shit, you know?) from australia, produced by donnie sloan (also behind the desk for empire of the sun and sneaky sound system) and recently signed to modular. their new ep 'bubble bath' drops in january and the title track follows right here, right now.

the swiss - bubble bath

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here are some new songs by feathers. never heard of them? yes, you have! because i have written about them before, at least that's what they've told me. besides that i haven't got a clue about what's going on (actually the blog intelligence agency consisting of travis from bigstereo and me has pretty much figured it out by now but sorry, non-disclosure) and the strange imagery on their myspace (see above) doesn't help much either, i guess you'll just have to put up with another 'mystery band' for now.

both 'weird summer' and our exclusive premiere 'small rooms' are super-sweet and catchy uplifting synth-pop tracks that kick some serious frozen 'chillwave' ass by fighting both all this winter season's unneccessary snow garbage and all stoned fuzzed out surfer boys with bursting hot sunbeams, right out of their homemade feelgood-cannon. so let's drink to global warming! (coming with cocktail umbrellas, of course!)

feathers - small rooms
feathers - weird summer

get closer to these feathers people by making them your friends. read more!

jon boy + yung ralph.

atlanta-based rappers jon boy and yung ralph join forces to celebrate the joys of 'alcohol poison', delivering a high proof liquor fueled boombox party anthem that comes right on time for the upcoming christmas and new year celebrations. play it loud!

jon boy featuring yung ralph - alcohol poison
jon boy featuring yung ralph - alcohol poison (video on youtube)

drink responsibly (cough) and hear more on jon boy's myspace and grown men entertainment. read more!

miami horror + codebreaker.

for those not familiar with codebreaker, how about we do a little introduction with this amazing remix of miami horror. midwestern disco producers known more for letting their bass guitar do the driving and less for their handclapping have decided to let the synths take over this time. they seem to have hit the nail on the head with this one and crafted a perfectly balanced, dream-sequence, neu-disco dance ballad à la classixx or aeroplane.

miami horror - make you mine (codebreaker remix)

with frequent updates on their twitter or facebook, you have absolutely no excuse not to monitor their music making magic. read more!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

the golden filter + o children.

discodust favorites the golden filter return with a gloomy epic disco-noir remix for the irresistible 'dead disco dancer' by post-gothic post-new wave post-post-punkers o children. a perfect match for these dark winter days to come.

o children - dead disco dancer (the golden filter remix)
o children - dead disco dancer (video on youtube)

much love to our friends over at pinglewood for coming through with this! read more!

primary 1 & riton.

after their summer smash hit "who's there", primary 1 and riton return with the new single 'radiates'. remixes from joker and riton himself are on the way, but for now enjoy the banging original which combines new wave and disco influences with current stomping electro sounds. don't miss the lo-fi post-apocalyptic rave party video either!

primary 1 & riton - radiates
primary 1 & riton - radiates (video on youtube)

the 'radiates' single is said to drop on december 7th via atlantic records, so watch out! read more!

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

fear of tigers.

one of the worst things i have done to this blog (besides leaving it inactive for weeks every now and then) is that i hardly ever featured fear of tigers who is definitely one of the most skilled producers in this kind of music we are dealing with. born in japan, benjamin berry now resides in london and decided to release his debut album 'cossus snufsigalonica' as a free download. for those who are in a rush, hesitate no longer and get the full thing right now. glad i was around when he sent it over, so this looks like a worthy comeback post after a long period of quietness. enjoy another discodust premiere!

fear of tigers - cossus snufsigalonica (on mediafire)
fear of tigers - cossus snufsigalonica (on megaupload)
fear of tigers - cossus snufsigalonica (on zshare)
fear of tigers - cossus snufsigalonica (on rapidshare)

listening to the album, it turned out really difficult to pick the right tracks as they are all just so good. this longplayer is filled with so many good ideas, catchy melodies and stunning synthesizer work that it is hard to narrow it down to just a couple of tracks.

fear of tigers definitely goes all-in with this, leaving the uninspired boredom of all the average valerie copycats out there behind and giving established producers a run for their money by going straight for italo disco on steroids, melodic pop in the most likeable way and bringing the synth supernova! seriously, this guy has always been on my list of 'awesome producers' and if any labels out there are looking for a good remixer or a producer for the next kylie right now, get at it!

so i picked three tracks to give you an impression on what this mastermind is all about but absolutely recommend that you download the whole album, give it a good listen and spread the word.

fear of tigers - please don't leave
fear of tigers - sirkka
fear of tigers - study hard drugs school

become a fear of tigers fan on facebook, show him some love on myspace and check the hype machine for more goodness! (and of course, come back here soon for more updates! fingers crossed!) read more!