Wednesday, August 29, 2007

harris robotis.

this post has been in the making for a long time, so i am glad i can finally introduce harris robotis from melbourne, australia. besides having being quite a busy dj schedule smashing his electro-punk-disco sound, he has already done remixes for van she, muscles and goose and has several original productions scheduled for release.

first of all, harris robotis hooked us up with his latest original production 'shampain!' which is one of those electro bangers that are always guaranteed to bring some serious action to the dancefloor. i have been playing this for ages and this tune always remains to be as energetic as when i have played it for the first time. 'shampain!' will definitely see an official release this year, keep your eyes open:

harris robotis - shampain!
(zshare backup link)

furthermore, xylophone jones records is about to release 'beat on the street' early to mid september and this track has already been playlisted by sebastian and kavinsky, so be sure to pick it up once it is finally released:

harris robotis - beat on the street (rerub)
(zshare backup link)

and finally, 'go' by harris robotis is seeing a release on groove fanatics, the label of the netherlands' number one fidget master jaimie fanatic.

harris robotis - go
(zshare backup link)

harris robotis is looking for remix offers and has a lot more to come, i will definitely keep you posted. read more!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

the bloody beetroots.

italy's most productive powerhouse is back again. those bloody beetroots will most likely never stop and you always get the feeling that their crusade of destruction has only just begun. as (almost) always, discodust is the best place to come to for brandnew beetroots bangers and this time we've got three brandnew remixes for you, destroying timbaland, the hives and public enemy. the 'miscommunication' remix is currently on heavy rotation wherever mstrkrft go, according to a comment on the beetroots' myspace jfk had it on loop on his hotel room for three hours, so you definitely don't want to miss any of these:

timbaland - throw it on me (the bloody beetroots remix)
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timbaland - miscommunication (the bloody beetroots remix)
(zshare backup link)

the bloody beetroots - public enemy
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Friday, August 24, 2007

kid fresh.

discodust is proud to present another exclusive, this time something very special. triple worldwide itf champion dj kid fresh from lordz of fitness is back with a stunning new 'micromegamix' which contains 35 tracks in less than 8 minutes!

i don't think i have ever heard anything like this and it has definitely been ages since i have experienced such flawless and entertaining mixing. i couldn't say it any better than the short bio on his myspace page, this mix just makes him stand out (even more) like a skyscraper from your bunch of average club-djs.

so if any of you labels out there are looking for someone to make a medley/dj-mix, kid fresh is definitely the man to go to. grab this masterpiece right here:

kid fresh - micromegamix
(zshare backup link)

check the comments for the tracklist and stay tuned for much more to come from kid fresh and also get the exclusive discodust mix by his lordz of fitness teammate j-bounce. read more!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

tronik youth.

neil parnell aka tronik youth from london, uk has been making quite some noise around the blogs recently, mainly because he has already scored official remixes for well-established acts like franz & shape, goose, gossip and the rakes.

on october 1st, back yard recordings will release the first tronik youth single. 'we are' is a driving electro track with roots in deep italo, complete with vocoders and screeching rave signals and definitely one of the most anticipated releases in a while for me. the single comes with remixes by punks jump up, franz & shape and dolby-anol. you can check out the original and one of the remixes right here, make sure to show tronik youth some myspace love and grab a copy of the single when it drops!

tronik youth - we are
(zshare backup link)

tronik youth - we are (franz & shape remix)
(zshare backup link)

and as usual, discodust tries to bring you a little bit more, so here are two of the most recent tronik youth remixes, one for the upcoming chromeo single and one for songwriter yoav due out in a month on island.

chromeo - bonafied lovin' (tronik youth remix)
(zshare backup link)

yoav - beautiful lie (tronik youth remix)
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Monday, August 20, 2007

felix cartal + moving units.

after a little break we are back again with full force which means here is a brand new remix by no one else but felix cartal. although i've had this track for quite a while, i didn't know it was safe to blog until i saw it over at my friends from bigstereo.

felix cartal turned "crash'n'burn victims" by moving units into a raging monster of a track that totally destroys everything and everyone on the dancefloor. i love how he always goes a step further and makes it even harder when you thought it just couldn't be done any more.

moving units - crash'n'burn victims (felix cartal remix)

moving units are about to release their new album 'hexes for exes' in early october. felix cartal himself has tons of new stuff coming up, check a teaser of his new track 'ultra magnetic' on his myspace. and so do we, stay tuned for some hot exclusives in the very near future! read more!

Thursday, August 09, 2007


a few weeks ago, i first came across college on myspace and immediately fell in love with his beautiful dreamy french house compositions. then i found out about his blog valerie as well as his very talented friends anoraak and the outrunners who are already playlisted by living french house legend lifelike.

college has offered me his track 'teenage color' and as it took me so long to finally post it, his valerie partner in crime anoraak came round with a great remix in the meantime. in order to surprise the guys, i hit up my friend russ chimes, who was just recently featured on discodust, to make another remix and it turned out to be nothing but awesome and now the package is complete!

i am really proud to present another discodust exclusive release, wrapped up in a nice all-in-one package for you:

college - teenage color (all tracks with artwork)
college - teenage color (zshare backup link)

and in case you want the single tracks, here you go:

college - teenage color
college - teenage color (anoraak remix)
college - teenage color (russ chimes remix)

valerie are going to have a party in paris on september, 23rd at la flêche d'or club, check their blog for more details and watch out for a special on the outrunners here on discodust soon! read more!

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

lost valentinos remixes.

those lovely darlings from kitsuné never seem to lose their edge. coming up in early september on one of our favorite labels is the first european ep by uprising australian rockers lost valentinos who have toured europe, japan and australia sharing the stage with the likes of soulwax, liars and the rapture and definitely deserve to become real huge in the indie game.

the ep features top-notch remixes by the complete australian elite ranging from van she tech versus bang gang, bag raiders (more on them on discodust soon), lost valentinos' very own dj team knife machine as well as comets which is in fact joel from riot in belgium and tim from cut copy. in short: kitsuné is killing it again by delivering four dancefloor essentials on one ep. the full track list goes like this:

lost valentinos - kafka! (bag raiders what y'all kno 'bout seven remix)
lost valentinos - cctv (bang gang vs van she tech remix)
lost valentinos - nightmoves (comets vitalo remix)
lost valentinos - nightmoves (knife machine remix)

gimmick machine made an exclusive megamix for us, grab it right here:

lost valentinos - miles from nowhere ep megamix read more!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


zuer is currently in tokyo, his real origin is secret and when i asked him about his identity, the answer was he is zuer and nothing else. he throws his own underground parties where he designs the whole area using lights, projectors and lasers. besides tokyo, parties in los angeles and europe are planned. he also let me know that he usually never speaks - he made an exception for the mail i've sent to him but when he does live appearances he never speaks.

zuer is working on an album that will come on dvd with a video for every track, so that you can watch his music and not justen listen to it. as he wants people to experience the whole album at once, i wasn't able to get ahold of any of the album tracks but he hooked me up with his edit of 'stress' by justice which will work wonders on the floor:

justice - stress (zuer edit)

and make sure to check the very promising preview tracks for the upcoming album as well:

zuer - album preview tracks on myspace read more!

Friday, August 03, 2007

riot in belgium interview.

riot in belgium from australia are about to re-release 'la musique' on relish, the label by headman, along with brandnew slamming remixes by sinden and revlover. in cooperation with relish, discodust brings you a promo of the release as well as an exclusive interview that the rioters answered in an ichat session (where i was not around, unfortunately), along with a special guest appearance by thomas von party from turbo. check out the legendary 'la musique' original as well as the fresh remixes right here:

riot in belgium - la musique

riot in belgium - la musique (sinden remix)

riot in belgium - la musique (revlover edit)

riot in belgium - la musique (jbag re-edit)

and on with the (not always too serious) interview:

discodust: dj belgium (joel) is from melbourne, dj damage (bennie) from sydney, how did you two hook up?

bennie: australia isn't that big. one day i was riding my kangaroo through the outback when i saw joel drinking beer on a big rock, we started talking and decided to make dance music together.

discodust: when you are producing tracks, who is doing what? and because of the distance, are you ever both in the studio at the same time?

bennie: we work on the tracks together when we can, because of our touring schedule we spend more time on planes and in hotels than we do at home, we have a mobile studio complete with a kangaroo skin carry case.

discodust: as far as i can tell, all of your tracks have been blogged rather early and got a lot of love. did that help you getting the deal with relish or have you been signed before and how did they find out about riot in belgium?

joel: we got signed to do tracks for relish before either of us even had anything to do with the internet. it's difficult to find a good isp in the outback.

discodust: the riot in belgium trademark sound is strictly rave and 'la musique' is a real anthem within the whole 'new rave'/'maximal' sound movement, i keep reading that the hype is over and the genre is about to fade away. yet new high quality tracks that fit in the whole rave context are getting released almost daily, where do you think is this whole thing going?

bennie: the whole rave thing is massive in australia! we just bought a tape at the service station by a new band called 808 state, we really like it!

joel: these things are big topics of discussion on the internet but we don't give it much thought to be honest. we're just trying to make stuff to play at parties.

bennie: new rave, old rave, it's all just house music for people who don't want to say house anymore!

joel: touché!

bennie: im talking to thomas, should we get him to do a guest appearance?

joel: yo!

bennie: when we got to montreal he is going to take us to laser tag!

thomas: i'll try to focus everything that is cool about me into one word.

discodust: i might be wrong but regarding my myspace bulletins, there seem to be a lot of rave and electro parties and dedicated club nights down under, how popular is the sound over there?

thomas: you have to understand that it's all about how hard you ride the wave. (i need some aussie slang.)

bennie: hahaha! rave the wave!

discodust: you have recently remixed yelle, headman, surkin, kim and proxy. can you tell us who is next or who you would love to work with?

bennie: we just finished goose and chromeo remixes, now we want to remix "humpin' around" by bobby brown.

discodust: what is next to come from riot in belgium after the 'la musique re-issue' on relish, in terms of original material?

bennie: we're gonna make something crazy, we have a couple of things you'll hear really soon!

discodust: how are you making use of the internet to keep updated on new music yourselves? are you checking out the blogs and myspace?

bennie: why do you think we are doing this interview on ichat? i just got the justice remix of justin timberlake, it's dope!

joel: like we said ealier, internet is difficult to find in this country but we try to keep up whenever we can. oh yeah, the justin thing's pretty cool. i need to hear it loud though.

discodust: speaking of being up to date, who are the ones to watch these days, who or what could be the next big thing?

joel: knightlife is rad!

bennie: agreed!

discodust: share a great party experience with us. what was a night to remember, where have you guys caused an actual riot?

bennie: we played at this party a couple of weeks ago in a hick town and there were 5 fights during our set, there was even a girlfight that broke out and ended up on the stage we were playing, that was twisted!

joel: we started to fight too so as to blend in with our surrounds. we're still nursing the injuries to this day.
read more!

Thursday, August 02, 2007


my friend felix cartal recently recommended gingy to me. gingy is a 20-year-old producer from toronto, canada and delivers some of the most banging stuff i have heard in a long time. think of something that mstrkrft would spin and that could end up being released on boys noize records or turbo - or even your own label, if you don't sleep on him. malente has also already recognized the greatness, you can buy a gingy remix of 'this manrox' right here on beatport.

as far as the tracks in this post go, i really advise you to check all of them or you will definitely miss out. 'swagger' is his latest track and is a real hard electro banger based on roaring chainsaw riffs spiced up with some breaks. we are sure someone will want to sign this, so we are only posting it in lower quality here. 'rios for mvp' is in the same vibe and is dedicated to alex rios from the blue jays. and finally, 'fire' is an electro rock track featuring vocals from the blood brothers, nothing quite like screaming in the discotheque.

seriously, download them all:

gingy - swagger
gingy - rios for mvp
gingy - fire

gingy also just started a band/production duo with a good friend and is about to host his own electro night in london, ontario in september, so watch out for much more coming up. he would like to give shout outs to nasty nav and swear words for the support. read more!