Tuesday, October 30, 2007

the shoes.

everyone who knows me has heard me talking about almost nothing else but the shoes throughout the last weeks. those two guys from france are definitely one of my favorite acts right now, i guess one could say i am almost obsessed with them. they have been getting a bit of blog hype already but they still deserve a lot more attention and i am sure this is just the beginning.

'knock out' is a real heavy banging track with distorted drums, slamming guitars and most of all some of the best vocals i have heard in ages. every snare drum hits you like a precise uppercut and every guitar stab is like a hard slap in your face. in their own words: 'showtime! pressure! hate! rage!'. if this doesn't make the crowd freak out, i don't know. get to know the shoes right now:

the shoes - knock out

also up are two remixes of 'knock out', the first one by sevenfive & leroy washington, from now on known as tuff wheelz, who delivered an outstanding eight-minute epic anthem that reminds me of the best days of techno (yeah right, that was like a century ago) by featuring a growling acid bassline and some nice spherical chords along with elements that never go out of fashion: banging drums and old school breakbeats. definitely keep an eye on these guys as well! the second remix was done by tom deluxx who adds some of his trademark style to the original.

the shoes - knock out (tuff wheelz remix)
the shoes - knock out (tom deluxx remix)

add the shoes on myspace and watch out for more from them on discodust very soon, there is still a lot to come! read more!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

fake blood + bonde do role.

one of our favorite upcoming producers out there, fake blood is back! after his much loved remixes for armand van helden and black ghosts that were both featured on discodust back then, sang finally returns with another floorburner, this time a banging remix for the wonderful bonde do role.

this remix features everything you love about fake blood: a deep bouncing bassline, old school breaks and chopped up vocals. i doubt i will hear a lot of sets and mixes in the near future where this tune is not included. enjoy another exclusive first on discodust and keep an eye out for the official release on the always amazing domino records very soon!

bonde do role - gasolina (fake blood mix)

sang has got more remixes as well as original material in the works, add him on myspace to ensure you don't miss new bangers when he finally drops them! read more!

la riots.

la riots are daniel ledisko and jo'b from yeah right, guess where. they have already done official remixes for kid sister, chromeo, scanners and discodust favorites ocelot.

here is their latest remix for the new single by drum & bass legend photek called 'love & war' which kinda reminds me of the days when i first heard of mstrkrft and was like totally excited, you will know why when you check it out. just get it right now and play it loud:

photek - love & war (la riots remix)

and just in case you missed it, here is their banging justice remix as well:

justice - dvno (la riots bootleg remix)

show la riots some myspace love and go add them already! read more!


back in august we had a feature about college from the valerie collective which was really well received, so it is about time for some more information on this very promising clique of talented artists.

besides the melancholic and very eighties vibe of college, there are minitel rose who have got a really driving french sound and are an actual band, the outrunners whose tracks could be the definition of perfect french house with (italo) disco roots and the latest addition to the valerie camp is maethelvin who reminds me of kavinsky, not just for being into fast cars but also because his music is heavily based on fm synthesis as well. find out what suits you best but i bet you will like all of these tracks:

minitel rose - valerie côte ouest
the outrunners - cool feeling
maethelvin - lost in big city
college - can you kiss me first

if you are somewhere near nantes, france, make sure to go to the valerie party at le lieu unique on november 10th featuring all the acts mentioned above plus fellow team member anoraak as well as special guest and discodust darling russ chimes. i wish i could be there!

for more check out the valerie blog. for more on minitel rose head over to my friends at knicken. read more!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

felix cartal + britney spears.

as if britney spears wasn't down on the ground already, discodust favorite felix cartal decided to finish her off and totally destroy her track 'outrageous'. it has been a while since i have been excited about any electro bangers because everything out there just sounds the same and hardly anyone really seems to have their own style but felix cartal always leaves me stunned and just like all his tracks, this is brute force and will cause riots on the dancefloor. enjoy another discodust exclusive first:

britney spears - outrageous (felix cartal remix)
zshare backup link

while felix cartal has currently got more remixes in the works that you might hear on his myspace soon, britney got new lips, sexy moves, lost her kids and is currently preparing more drama.

and in related news, if you didn't get it from my friends over at discobelle already, definitely check out this remix of britney's current single 'gimme more' by eli escobar of hollertronix fame, featuring the hottest female rapper alive: amanda blank.

britney - gimme more (eli/grayson mix feat. amanda blank) on yousendit
britney - gimme more (eli/grayson mix feat. amanda blank) on zshare

for more from eli escobar and a lot of fresh jams, head over to his excellent blog outside broadcast. read more!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

glass candy.

first of all, i admit i am a bit late this time, so if you are one of those weirdos with fifty music blogs in your feed reader (like me), this will probably be old news to you. but in order to show the kids there is more out there than just french house and brutal bangers, i am proud that i've finally got around to write about glass candy.

portland's glass candy are vocalist ida no and producer johnny jewel, who is also producing the fantastic chromatics. making use of a lot of retro synthesizers, their sound is somewhere in between italo disco and wave which probably makes them a part of something the media calls 'neo disco', who knows, to me they have written some of the best and most elegant songs that i have heard this year and although these tracks probably won't fit too well in those average 'blog house' incest track selection sets floating around everywhere, they'll definitely make people dance and there is nothing better you can currently listen to while being at home or out on a night drive. seriously, get evey single track if you haven't heard of glass candy yet.

glass candy - beatific
glass candy - life after sundown

and don't stop just now, get all of them:

glass candy - candy castle (demo)
glass candy - geto boys (demo)

watch out for more from glass candy on italians do it better records, troubleman records and their myspace page where they are constantly putting up new demos for download. much love to panda toes, bibabidi and get weird turn pro who have featured them much earlier and are generally killing it lately.

UPDATE: this just came in via pitchfork.

glass candy - digital versicolor video (dailymotion) read more!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007


futurecop! was found by manzur iqbal from manchester about one year ago, when he started with absolutely no knowledge about music production and wanted to create a sound inspired by 80s teen flicks, especially the movies of john hughes and sci-fi cartoons like transformers or thundercats, not caring about being different or trying to be commercial, even though his music might as well be called pop music.

later on peter carrol from london teamed up with him and together they are now recreating the atmosphere and vibe of the soundtracks to the best 80s movies that never existed. crystal castles and van she tech have already shown futurecop! some love and we'll show you why. first up are two originals and while i am totally in love with 'transformers' which sounds like a track that work it baby or vulture music would release, make sure to check out 'as seen on tv' as well.

futurecop! - transformers
futurecop! - as seen on tv

futurecop! can play rough and create actual bangers as well though, proof is their remix of 'alice practice' by crystal castles which you can get right here:

crystal castles - alice practice (futurecop! remix)

now go add futurecop! on myspace and if you still can't get enough, don't hesitate to head over to fluokids where hianta posted their track 'class of 1984'. read more!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

miami horror.

discodust favorite miami horror is back once again, this time providing two literally excellent remixes. while his remix for fellow australian band soft tigers is more true to his original eighties and disco influenced sound, his remix for the dirty secrets (from australia again) is a fast-paced driving electro rock banger with really heavy synths, reminding me of the bloody beetroots and mstrkrft. make sure you get both of them right here, the crowd will love them:

soft tigers - mr. ice cream (miami horror remix)

the dirty secrets - 5 feet of snow (miami horror remix)

miami horror will play some shows in europe from beginning to mid of november, so watch out europeans and check his myspace for latest news on the tour dates. read more!

i love the bloody beetroots.

discodust loves the bloody beetroots. another exclusive. nuff said.

the bloody beetroots - i love the bloody beetroots

if you are in australia, go see them live. tour dates on myspace. read more!

Monday, October 08, 2007


one of our favorite germans and one of the best in electro house and breaks, dj and producer malente is about to release a new double-cd called 'whow' with one disc of malente in the mix and one disc featuring twelve mostly exclusive and unreleased remixes for the likes of moonbootica, turntablerocker, mason and phonat, dropping on unique records on october, 26th.

in order to promote the release of 'whow', malente prepared a couple of promotional dj-mixes, we are glad to provide you with volume 2 of his promotional mix series, exclusive on discodust. also available is an excellent five minutes minimix for 'whow'.

malente - 1h promotional dj-mix whow volume 2
malente - whow minimix

furthermore, we have two malente remixes that are not on 'whow' but still awesome tracks that you must not miss. one is for neue deutsche welle pioneers der plan and the other one is for austrian electro jazz outfit parov stelar.

der plan - deutschland bleiche mutter (malente remix)
parov stelar - love (malente remix)

watch out for 'whow' coming out soon and show malente some myspace love already! read more!

Friday, October 05, 2007

steed lord.

the incredible steed lord should need no introduction. but just in case you have been living under a (crack) rock, here are some keywords for you: iceland, four-piece, neon, eurocrunk, crazyness, crookers remix, klever remix, excellence.

their 'da dirty mutha ep' is coming up in a few weeks and the album is scheduled for february and steed lord are so slick that they hooked us up with two fresh unreleased tracks. 'bucket of blood' will see a release on the ep, features icelandic hardcore punk pioneer krummi from minus and is an addictive banger destined to fill dancefloors all over the world, bringing some badly needed refreshment to the whole dance punk movement:

steed lord - bucket of blood (featuring krummi)

next up is one of the few instrumental joints off the steed lord album, 'feel the heat' literally makes you feel the heat with its retro synthesizers, banging drums and those roaring guitars are taking you straight to new crack city - "pure discocaine crack heat for your sports car stereo or your mansion's shiny dancefloor" as m.e.g.a. said and i couldn't describe it any better.

steed lord - feel the heat

last one for now is a remix of 'dirty mutha' by dj mehdi from ed banger records which has previously been posted by my friends over at discobelle, steed lord met him in iceland and he obviously had so much fun remixing the track, just listen for yourself:

steed lord - dirty mutha (dj mehdi remix)

watch out for the 'da dirty mutha ep' and the album coming soon from steed lord and hopefully more from them on discodust very soon! read more!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


after a much too long break, it feels so good to be back with moulinex - two talented producers from portugal (while one of them currently resides in munich, germany). although their tracks are always as energetic as current rave bangers, their love for classic french house remains obvious and the whole moulinex sound is always deeply rooted in disco with influences ranging from giorgio moroder over daft punk to jackson.

up right here for you are their two latest productions. while 'leisure suit' is a real uplifting disco house tune complete with horns and spacey chords, 'break chops' starts off with cut-up guitar samples and ends up with driving growling synths aiming straight for the floor. you seriously don't want to miss either of them, so get them immediately:

moulinex - leisure suit
moulinex - break chops

also up for you is a brandnew mixtape from moulinex featuring a lot of artists previously introduced on discodust, including the bloody beetroots, miami horror, cryptonites, gingy, russ chimes and college, so this is kind of a tribute to discodust and if you enjoy this blog, i guarantee you will love this mix:

moulinex - libere la femme vol. ii mixtape

find the track list in the comments section and go and add moulinex on myspace now already! thanks for your patience, everyone and watch out for much more real soon! read more!