Saturday, August 30, 2008

weird tapes.

i am not quite sure who weird tapes are - they obviously have something to do with hail social - but they definitely got me all excited when i first heard their 'get religion' ep. all their tunes are very playful, have tons of both familiar and obscure samples and always come with a disco vibe. not as in vintage disco, not as in valerie and not as in lindstrom. just as in weird tapes. and i just love what they do. here are two tracks from the ep:

weird tapes - the heavens
weird tapes - party trash

you can get the complete ep over at the weird social blog, where i also picked up 'blue skies captain', a rather eclectic mix/compilation by weird tapes, packed with wonderful music that i've never heard before. a great chance (for the open-minded among you) to get educated. no tracklist for now, i am afraid.

weird tapes - blue skies captain

now go add weird tapes on myspace as i am sure we'll all be in for some more surprises from them. i can't wait. and like so many other good tracks, i've found this on 20jazzfunkgreats - merci. read more!

Friday, August 29, 2008

epmd remixed.

scion a/v comes through again, making london's hottest hervé, sinden and duke dumont get busy on the latest single 'run it' by rap legends epmd aka 'erick (sermon) and parrish (smith) making dollars'.

we've got sinden's garage influenced take on 'run it' for you right here, in full high quality 320 kbps.

epmd - run it (sinden remix)

UPDATE: the two other remixes just came in as well, obviously good for blogging too. so here we go, hervé delivers a heavily buzzing remix in his usual bouncing style and duke dumont continues to explore different genres, this time delivering a 93 bpm track based on bhangra-style drums and an eastern flute sample!

epmd - run it (hervé's got his hands up remix)
epmd - run it (duke dumont mix)

thanks to scion a/v for another great remix package! read more!


never to be confused with ladyhawke, even if google search suggests otherwise, discodust fave adeyhawke releases 'to me,' another notch in the head poppin', fantasy throbbing set. dublin-based, adeyhawke (aka ciaran) first produced an ambient album under a different label but, enticed and influenced by the haunting analogue sound of valerie collection links, found his niche in the electro scene.

like the soundtrack to an 80's sci-fi - think d.a.r.y.l. - adeyhawke teleports you into a dimension of space where aliens sport members only jackets and the moon has a neon tint. 'to me' subtly samples vocals from 'into the groove' by madonna but veers far from a mashup; it's more like a revival and so synthy it should be a crime. however few and far between his releases, have patience, brilliance is synonymous with a waiting list. this track proves you can dance for inspiration.

adeyhawke - to me

adding adeyhawke on myspace is a privilege, not a right. do it now! read more!

los electricos.

[picture: 'electricity' by damien gosset] some call it nu hammer, others call it dreamwave, the original re-inventors call it future disco. i am not satisfied with any of those terms, so i'll probably have to stick to 'dreamy 80s disco-flavoured new wave' forever. anyway, all of those apply to los electricos from brooklyn.

their songs feature (bass) guitars, vintage synthesizers and lots of melancholy and as i am already slightly drunk, i can't say anything more elaborated but the pure truth: they are wonderful.

while preparing this write-up, i kept listening to 'interstellar romance' by los electricos and it's so damn catchy that it could really need a singer. and then i imagined that it probably has a singer and he is just at a loss for words. (sounds like a great concept for a live show, no? well, if anyone pulls this off soon, you know who invented it.)

anyway, here are two tunes from their ep 'waiting to be dead' that are just waiting for you to play them on your headphones everywhere you go:

los electricos - interstellar romance
los electricos - fang

you can pick up the whole ep over at palms out sounds, posted by my future ex-husband joee irwin. what you can't get over there is a track from los electricos' upcoming next ep 'come with me or stay here and die'. listen and learn (the silent singer will be off stage by the time they play this out).

los electricos - at home in exile

so hurry up and become a los electricos myspace friend before everyone else does! read more!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

delorean + mystery jets.

mystery jets should not really need an introduction and the average blog reader should have heard of delorean as well, seeing that their remix for the teenagers was featured all over. anyway, all you need to know is that they are a great spanish band and are working on a new ep which is planned to be released on the (obviously not-so-secret-any-more) label by fluokids. so you've got both fluokids and discodust vouching for them. can it get any better?

their remix of 'half in love with elizabeth' is a lovely danceable yet melancholic piece of indie-pop laced with catchy piano chords, lots of 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' as well as the mandantory think break, so it might be difficult to figure out if it makes you want to dance or get all sappy and hide under your blankets. and we all know those tracks are the best.

mystery jets - half in love with elizabeth (delorean remix)

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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

little boots.

our favorite soon-to-be-superstar little boots just finished a new mixtape called 'computer fairyland'. i haven't got ahold of a tracklist yet but just going by the name, you can already assume 'living on video' must be somewhere in there and the rest is all quality disco from the past, present and future as well! get the tape right here:

little boots - computer fairyland mixtape

also, little boots has got two releases coming up: her track 'meddle' is out now on 50 bones on lovely blueish seven-inch vinyl along with a remix from uk remixer of the moment toddla t as well as spacey artwork and free little boots tattoos, so buy it from puregroove before the 300 copies are sold out!

and in the states, iamsound records are putting out an ep named 'arecibo' with both 'stuck on repeat' and 'meddle' and the respective fake blood and ebola remixes. it will be available on vinyl and digitally mid-november.

and in case you never buy music any more, at least show little boots some myspace love. (on a sidenote: sorry for the lack of posts so far this week but i'll hopefully get around to make up for it later tonight.) read more!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

don rimini.

you may associate don rimini with his dj staple track 'let me back up' (remixed by crookers), but he's only moving forward from this point on. he kept the summer hot with his own remix of young mc's 'bust a move' and is now set to release his 'kick n run' ep. what i love about don rimini is that he sits perfectly inbetween genre fences. he can play with fidget (crookers and sinden), he can get down with the mad decent (rye rye) and he can dabble in french indie (adam kesher). versatility should be a virtue.

don rimini - hools

go show your support and snag the rest on beatport.

you know you're a child of the 80's when you had a hyper color shirt, had a crush on jon bon jovi or debbie gibson, and if you know all the words to this song.

ray parker jr. - theme from ghostbusters (don rimini ectoplasm edit)

and finally, here's a mix rimini put together last month. it's showcasing a lot of his own originals and remixes, mixed in with some fidget and bmore for good measure. find the tracklist after the jump!

don rimini - kick n run (july 2008 mix)

UPDATE: check out the don rimini remix contest over at our friends from discobelle. winners get some sweet t-shirts and cds as well as some big time blog exposure, so get busy!


01. verb featuring don rimini - psssy mind (don rimini remix)
02. machines don't care - drop it to the floor
03. terry poison - 24 hours (the aston shuffle's a-bomb)
04. fake blood - mars
05. estelle - american boy (vnnr go west remix)
06. machines don't care - afro jacker
07. don rimini - rave on
08. little boots - stuck on repeat (fake blood remix)
09. proxy - dance in the dark (original mix)
10. the bloody beetroots - storm
11. don rimini - hools
12. lazaro casanova - venganza (felix cartal remix)
13. crookers - lollypop
14. busy p - to protect and entertain featuring murs (so me remix)
15. emynd - back at your ass
16. don rimini - nervous breakdown
17. aaron lacrate - put your hands up for bmore
18. high powered boys - up down
19. oh snap! & ed orable - everyone's a dj
read more!

Monday, August 25, 2008

the twelves.

discodust and everyone else's favorites the twelves just sent us a brandnew mixtape and i didn't hesitate to put it up right away as i know you're all desperate to hear the latest from them. this features their latest unreleased remixes they did for zeigeist and the virgins as well as some sweet edits they are calling 'replays'. pick up the mixtape right here:

the twelves - episode ii (mixtape)

find the tracklist after the jump and show the twelves some myspace love!

the tracklist:

01. zeigeist - humanitarianism (the twelves replay)
02. radiohead - reckoner (the twelves replay)
03. mirwais - naive song
04. of montreal - gronlandic edit
05. david e. sugar - to yourself
06. the virgins - rich girls (the twelves replay)
07. daft punk - voyager
08. jupiter - chip
09. fleet foxes - white winter hymnal (the twelves replay)
10. metronomy - heartbreaker
11. the twelves - works for me (the twelves replay)
12. lykke li - dance dance dance (the twelves replay)
read more!

Sunday, August 24, 2008


tanz/tanz are two upcoming producers from switzerland. when i first came across their myspace page i was really blown away by their genrebreakin' tune 'forwee'. starting out like a tech house tune, they quickly bring in some filtered trance sweeps before they get some fidgety bass rolling. after adding some chopped up yo majesty raps and a bit of glitch, the tune ends in a furious jumpstyle finale. the best comparison i was able to come up with might be a more playable version of modeselektor but that doesn't really do either of them justice. nevertheless, this should blow up the spot if your crowd is open minded enough!

tanz tanz - forwee

not as all over the place but still totally fresh sounding is the second track they hooked me up with, 'luna park'. chopped up trance chords driven by a subtle yet bouncing groove make way for some heavy bass action and once again this is something that you haven't heard before. 'luna park' should be a good track to play on your way up to peaktime, so don't miss this either:

tanz tanz - luna park

i'll definitely try and get more tunes from tanz/tanz in the future as i see them as some of the few innovators trying out new stuff right now while keeping it perfectly danceable and that's definitely needed. make sure they'll keep going with this and show them some myspace love. read more!

jaimie fanatic.

fidget and electro house old schooler jaimie fanatic from rotterdam hooked us up with some very special unreleased material that will only be available on the blogs. that monster of a tune is called 'old skool is my skool' and as the name implies has heavy classic rave influences and comes complete with broken beats and crowd cheering - this is definitely one for the horns crew!

discodust has the privilege to be the first to put it out, so enjoy this special action from the fanatic hipster in 320kbps and fuckin' play this out loud!

jaimie fanatic - old skool is my skool

watch out for more from jaimie fanatic and his label groove fanatics! read more!

Friday, August 22, 2008

lifelike + geyster.

rising french house label us two music have a whole lot of quality releases from up and coming french house producers including productions and remixes from discodust favorites russ chimes, the outrunners and lifelike.

basically i already intended to do a more detailed feature on us two music some time soon but this remix for geyster (pictured above) by lifelike is just too fucking good to keep it back for much longer now. in fact this has already been more or less held back for about two years, as the us two music release is a re-release but i have never heard or seen it anywhere else before. and as it is already circulating around the blogs now anyway, i feel like no matter how old, i should post it now and sweeten your weekend!

geyster - under the fuse of love (lifelike remix)

and here's the original track as well, which is definitely a decent track but well, you know what it's like, as soon as lifelike shows up on the scene, competition's tough.

geyster - under the fuse of love

watch out for more lovely french house and disco vibes this weekend as we've got a lot more to come! show us two music some myspace love for getting this great release together and check the major digital music stores for their back catalogue! more detailed feature coming soon. pinky swear! much love to our friends over at funkism for unearthing this gem! read more!

atzen musik + motopark.

from a 'hip hop' point of view, berlin-based rappers and producers frauenarzt (german for 'gynecologist') and manny marc are definitely among 'the realest' in germany. originating from a street gang background ('berlin crime'), they started their own independent rap label 'bassboxxx' in 1998 and in those ten years, they self-released nearly 30 releases on tapes and cds, a lot of them were banned because of explicit lyrics.

while their sound back then was mainly miami bass and 80s electro, their new project atzen musik ('atze' is german for 'friend, homie, buddy, mate' all combined in one word) is all about something they call 'techno-rap' and their first single is coming out on kontor which is probably germany's most successful commercial house label, going strong with nearly 700 releases since it was found in 1997. 'florida lady' also features alexander marcus on the hook, a techno-producer gone pop singer, who successfully combines german 'schlager' with electro, calling it 'electrolore'.

kontor hooked us up with two remixes of 'florida lady', done by motopark, a new project by members of sono who were one of the first ordering a remix from digitalism for their track 'a new cage' more than 3 years ago. motopark turn the original track into a hybrid of rave and fidget house which should get the crowd moving. enjoy both the vocal and dub remixes in 320 kbps right here:

atzen musik - florida lady (motopark remix)
atzen musik - florida lady (motopark dub mix)

and for the really brave and tough motherfuckers among you, i've also got an original track by atzen musik right here. enter at your own risk, this will teleport you right to the beaches of mallorca, crowded by drunken germans on ecstasy. and as a real last warning: atzen musik have supported scooter on their recent gigs. here we go with 'es gibt kein bier auf hawaii' (german for 'there is no beer on hawaii'). cheers!

atzen musik - es gibt kein bier auf hawaii

and if you still can't get enough, here is the video for 'florida lady':

atzen musik featuring alexander marcus - florida lady (video on youtube)

and while i am almost sure that this will get a lot of hater-comments, i bet most of you would shout along if you just had enough to drink! show atzen musik and motopark some myspace love! read more!

crystal castles + white lies.

this new remix for white lies by ethan kath of crystal castles (pictured above) just showed up on my radar (well, google reader). and i am quite irritated because it sounds almost nothing like their previous material but as it is up on their remix myspace it has to be official.

and when i say "it sounds nothing like their previous material" that means it is really hard hitting, properly mixed and does not have a single chiptune-sound but a pretty heavy distorted bassline and even (gasp) actual chords! but listen for yourself, i am a fan anyway and will always remember the crystal castles show in frankfurt will as something very special.

white lies - death (crystal castles remix)

listen to the original material by white lies too, as they are easily one of the best upcoming indie bands in ages and remind me a lot of interpol - my favorite band ever. i don't have a high-quality mp3 around, so just head over to their myspace. and i'll keep watching out for new productions from crystal castles as well.

thanks to cannibal cheerleader for putting this up first! read more!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

katy perry + hot pink delorean.

ok, so if aleks can post a britney spears remix (don't forget this one, too), i can post a katy perry remix. i first heard the original at a beach setup on the shores of some small greek town. i thought the lyrics were retarded and it was merely a cheesy euro pop song (c'mon, she's going on a six flags theme park concert tour). well, all the jack-in-the-box's and california small-town clubs and gas stations proved me wrong. somehow this cheesy euro pop song has taken the world hostage for the summer and may just be lohan's new theme song.

well, hot pink delorean got their hands on this mix to show their appreciation for all of the girls that are always making out in front of the dj booth at their gigs. apparently, the girls in nearly every city asked them to remix this tune. so here's their best bootleg attempt! happy liplocking ladies!

katy perry - i kissed a girl (hot pink delorean remix) read more!

mission control.

anybody familiar with mission control? anyone? well they're one of the latest sounds to come out of melbourne. they are pretty daring with their fashion (see above. hey hipsterrunoff, go easy on them). they are yet another success story via myspace.

they ended up adding cassius, who liked their sound (think a new wave version of air slash interpol slash stone roses) so much that zdar decided to produce their upcoming lp. things snowballed from there as they got signed to the etcetc label (home to pnau, the knife, datarock and mylo) and are booked by modular in australia. ahh, the power of an email.

their innerspace ep is set to be released september 13th, and we've got the original song as well as a designer drugs remix to share with you.

mission control - innerspace
mission control - innerspace (designer drugs remix) read more!

azzido da bass.

azzido da bass is one of germany's electronic music staples. he's been spinning since 1996, but really broke onto the music radar with his chart-topper 'dooms night' in 2000, which the crookers recently brought back with a remix.

not one to fade in the background, azzido has collaborated with the 'other' italian heavyhitters, bloody beetroots to do a mockup aptly named 'booms night'. i better not forget to mention remixes by switch, laidback luke, stanton warriors and speaker junk. how's that for a song revival?

here is his latest remix which turns weezer into a danceable track with a touch of distortion and chopped up rivers' vocals, as opposed to the usual quirky nerd pop.

weezer - troublemaker (azzido da bass dub)

and this track is a mashup of almost every dj's guilty pleasure. the crookers part hits hard, the salt n pepa makes everyone scream, and the azzido blend sounds like a machine getting warmed up to destroy the dancefloor.

crookers vs azzido da bass - dooms night (azzido da bass edit) read more!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

the young punx remixed.

london-based collective the young punx are obviously on a releasing spree, as i had promotion material for two new releases of them in my inbox within just a few days. first up is an excellent remix by one of the most underrated producers from the uk, going by the name of phonat. actually one of the first discodust posts ever included a track by him but i'd better not talk about that as it was back then in our initial criminal days. anyway, ever since then i am wondering why he has not blown up big time yet - originating from the breaks scene, all his tracks are always bouncing heavily, are funky and feature a lot of my favorite things such as vocoders and retro disco sounds. his rework of 'fire' is just what the name implies, straight fire:

the young punx - fire (phonat remix)

the phonat track is part of an all new remix package for 'fire' by the young punx, you can check it out on beatport and spend all your money there if you like!

next up is a remix of the young punx' upcoming single 'mash it up', done by shir khan from the berlin battery camp but hell, as if he'd need an introduction anyway. as always, shir khan makes it tough to describe his sound and does what the track asks for - mashing it up with electro house style leads, rave signals, distorted e-guitar solos, baile funk drum rolls and a shuffled fidget groove - or in a less technical way: making it a fucking banger!

the young punx - mash it up (shir khan remix)

'mash it up' is said to be released on mofohifi in england and japan, i wasn't able to find a digital buy link for now but hey, i know my readers, when there is a way to buy a track i posted on here, you'll find it! keep an eye on the young punx, as their new album is hitting soon, we'll keep you posted! read more!

steve moore.

we have previously praised the greatness of steve moore and the tracks he did for his lovelock project. but this is different. actually i am kind of at a loss for words when it comes to his remix of 'circuit' by david rubato.

i stole that track from those living legends over at 20 jazz funk greats and as i've already said there in a comment, i don't even know if it does this track justice to call it 'music' any more or if this just has to be called a 'masterpiece'. nearly beatless and with some of the most epic vintage synth action i've ever experienced, steve moore's take on 'circuit' leaves me all stunned. join in with me!

david rubato - circuit (steve moore remix)

along with a stellar version by aeroplane, this remix is dropping on institubes some time soon or is probably already out - i wouldn't know as they are never sending me promotional material any more. pout! read more!


malente never disappoints. actually, he never stops to impress me. here is his latest remix for a band named 'foals' who are obviously signed to a label with really bad taste when it comes to selecting remixes, as this did not make it onto the single release. way to go guys, turning down one of germany's hottest producers right now! so now it's all ours, enjoy the wild ride:

foals - electric ballroom (malente remix)

and as i am a big fan of malente's re-edits and i missed out on this one before, here is his edit of 'get money kids' by pase rock:

pase rock - get money kids (malente re-dub)

show malente some myspace love and foals some pity for not having this remix on their release! read more!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


you can't imagine how long i've been waiting for this! alan, the voice and former main man behind ghosthustler is finally kicking off with his new project vega. and what can i say, everything that you loved about him is still there - the catchy melodies, the dreamy synths, and most of all his unmistakable voice.

'all too vivid' is launching alan's own label vogue college records which will put out the single coupled with another track and some remixes next month. after recently recording with most wanted remixer todd edwards, alan will also contribute some vocals to the upcoming ep of discodust favorite miami horror. whatever, enough talk, discodust is proud (and so excited) to premiere 'all too vivid' and show you what next level pop music is all about:

vega - all too vivid (original mix)

we'll keep you updated on everything regarding vega, for now go and show him some myspace love! read more!

player player.

speaking of upcoming fidget house producers, i am feeling really guilty because i haven't posted about player player from london much earlier yet. ever since i heard his track 'lonely' on last month's kissy sellout show - where it was unsigned track of the month - i've been totally hooked on it and wanted to have it for the blog. and then work and holidays and thousands of other unimportant things kept me from finally posting it. fuck that!

whatever, finally here it is. i love this track, even if it might be a little bit light - that's probably what got me so excited, finally some really uplifting chords and vocals in a fidget track instead of detuned or clownish basslines and yet it is really driving! player player is definitely one to watch and i am surprised that 'lonely' is not signed yet. but that's just how you labels and a&r's are, sleeping all the time and too lazy to break new talents. so here's one of my favorite tracks for the past weeks, in all it's 320 kbps glory, much love to kissy sellout for unearthing this gem and getting it the exposure it deserves:

player player - lonely

and additionally, here is a rework of 'mars' by fake blood, also done by player player. at first i was hesitant to post it, as i know how much sang hates to see tracks posted on the blogs without permission but player player forwarded me a message by sang saying 'nicely surprised! something different. so by all means get it out there'. so i am more than glad to post this as well:

fake blood - mars (player player's 95 jump mix)

show player player some myspace love and watch out for more as he is working on a whole ep right now! read more!

lesser panda remixed.

on the lesser panda myspace page, you can read things like 'gloom-dance' or 'disco-fied new-wave pop' and find references to the cure, interpol, tones on tail and the rapture - all bands that i really love. while the cure are not even listed on the bands' influences, the singers' delivery really sounds a lot like robert smith on 'ghostdance' but to me that's nothing but great, as this is what i'd want the cure to sound like these days.

moreover, back to the lesser panda myspace: there you can hear two awesome tracks from their upcoming double single: 'ghostdance' and 'carousel'. but the goodness doesn't stop right there, either the pandas themselves or their label superdark also show excellent taste in remixers, getting two of uk's hottest, drums of death and heartbreak busy on great reworks.

both remixes are excellent, currently the heartbreak version of 'ghostdance' is my favorite but drums of death did great work on 'carousel' as well. get them both:

lesser panda - ghostdance (heartbreak remix)
lesser panda - carousel (drums of death remix)

don't sleep on lesser panda, heartbreak and drums of death, definitely three names to watch! much love to tony from slutty fringe for introducing me to the greatness of lesser panda. read more!


just in case i haven't mentioned it before, foamo is my favorite 'newcomer' fidget producer. while i haven't been into fidget that much when i first learned about it because everything seemed much too detuned for me, i am kinda all about it these days and that kid is definitely to blame for that as his basslines are just fucking energetic and catchy. i know the blog does not really reflect my passion for fidget that much but that's mainly just because all the labels are holding on really tight to the tracks and whenever i hit someone up or have something in my mail, it's all samplers or really low-q tracks and i am just not up to post those most of the time.

anyway, foamo made some huge progress in the past and dropped a twelve-inch on wearhouse music containing his tracks 'everything cool' and 'rockerman' which are both among the top fidget tunes out there right now. and from what i can see on his myspace, he has been working closely with fellow rising star detboi and they've got a release lined up for hervé's label cheap thrills which is the leading label in fidget house.

as i've bitched about before, there is hardly a chance to get a permission to post one of foamo's tunes but instead he hooked me up with his most recent mix he did for rob da bank's show on radio 1 featuring a lot of the current floorfillers and even more unreleased heat, so don't miss:

foamo - radio 1 mix (for rob da bank)

tracklist after the jump. i promise i'll keep an eye on foamo while you show him some myspace love. and here's a shoutout to all unsigned fidget artists and all the established labels: send us more tracks!

machines don't care 'afrojacker' [machines don't care]
foamo 'everything cool [wearhouse music]
busy p 'to protect & entertain' (crookers remix) [ed banger]
treasure fingers 'cross the dancefloor' (acapella) [fools gold]
say wut - 'go pt2' [cd-r]
will bailey, foamo & ill phil 'numb wrist' [cd-r]
switch 'this is sick' (herve reshuffle) [cd-r]
lee mortimer 'putto' [dubsided]
detboi 'y'all want mo' (cheap thrills]
kidda 'under the sun' (herve remix) [skint]
lord skywave 'something' (andy george 'just for foamo' remix) [cd-r]
fake blood 'mars' [cheap thrills]
kid cudi 'day & night' (crookers remix) [fools gold]
detboi & foamo 'girls dem go' [cheap thrills]
detboi & foamo 'get low' [cheap thrills]
foamo 'rockerman' [wearhouse music]
troydon 'mad world' [cd-r]
trevor loveys 'insects' [tragic magic]
steve angello 'be' (dj sega remix) [cd-r]
rqm 'miss pacman' (oliver $ remix) [cd-r]
machines don't care 'soundboy massive' [machines don't care]
lee mortimer 'uve got 2 b' [dubsided]
primary 1 'hold me down' (foamo remix) [phantasy sound]
black lips 'mirror' (mumdance rework feat jammer) [cd-r]
evil nine 'they live' (trevor loveys remix) [cd-r]
read more!

Monday, August 18, 2008

mstrkrft interview.

the world seems like a big big place, but in actuality it's rather small. the music world/community is especially small and you never know who you're going to run into. i just happened to run into al-p from mstrkrft in another whiskey-induced haze (noticing a trend here?) in some small backroom in paris. but i guess that's the best time to take advantage of his willingness to answer just about anything i had to ask him... listen in as he indulges us about masturbatory music, why he hides the names of his tracks and what happens when you drop two djs on the shores of norway.

al-p: uh what station is this? 98.7 fm?

miss toats: discodust, duh.

discodust like dusty records? i know all about that. i know all about dusty disco records.

i'm sure you do. so last time you were here in paris you went to fashion week boat party, got in a car accident, etc. any other crazy things happen to you while on this tour?

we went fishing off the coast of norway. we caught fish and cooked them on the beach for dinner. not so crazy, but it was pleasurable, for the pleasure of life. everyone says 'oh your life is so crazy'. ya it may be crazy, but it's because we have to play parties and get wasted and go to the airport every day. it sucks. it's not paradise at all. it's not a dream come true. it's work. i look forward to eating fish off the coast of norway like a viking.

are you tired of hearing your own songs yet?

if we were to get sick of our songs, it wouldn't be when we are touring them cause we only play like 180 parties a year. when we produce a song, i personally listen to it about 300 times in a span of a week. i'm in the mind set of mix engineer and a producer which is completely different than a dj or a performer. you have to completely separate yourself emotionally from everything and you're just listening to how it sounds. when you make a song it's a weird thing. you can hear it an infinite amount of times, but be in a totally different mindset. you are in a music-making producer's state of mind and think 'aw i should've done that. or, the mix is a little off in this part.' you can emotionally detach yourself from the song while you are self-critiquing and dissecting different parts of the song to improve it instead of listening to it as a whole for pure enjoyment. it's all about how the song is going to sound when reproduced on the world's stereo systems. it's weird for us because whenever we play a party people always say they play our songs, but i never hear them.

well you do in the gym below your house... (reference to question #5 in our previous interview.

you little sneaky...

haha i know. so what are you guys working out right now? i know you recently released a single ('bounce' and 'vuvuvu'), but what are the bigger projects right now? more touring? production?

we're desperately trying to finish our album. we've been touring so much and just want to get to go home, finish this goddamn album and get it out to the kids that are dying to hear it.

these days i've heard many artists with a different approach to putting out music. some only believe in putting out ep's every few months while others still stand behind the album model. but sometimes it's challenging for artists known for their hard dancefloor tracks to decide what the feel of their album should be. is it going to tell a story (digitalism) or is it going to be all bangers (boys noize)?

we always approach a project with the mindset "why give somebody filler? why give someone crap that they don't want to listen to?"

it doesn't have to be crap. who is to say that anything non-distorted or at 115 bpm has to be crap?

our natural habitat is in the club. we will always give 100% club playable songs not weirdo artistic shit. if i wanted to do that i'd get an acoustic guitar and make the most perverted weirdest shit. we operate within the nightclub world. and to say i want to make an album that takes somebody on a journey, is fuckin selfish and masturbatory. i want to make an album that every track i could play in a club or lounge or nightlife environment. that's the ultimate mandate. we don't fuck around with making an 'album' per se. we want to make the album sound like it's a collection of 12" records.

i agree, it shows versatility. i keep reading interviews where you say that you're so influenced by disco, but its hard to hear the disco influences in your past tracks...

i'm the disco guy, jesse's not. its really really hard to flirt with disco in this day and age. it's about a little shit on his computer with a bunch of plugins making things sound distorted or adding siren sounds with a kick drum. it's all a-tonal. there's a couple songs on our record that are almost proto-house cause we can't get away with disco. disco can never be re-created, i've been trying for five years. dfa has come very close, but it just hasn't broke. think about what the most successful act on dfa is - hot chip. their whole record is practically techno. there are a few tracks on our album that are influenced by proto-house, between disco and house.

well, i really appreciated and was genuinely shocked that you played some house tracks tonight. it wasn't all bangers. i didn't expect that from you at all. you brought back some house, it wasn't all 'waaamp waaaamp waaaamp' distortion.

maybe it was a little campy. well, we aim to surprise. ok, next question...

ok, which city has the hottest girls?

i dunno.

mmmkay, what's the best/worst thing that a groupie has ever said to you?

[silence] groupies don't really talk to me. i'm a weirdo. i'm a weird antisocial maladjusted weirdo. maybe two girls have come up to me this year and said 'great set' and then run away. i can't deal with social situations.

well, it doesn't have to be 'talking', per se. i refuse to believe that some girl hasn't come up to you and said 'i want you to 'fill-in-the-blank'... fill in my blank. ya, why are djs so socially awkward anyway?

it's because we're all weirdos. we spend our time in isolation. we go out and play our music, but the people don't love us for who we are, they love us for what we do. i can be an amazing carpenter but then no one would give a shit.

when was the last time somebody told you 'no'?

tonite. i was on my way to the club and i saw three kids and they came and told me that the bouncer wouldn't let them in. so i told them to come with me. just so everyone knows, this is going to be publicized right? i want to go on record to say that the doorman at the $*&#^@ club is an asshole motherfucker p.o.s. useless faggot, scum of the earth, piece of junk. i bring these three kids that just want to see us play so bad. i tell him that they are my guests and he tells me that 'no it is not possible'. he tells me that i can't bring in guests and i'm the fucking headlining dj. it filled me with such rage that i got a burning sensation in my stomach. i don't know if it's an ulcer or if i have to go to the hospital. aside from me beign fucking furious about it, you just have to be professional. i'm going to remember his face and if i ever see him again...

ok, before you say anything else incriminating, when are you playing ibiza?

we already did. it was a pyramid decorated like it was a wedding reception. no foam, just full of brits and it was really bright with lots of columns.

last time you told me you thought that vndlsm were the next big thing. who is it now?

surkin, i don't know. i don't keep up with anything. fuck, don't ask me that question.

ok, well then why do you use the 'djam' (hides all the track information on the display) code on serato?

cause we edit all of our tracks so we don't want people to see that it's our own edits.

but if you guys are the only ones to have our edit and the public can't have it, then it doesn't matter, right?

well, also we're playing tracks off of our new record and don't want people to know what it is. they go online, rip it off a youtube video and play it out. i've heard it done before. (album released october 22nd.)

ok, ask me a question!

are you a vegetarian?

pfffft no, im mexican!

so, do you like cactus? is it pretty good? what do you think the best taqueria is in los angeles?

no, it's not about los angeles. tijuana is the real deal. tacos de gordo on revolucion.

last time we were in tj the promoter got us pork neck tacos. cuello tacos. do you like those?

if it's mexican food in tj, i'll probably love it. ok alex, ill let you go. i see you've got a few girls wanting to tell you 'good set' and a little more whiskey to finish. until we meet again in another random corner of the world...
read more!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

kish mauve + fred falke.

do you remember at the beginning of the year when all that hype was bubbling over about the kylie minogue '2 hearts' track? it had a ton of remixes (most notably by the twelves) and was all over the blogs. well, i'm not sure how well-known it was, but that song was actually a cover of a song written and produced by kish mauve (guy/girl duo, jim and mima). kylie returned the favor and co-wrote ‘you make me feel’ in something that kish calls a 'pop swap' for their upcoming album.

once again, fred falke delivers 100% satisfaction for me with his remix. it may even be in contention for my fav falke remix ever, battling it out with 'golden cage'. the bassline, the synths, her breathy vocals, the lo-fi filtering... falke is the master.

kish mauve - lose control (fred falke remix)

so sorry that we could only get clearance for a 128 kbps but hey, it's a step up from all those 96s posted everywhere else! read more!


girl rap duo killaqueenz from sydney, australia have already shared a stage with established rap groups such as bone thugs n harmony, smif-n-wessun or tha alkaholiks and are now dropping their track 'sweaty wet' on sweat it out!, obviously inspired by gameboy/gamegirl. dropping some fresh flows on pumping electronic beats, these girls are the only legitimate successors to salt n pepa. time to get sweaty!

killaqueenz - sweaty wet

holla at us when you're in europe, killaqueenz! (and before all you blog addicts start crying, yes, this has been up elsewhere already and of course it also hit my inbox about ten days ago but i didn't get around to post it immediately and remembered it only just now.) read more!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

treasure fingers remixed.

so i've been in contact with treasure fingers since before he popped on any blog radar. my first post about him was actually the same track, 'cross the dancefloor.' well, a year and a half later, we find treasure fingers signed to fool's gold, touring all over god's green earth, and having his humble little disco dance tune being remixed by the likes of techno giant laidback luke and heavy bass hero curses!. we're lucky enough to be able to post the other half of remixes for 'cross the dancefloor.' lifelike threw some golden polish on the track and alex metric digitized up the vocals and threw them over some funky basslines.

treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (alex metric remix)
treasure fingers - cross the dancefloor (lifelike remix)

you can pick up the other remixes on beatport and
turntable lab

and we have also got a bonus remix treasure fingers did for romanthony. he took the vocals and gave them the 't-pain' treatment with those signature synths.

romanthony - curious (treasure fingers remix)

if you like it or want to hear the other mixes, check out the romanthony release on beatport. read more!

the bpa + database.

seems i was just right on time when i was finally featuring database in my post earlier this week. the guys over at southern fried were a bit faster, noticed database's greatness before and hooked us up with an unreleased remix for the new norman cook (fat boy slim) collaboration project the bpa track 'toe jam' featuring david byrne of the legendary talking heads and grime superstar dizzee rascal. so get jamming!

the bpa featuring david byrne & dizzee rascal - toe jam (database remix)

and as the other tracks were so well received, here is one more of those brilliant database disco edits from their 'ugly edit' compilation:

database - dance like 107 read more!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

the presets.

darling naomi hooked us up with a new mixtape by k.i.m of the presets. it goes by the name of 'get off the beach' and takes you on a nice ride with a great selection of (more or less) laidback summer cuts, ranging from the moroder-produced 'beat the clock' by sparks over heavy sepultura to the disco noir chromatics and ibiza techno masters compuphonic and kolombo. all aboard!

the presets - get off the beach mixtape

the presets are in town (frankfurt, that is) and playing the myspace secret show at monza tonight. your chance to buy me a drink! see you! (and find the tracklist after the jump.)


roy buchanan - a fly by night
hanadensha - acoustic mothership
public enemy - black steel in the hour of chaos
von südenfed - dear dead friends
sparks - beat the clock
african suite - in the pocket
jamie anderson & jesse rose - jack your body (body jackin')
aphex twin - windowlicker (end roll version)
toecutter - terror australis
sepultura - roots bloody roots
raymond scott - cindy electronium
ambivalent - r u ok
compuphonic & kolombo - passing light
tomita - snowflakes are dancing
chromatics - in the city
pantha du prince - saturn strobe
the presets - anywhere (compuphonic & kolombo remix)
cornelius - scum
jim o'rourke - something big
read more!

let's go to war.

let's go to war are dj cirkut, peter-john and sonny g from toronto, signed to last gang, have already set clubs on fire alongside m.i.a and that should be proof enough that they're providing some of the best club tracks with hip hop roots these days. for some strange reason they are still kind of under the radar but if you feel like it, blame it on me, as i wanted to post on them ages ago when i first heard their banging party anthem 'life we live' but something always got in the way and i kind of missed the opportunity.

lucky as i am though, they gave me a second chance. let's go to war just unleashed their new single "burn down the disco/whole city's got a cold" and especially the second track is totally blowing me away. if this track would have been on the blogs a bit earlier (i first heard it several months ago), you'd have heard their "the whole city's got a cold, listen, listen, listen, everybody's sniffin'" line each time you went out or checked a dj mix, but obviously n.e.r.d. came out first and so all we got is 'all the girls standing in the line for the bathroom'. anyway, about time you get hooked on this track as well:

let's go to war - whole city's got a cold

as soon as you're addicted, bust out your credit card and buy the release on beatport or buy it on beatsource and come on producers, get busy on that accapella!

and as it is quite likely that you have missed let's go to war the first time around, here are two of their tracks that have been out a while earlier:

let's go to war - life we live
let's go to war - push up ya lighter

remember, beatport or beatsource are the places to go to or if you're broke from all the sniffin', at least show let's go to war some myspace love! read more!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

thehype fm.

yay! we're proud to announce the launch of our new project. we are beginning to do weekly broadcast radioshows on where we will showcase mixes, interviews and a bunch of nonsense talk about music. we are one of seven other blogs participating, each bringing their own flavor and music to the conglomerate.

each show will be available for download a week after it's broadcasted, so you'll be able to pick up some highlights from the week's posts in one tidy little package. aleks and i are going to switch off weeks and hopefully give you a variety of songs you love and maybe some stuff you've never heard before.

here's the tracklisting of the first mix i made. ugh, i hate mixmeister!

you can listen to it here or you can click the link in the sidebar! it airs tuesdays at 9pm and midnight eastern standard time (est).

01. the presets - talk like that (miami horror remix)
02. the phantoms revenge - untitled
03. dvas - ambient room
04. aeroplane - whispers
05. jupiter - chip
06. the golden filter - solid gold
07. kish mauve - lose control (fred falke remix)
08. santogold - lights out (kid gloves remix)
09. division kent - offshore (the phantom's revenge remix)
10. empire of the sun - walking on a dream (sam la more remix)
11. tc crew - once beats (cosmic kids edit)
12. miles dyson - anthem (lcv exclusive edit)
13. x lover - trash me (starskee remix) read more!


hostage is back with some more discodust love. he starts out the track all funky and melodic and then drops the bass and distortion on it like a barrage of water balloons filled with subwoofers encased in jello (is that possible? probably not, but you get the idea). and for all you 'omg that song totally ripped off that other song' commenters, 'rooted' has a sample from beastie boys, 'root down'.

hostage - rooted

hostage was also kind enough to share with us his summer holiday mix choc full of his original material and some other remixes of his.

hostage - summer holiday mix 2008

tracklist after the jump!

01. volatile - faces of war
02. fil ok - bitch disco (lars moston and duncan whiteley remix)
03. hostage - sloth
04. jupiters heroes - melvin never made it (hostage remix)
05. wolfgang gartner - bounce
06. the japanese popstars - rise of ulysses (hostage remix)
07. crookers & boy 8-bit - the crow (malente re-edit)
08. hostage - sorry
09. dj kue - don't get high (breakdown remix)
10. tommie sunshine - limit of your mind (hostage remix)
11. jokers of the scene - baggy bottom boys
12. mstrkrft - bounce (felix cartal remix)
13. hostage - hoot
14. larry tee - i love u (killer on the dancefloor baile remix)
15. acen - trip ii the moon (hostage's remix)
read more!

Monday, August 11, 2008

database + the twelves.

lucio & yuri from sao paolo, better known as database (pictured above), just uploaded a whole compilation to their myspace page, also supported by myspace brazil. 'uglyedit vol. 1' features 12 tracks from the guys themselves and 7 bonus tracks from guests the twelves, bo$$ in drama, fisk, cello zero, roots rock revolution, fabrizio martinelli and midnight martyn.

i was quite overwhelmed by the amount of good disco-flavoured tracks on this compilation but finally succeeded at picking three tracks for posting. two tracks by database, one of them being a joint-venture with midnight martyn and of course the contribution from the always stellar the twelves. this is what 'disco house' is supposed to sound like in 2008 - brazil is showing the world how it should be done. party people, start the dance:

database & midnight martyn - party people
database - ritchie got me dancin
alan parsons project - i wouldn't want to be like you (the twelves re-edit)

check out all the other tracks on the database myspace page and show brazil some love! read more!


continuing in the ghettotech thread of music that i've really been enjoying lately, i thought i'd post on raziek. following alongside his fellow french, goon & koyote, raziek is bringin' tha nasty. oh yes, we're back in the 140 bpm zone. cover the ears of small children if they're within earshot.

raziek - 5 fingerz

here's a sneak peek to the entire 'gimme five ass' ep. go get the whole freaq-nasty thing at beatport. make sure you don't miss the track 'juicy love'...

raziek - gimme five ass ep minimix read more!

Saturday, August 09, 2008


well i set out to only post shazam's new aston shuffle remix when i heard he finished it. of course aleks has already had all the bases covered, but then i was going thru my library of his previous work and remembered 'oh i like that one. and that one. ohhhh can't leave out that one.' people, don't sleep on this guy. he may be layin low in perth, but i love this track. it's sound is tucked nicely between indie electro and neu-disco, has some perfectly placed filters and choppy melodies.

the aston shuffle - stomp yo shoes (shazam remix)

he somehow manages to perfectly balance the low-pitched vocals with his bouncy, up-beat bassline...

the emergency - too much (shazam remix)

i know for a fact that this remix makes blonde swedish girls in san francisco dance like maniacs...

muscles - sweaty (shazam remix)

here's one of his original tracks. hey lifelike, the phantom's revenge and louis la roche, i think you guys got some heavy competition.

shazam - pool party read more!

mstrkrft + john legend + andre 3000.

one of my favorite club tracks recently, 'green light' by john legend and andre 3000 of outkast gets the mstrkrft remix treatment. and although it took me a while to get into it, i think this is the best mstrkrft remix i have heard in a long time.

and because it is noteworthy and also because the riaa obviously can't do their job right when we're not reminding them all the time, here is a quote from the official mstrkrft forum:

"john legend + andre 3000 remix is now on the myspace player and you can download it too. john just asked us to put it up and asked if we could make it downloadable. we told him we wanted you to have the 320 version as well and asked if we could do a sendspace link to it. his label said it was ok".

that's the way to go, guys! much respect! and yeah, got it, riaa people? everyone involved in the production and publishing of this track gave blogs the 'green light' to offer it for downloading. got it? let's start the engines then:

john legend & andre 3000 - green light (mstrkrft remix)

show mstrkrft, john legend and andre 3000 some love on myspace. read more!

ac slater.

oh i'm super excited to get to post up the latest from ac slater. i've been a huge fan ever since he slipped me his remix of mathhead x passions' 'turn the music up'. this time he dropped some heavy-ass bass on a track by b. rich which sampled everyone's favorite lyric from last year "every day i'm hustlin'" and is his first stab at makin a dubstep track. and while he could have easily kept that bassline wobbling through the entire song, he broke it down to give your hearts a chance to catch up.

it's coming out on a new hope records with additional remixes by l7k and 2 bit thugs.

b. rich - everyday hustle (ac slater remix)

ac also has some buzz surrounding his 'jack got jacked' vinyl/digital ep coming out on palms out. and if you know anything about house music, you know that 'in the beginning there was jack'

and don't forget about the smackdown ac did of this lismore track. everything sounds better with bass, right?

lismore - more (ac slater remix)

and this udachi remix makes me want to play mortal kombat.

ac slater - party like us (udachi remix)

you can get the mp3s of his bass-tastic track 'bassline time' here at juno and here at trackitdown. or if you're one of those vinyl purists you can snatch it here at juno or here at chemical records. (oh c'mon we cant give you everything for free..just go listen). read more!

Friday, August 08, 2008

diskokaine + christopher just.

he is from vienna, he is berlin's darling and his name is wrong in any possible way: diskokaine. wolfram aka marflow is 25 years old and already teamed up with artists like sally shapiro and the folks from gomma, the world famous german label of munk.

although diskokaine himself is not too fond of his productions, he is definitely one of those rising stars, somewhere between barcelona and berlin, propagating the wasted austrian youth, while hanging out with the most beautiful women as berlin battery points out.

today we've got the vocal and christopher just version of his mini-hit 'riminini'. enjoy it and go buy the single, when it comes out in early october. supply props go out to pitchfork and berlin battery.

diskokaine - riminini (vocal mix)
diskokaine - riminini (christopher just remix)

more about wolfram aka diskokaine and his sins can be found on his myspace. show him some wasted web2.0 loving, darlings. read more!

when saints go machine + siriusmo.

when saints go machine is the name, denmark is the country. there's not much more you find out when you roam the net for stories about the electronic pop group from copenhagen. when saints go machine are more about attributes, which most of the time are something like fabulous, futuristic, fresh and fast forward. there might be some more, but i am not that much into danish, hence the only thing i remember is 'kompetent'.

anyhow, there have been some significant collaborations with musicians i really like: zombie disco squad, our beloved moulinex and now siriusmo, one of the most gifted folks from my hometown berlin. the latter is what we've got for you today. as a bonus there's one more track from their forthcoming ep. enjoy danish understatement in pop music.

when saints go machine featuring siriusmo - sell me your exit
when saints go machine - sell me your exit

more information can be found on the danes' myspace, where you should show them some nordic warmth. read more!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

p e a c e fire.

"fear and loathing in these angles
i tripped on cancer for
a scorpion's dying wish
golden papers littered the stained-glass kitchen floor
while low frequencies of qur'an insulated our eyes
from the fluorescent crystal sunset

flooding the middle eye
a swollen blue light
suddenly fractured by echoes
rippling through wallpaper and window blinds
mt. australia and pink, felt-tip mysteries in iran
only fear and loathing in these angels."

p e a c e fire - baghdad rainbow
p e a c e fire - into the freedom

music, calligraphy and lyrics by p e a c e fire. (and these tracks feature some of the best synth work and epic melodies i have heard in ages. i think i am in love.) read more!

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

guns n bombs + the cult.

californian love machines guns n bombs (not pictured above) are back with another killing production, this time it's a remix for the (so people say) legendary rock band the cult (pictured above). i have never actually heard them, so i've got no idea what they sound like but judging by their looks and artworks it must be something in between europe (hair metal) and iron maiden (screaming and grunting). whatever, i am sure they are great.

back to topic: just like they always do, guns n bombs deliver high quality and turn 'sound of destruction' into a smashing floorfiller. from what i can see the track has been posted before but this is the dub version without epic hair metal vocals and all screaming and grunting removed. and according to guns n bombs, the dub is the one and only version they want on the blogs, so here you go:

the cult - sound of destruction (guns n bombs dub mix)

and for the light-hearted among our beloved readers, here is a great disco mix guns n bombs did in anticipation of their show with hercules and love affair. enjoy nearly 45 minutes of solid disco gold:

guns n bombs - disco night at the big horse

i'll see if i can get the tracklist for all of us later but for now i'll head out and get lost in the streets of berlin while you go and add guns n bombs on myspace. be prepared for more big things to come from them real soon! read more!

britney + hot pink delorean.

hot pink delorean bring britney back on the 'radar' with a banging epic 8 minutes remix. the whole story in their own words: "yes it was an official remix. we were too busy doing blow off strippers' tits, so we missed the deadline. here it is for free."

britney spears - radar (hot pink delorean remix)

i have still got love for you, britney. read more!

purple crush.

brooklyn-based duo purple crush finally dropped their "mega-ep" 'blog party' and it turned out really good. my favorite track is the eighties influenced chiptune-electropop love song 'marry me' that i had on repeat for a few hours when isla first hooked us privileged grindin people up with it. now it's your turn to fall in love:

purple crush - marry me

closer to the trademark purple crush sound is 'get digital', which will most likely get the most attention from bloggers and djs out there, featuring leif from the palms out camp on the mic. get digital:

purple crush featuring leif - get digital

if you haven't heard of leif before, also check out his slamming summerjam 'black magic':

leif - black magic

if you like what you hear, i strongly encourage you to buy the 'blog party' ep on or alternatively buy the 'blog party' ep on itunes. and in case you're dead broke (as if), at least show purple crush some myspace love! read more!

nhan solo + daniel dexter.

nhan solo (pictured above) is the guy behind we are playtime, a new founded booking-label-party-artist-agency hailing from berlin. this collective recently released its first brainchild going by the name of 'bounce is back'. the song's name is borrowed from nhan's successful party series, something he's famous for in southern germany aka bavaria from where the vietnamese dj moved to germany's capital city.

residing in berlin he started organizing playtime, an event somewhere between hip-hop and electro. famedropping would include mr. flash, mocky or chris de luca just to name a few. however, the bed was ready. so now as nhan started working closely with daniel dexter, one part of the acidkids, who's been in the blogs lately, you'll get some well served mash up of nhan's musical influences. mark my words. the two of them did a couple of gigs with maral salmassi in the past few months too. if you're a discodust regular, you might know we're fans.

anyway, today we'll bring you one ludicrously good remix by malente, also one hot discodust fav, that was featured on the first we.are.playtime single. as a bonus you'll get daniel dexter's latest remix for danish indie rockers the fashion and a remix they did together for lars moston. enjoy the freakin' noise!

nhan solo & daniel dexter - bounce is back (malente remix)
the fashion - like knives (daniel dexter remix)
lars moston - jack it (daniel dexter & nhan solo remix)

in related daniel dexter news, check out this medley of 'hyperactive' by him and malente, digitally out now on shir khan's label exploited, coming with remixes from bobmo, riva starr and bird peterson.

malente & dex - hyperactive (medley)

show nhan solo and daniel dexter some crazy myspace love. read more!

Monday, August 04, 2008

css remixed.

just in, here are some great remixes for 'move', my favorite track on the new css album. both cut copy and frankmusik deliver what you expect from them: spacey disco vibes as well as catchy electro. enjoy these and keep your eyes open for the upcoming single release:

css - move (cut copy remix)
css - move (frankmusik's club bingo dub)

show css, cut copy and frankmusik some myspace love! read more!

the shortwave set + mirwais.

maybe it was just me sleeping again but besides his productions for madonna, i haven't heard anything from mirwais in ages and i can't find anything on discogs either. so to my surprise, the new single 'now til 69' from the shortwave set which is out on wall of sound today, features two remixes by mirwais.

i am not really sure if it works for me as it is supposed to be, compared to other club remixes around right now it feels a bit less energetic but maybe that's just what's needed after all the 'maximal' sounds of the last two years. judge for yourself but i am definitely glad that the producer of true classics like 'music' is back in business. enjoy the mirwais club remix for the shortwave set:

the shortwave set - now til 69 (mirwais club remix)
the shortwave set - now til 69 (streams on

the wall of sound release features a remix by aeroplane as well, so make sure to check it out - like i said before, 'now til 69' is out today!

UPDATE: i should have posted this long ago and as it is released by now, i had to downgrade to streams. sorry for the inconvenience. read more!

stuffa + andy + mapei.

swedish label trunkfunk records, the guys who brought us the touch, are back with a new release by stuffa & andy featuring the wonderful mapei (pictured above with so me) who has previously voiced productions by the likes of switch and dj mehdi and was described by our friends at discobelle as 'm.i.a, neneh cherry and leila k all rolled into one fantastic mc, rapping frantically over insane beats'.

after obviously being on hold for quite a long time, 'pretty girls' is finally out on beatport now, along with killing remixes by sinden, david ekenbäck, krazy fiesta and the infiltrators. trunkfunk records were kind enough to hook us up with the original in 320 kbps but make sure you check out the remixes!

stuffa & andy featuring mapei - pretty girls

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lil wayne remixed.

according to reliable sources (mainly himself) and record sales, lil wayne is currently 'the best rapper alive'. and regarding the success of his recent singles 'lollipop' and 'a milli' and his latest album 'tha carter iii' in both the clubs and the charts there's not a lot to argue about.

and as usually i was a bit late on falling in love with 'a milli' but ever since this chewy chocolate cookies dropped in my inbox, i am totally sold. driven by fucking heavy bass and a crawling groovy drum pattern clocking in at 75 bpm, it might come as quite a surprise that a track this slow is the perfect tune to make the crowd freak out at peaktime but that's exactly what happened last weekend. get moving:

lil wayne - a milli (chewy chocolate cookies remix)

for good measure, here is a synth-sweep-dripping rework of 'lollipop' by nasty ways from sf, that i picked up over at xlr8r. makin' it juicy for you:

lil wayne - lollipop (nasty ways remix)

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le castle vania + walter meego.

sorry for the more or less unexpected outage throughout the last week, we just were too busy preparing everything for the parties in munich and berlin, travelling and having good times, thanks to everyone who partied with us! currently i am still enjoying a few days off in berlin and now i'll try and catch up on all the tracks i already wanted to post last week or even before. let's hope this stolen wi-fi connection won't go down all of a sudden.

we're starting off with the latest from le castle vania who did a great remix for 'through a keyhole' by walter meego and as nearly everyone else recently, he included some pretty heavy bass sounds in this remix while keeping his trademark style and is thus probably providing kind of a blueprint of what 'indie dance bangers' are meant to sound like from now on. anyway, philosophy and music theory are for other blogs, fuck the talk and enjoy the music:

walter meego - through a keyhole (le castle vania remix)

in related 'american bangers' news, here is a remix designer drugs did for philly-based rapper messinian, for some reason this slipped by when it first came in a few weeks ago. heavy bass, fidget-ish shuffled grooves, breakbeats and trancehall synths indicate that designer drugs are moving on to another sound too. well done!

messinian - throw it away (designer drugs remix)

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