Saturday, March 31, 2007

come ride with us.

discodust invites you to the latest installment of their favorite event series pink pony party on 7th april 2007 at sinkkasten, frankfurt/main. as always, the line-up is absolutely cutting edge:

kazey from clark magazine and clapclap paris, double dmc champion klever from atlanta and triple worldwide itf champion kid fresh alongside special guest dj rafik, both representing lordz of fitness, are guaranteed to drop a blazing hot mixture of electro, b-more, baile funk, grime and hip hop spiced up with top-notch turntablism skills and routines that will make the crowd go wild. get in the mood with these:

kazey & bulldog - i joke on you (EXCLUSIVE)
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dj klever mix on

kid fresh mix on

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Saturday, March 24, 2007


soon-to-be superstar felix cartal is back. the true heads know his discodust exclusive 'moss vs. tree' got thousands of downloads and massive dj-set love, first and foremost on the latest guns'n'bombs mixtape. but as the industry is obviously still sleeping even though he had a dedicated post on fluokids, here is another banger for the final wake up call. 'drugs' is doing just what you would expect: taking you way up high before smashing you back down again. if this does not get the crowd moving, then i don't know:

felix cartal - drugs (EXCLUSIVE)

also known to regular discodust readers is italy's finest unsigned hype: the bloody beetroots and i don't know what to add what hasn't already been said back then except that they are also still waiting for a well-deserved deal. 'ezekiel eats red hoodie' is another first-class ode to destruction that was only built to take the whole club apart:

the bloody beetroots - ezekiel eats red hoodie

nesakyk mamai! are a lithuanian dj team consisting of manfredas, kym wild and miss america. as you can almost tell by these names, their only mission is bringing riot to the dancefloor: their sets usually include getting naked, screaming and fighting with the security. their edit of 'i used to dance with my daddy' by datarock most likely won't help to de-escalate the situation, as it is one of the hottest slow jams i have heard in a long time and reminds me of back in the days when dfa was the freshest thing out there. starting out as percussion-laden robot (kraut) rock, it constantly builds up until it turns into a devastating acid whirlwind. get them some more international bookings, i want to freak out to this:

datarock - i used to dance with my daddy
(nesakyk mamai! dentist mom remake)
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Friday, March 09, 2007

sega rockstars.

killdahype are from paris, france and combine funked up disco, sega rock and brute force to create their very own definition of new french touch. david et nicolas have started their project only seven months ago and already have about ten tracks ready, fixed countless gigs and will drop an ep on a german underground label before the summer.

while 'g-boys' starts out with blazing vintage synths that remind me of kavinsky, then adds a flangered guitar riff and ends up in a disco funk jam session, 'révolution' is a straight forward banger that could be the climax of a boys noize dj set, guaranteed to make the crowd freak out and turn the whole place upside down:

killdahype - g-boys
killdahype - révolution (EXCLUSIVE)

as a bonus, here is a killdahype rework of 'around the world' by daft punk which adds a lot more drive and yet still manages to maintain the sweetness of the original:

daft punk - around the world (killdahype remix)

and if you have got the feeling that you have heard any of those tracks elsewhere, you might be right but discodust is the first to post all of them in actual high quality. i have to get back to felix cartal and his german homework now, but stay tuned for more very soon and don't hesitate to send us your music!

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Saturday, March 03, 2007

night crusader.

knightlife comes from melbourne, australia. he just finished film school and i can hardly believe that he has only been making music for just under a year now. only very few people manage to get everything right after such a short time and the majority of producers out there will probably never be as much on point as him. he arranges kicking drums and rapturous synths and aims straight for the dancefloor. influences on his music range from crydamoure and ed banger records to giorgio moroder and elo.

his intention is to make tracks that get people moving. i think 'ambobop' makes people want to party so hard that they will go home in an ambulance. i've had the track playing on repeat everywhere i go for a few weeks now and i still can not get enough of it. seriously, i have not been this excited about any energetic tracks ever since i have first heard justice or mstrkrft like over a year ago. this will definitely fit well in your set right after vanshe tech or riot in belgium. i can't wait to hear it played out loud in the clubs and am considering to refuse going out until everyone has caught up on this:

knightlife - ambobop

'all systems' is an uplifting melodic club track sounding like mylo or linus loves are getting some help on the chords from thomas bangalter and proves that distortion is by far not the only trick knightlife has up his sleeve. he finished it up in amazingly short time as an exclusive track for discodust:

knightlife - all systems (EXCLUSIVE)

and one more thing that could probably end up meaning a lot of work for me: if knightlife does not get signed soon, i promise i will start my own label.

watch out for a twelve-inch release on a well-known label soon.

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