Wednesday, April 30, 2008

designer drugs.

time for another discodust premiere: designer drugs deliver another top-notch remix, this time for fake shark real zombie! and what a coincidence, the track name is 'designer drugs' too. get this non-stop bouncing track that will work perfectly on the floor right here:

fake shark real zombie! - designer drugs (designer drugs remix)

show designer drugs some myspace love as it is really time for them to get up to the highest ranks now - labels feel free to contact them for well-paid remix offers! read more!


hostage loves rave. and discodust loves hostage. i won't introduce him for the 25th time on here, hostage has been a discodust favorite for ages, if you don't know him yet, you might want to check the archives. here we go with his latest floorfiller 'snake charmer' where he perfectly combines his trademark old school rave synths and shuffled fidgety grooves:

hostage - snake charmer

also make sure to get 'stab up', another premiere on discodust, a bouncing banger featuring nearly every kind of rave signals and broken beats, which had some massive airplay on radio 1. don't miss:

hostage - stab up

and finally, this has been out for a while but just in case you've missed it so far, here is a malente remix for 'roll on' by hostage. killer.

hostage - roll on (malente remix)

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(UPDATE: the people over at noise porn want to let you know that 'snake charmer' is an 'exclusive' on their blog (see the comments). then again it was probably not that exclusive as i just downloaded it from alan's myspace for this post but oh well.) read more!


finally i get around to feature lismore! australian-born penelope and ohio-bred stephen are currently residing in new york and are working on their new album. we have been sending mails back and forth for quite a while now but i have always missed out on actually featuring them on the blog, yeah all right, blame me and my inbox disorder! lismore are touring the states in early to mid may along with ac slater and joee irwin on the "that's right bitches" tour.

click here to see all dates of the "that's right bitches" usa tour
check the comments for a more detailed list including venues

with their new track 'more', a great piece of electro-flavoured synth-pop, lismore make sure to set the floor on fire and keep you longing for 'more'. while you stay tuned for the remixes coming from ac slater and lismore themselves, get the original right here:

lismore - more

and as a bonus, here is another lismore track called 'paradis', remixed by udachi and if that doesn't get your party going, i don't know.

lismore - paradis (udachi remix)

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a-trak goes europe! the world dj champion, official kanye west tour dj, fool's gold label owner, digitalism, simian mobile disco and mstrkrft remixer is touring all over europe for almost entire may! norway, england, sweden, ireland, belgium, france, netherlands, italy, germany, austria are all on his list as well as a stop in israel (!), so if you get the chance, definitely go see him!

click here for a detailed list of a-trak's european tour-dates in may

to get you in the mood, visit a-trak's myspace and check out two of his latest remixes for the count & sinden and boys noize right here:

the count & sinden - beeper (a-trak remix)
boys noize - oh! (a-trak remix)

as a bonus, here is the latest track from fool's gold artist sammy bananas, first seen over at our friends from mad decent:

sammy bananas - all the girls

show a-trak and fool's gold some myspace love, check out the fool's gold blog and yeah, i'll repeat myself: go see a-trak live! read more!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

boy 8-bit + south rakkas crew.

[photo by music provocateur] our friends at mad decent just sent over this damn fresh boy 8-bit remix of 'mad again' by south rakkas crew. boy 8-bit delivers some serious shuffled breaks action paired up with a deep rolling garage bassline and his signature clean synth melodies. seeing that fake blood and switch are all about this vibe as well, this is destined to be the sound on the floors all over in summer 2008! grab the mix right here in full 320 kbps:

south rakkas crew - mad again (boy 8-bit remix)

the full south rakkas crew ep release by mad decent is now available on itunes, high bit-rates and vinyl are available at turntablelab.

besides the boy 8-bit remix, the digital release is packed with top-notch remixes from fake blood, jokers of the scene, drop the lime, emynd and lights went out as well as a club edit, instrumental, acapella and club edit of the original tune - absolute must-have!

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

heartsrevolution + la riots.

finally good to go: besides the designer drugs remix for protokoll, posted earlier on here, the la riots remix for 'switchblade' by heartsrevolution was my favorite track on the recently released franki chan mixtape. banger!

heartsrevolution - switchblade (la riots remix)

the original 'switchblade' tune along with more really really great original tracks from heartsrevolution is out now on isomorph as a super sweet looking limited ten-inch, so if you kids can only afford one record you buy this year, it should be this. now shut up and dance! read more!


after two releases by tom deluxx, boxon are back with a brandnew talent from siberia named eclier. he already has 10 years of experience in music as a dj and producer, his tuned received support from established opinion leaders such as digitalism, midnight juggernauts, riot in belgium and the proxy.

eclier's first ep 'boxon say hello' is dropping on may 5th on vinyl and may 12th in digital format, featuring three french touch-flavoured original tunes ('boxon say hello', 'd.i.s.c.o.' and 'the geneticist') as well as two remixes by tom deluxx and eclier himself. check out the teaser right here:

eclier - boxon say hello ep teaser

additionally, here is the tom deluxx remix of 'the geneticist', also on the ep, unfortunately in very low quality (64 kbps) only:

eclier - the geneticist (tom deluxx remix)

and as a bonus, here you go with another new tom deluxx remix for berlin discobots transformer di roboter:

transformer di roboter - fasson (tom deluxx remix)

watch out for the 'boxon say hello' and show eclier, tom deluxx and boxon some myspace love! read more!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

chromeo remixes.

back yard recordings strike back and once again gathered some of the hottest remixers of the moment to keep 'fancy footwork' by chromeo working on the floors even longer. and i've got no doubt they will succeed as the upcoming release will have remixes by discodust favorite russ chimes (congratulations mate!), kissy sell out, laidback luke and crookers. preview all the new mixes right here:

chromeo - fancy footwork (russ chimes remix)
chromeo - fancy footwork (kissy sell out's six different ways)
chromeo - fancy footwork (laidback luke remix)
chromeo - fancy footwork (crookers remix)

watch out for the full release coming soon on back yard recordings! read more!

Monday, April 21, 2008

jape + phones.

i intended to leave the underworld and fake blood post on top for a little longer but just came across another gem in my bursting inbox: 'the saviour of irish music' jape remixed by phones also known as paul epworth, famous for his productions for bloc party and the futureheads.

phones delivers a great remix that deserves the tag 'electro house' a lot more than all the dead boring stuff that usually ends up in the 'electro house' crates these days. phones combines elaborated drum patterns and rather basic synth sounds to a very effective dancefloor stomper which you can hear right now:

jape - i was a man (phones mix)

the 'i was a man' single by jape is coming out on june 2nd followed by the album 'ritual'. watch out for these upcoming releases and while you are waiting, make sure to become myspace friends with phones and jape. read more!

underworld + fake blood.

this just hit my inbox: a brandnew fake blood remix for the upcoming underworld single 'ring road', taken from their current album 'oblivion with bells'. as they should need no introduction, here is the track right away, it holds no big surprises but is just as great and solid as all the recent fake blood reworks:

underworld - ring road (fake blood remix)

other remixes in the package include laidback luke and kris menace and it will be officially released on may 7th on show fake blood and underworld some myspace love! read more!


some of our favorite djs, playgroundkidz from switzerland, are back with another top-notch mix. just 33 minutes in length, their 'prblmslvrs mix' features 16 tracks, averaging to two minutes per track which is perfect for my attention span.

with a selection ranging from mstrkrft to jokers of the scene and fukkk offf and dropping in vocals by the likes of ghostface killah, lily allen and sizzla, they once again manage to nail down the current 'rave rap' sound. i really want to spin with those guys as soon as possible, i am sure the place will be on fire in no time.

get all your problems solved by checking out this mix:

playgroundkidz - prblmslvrs mix (on mediafire)
playgroundkidz - prblmslvrs mix (on megaupload)
playgroundkidz - prblmslvrs mix (on zshare)

show playgroundkidz some myspace love, see the comments for the tracklist and listen to the other mixes the guys got up! read more!

Friday, April 18, 2008

louis la roché.

louis la roché from the uk is only 17 years old and is on a mission to bring back french house. obviously he is doing a good job, as someone sent his track 'love' to a few blogs claiming that it's a new jam by thomas bangalter from daft punk and he even managed to trick some of the best out there.

so no matter what you think about this 'scam' or who was behind it, louis la roché delivers some damn good tunes and he just decided to release 'the peach ep' for free download, consisting of five true old school french house tunes, based on more or less well-known looped and cut-up samples, among them the famous 'love'.

not all of them are actual peak time material but louis la roché definitely conducted some very handy dj-tools and you should just love him for bringing actual french house back to our attention and hopefully to the floors. get the ep right here, along with lovely cover artwork and all:

louis la roché - the peach ep (on sharebee)

if you don't want to go for the whole ep for some reason, here are the individual tracks. 'peach' (what a killer sample!) and 'get on down' are my current favorites but i basically love all of them:

louis la roché - peach
louis la roché - on the floor
louis la roché - love
louis la roché - do you remember
louis la roché - get on down

show louis la roché some myspace love, he deserves way more friends and don't you agree with thomas bangalter and dj falcon that we've got so much love to give? read more!

the presets + lifelike.

this just came in from our friends at modular - lifelike's '1 serious remix' of 'are you the one!' by the presets. i am a bit in a rush right now, so i will just quote the mail:

"a party throwdown that joins the old with the new, this barnstorming new interpretation of 'are you the one' has been masterly brought to 'life' by french whiz-kid lifelike. lifelike has stamped his name resoundingly onto the minds of electronica fans the world-over. his '1 serious remix' of 'are you the one' gives a respectful nod-of-the-head to the original track, but is a true reappropriation in its delivery. for presets connoisseurs, this represents the closest thing to a bridge between 'beams' and their sophomore album 'apocalypso'. in a genre-spotting sense, lifelike has spawned a track that sits somewhere between a raw, industrial, noise aesthetic, and filtered disco 2am party jam."

the presets - are you the one (lifelike's 1 serious remix)

show the presets, lifelike and modular some myspace love and make sure to check out 'apocalypso', the new album by the presets as well as the stellar remixes for their latest singles 'my people' and "this boy's in love". read more!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

blanche dubois + revolte.

i thought i've heard enough remixes of 'ironical sexism' by revolte after grum and we are terrorists were done with it but 21 years old producer blanche dubois from boston/new jersey just proved me wrong.

his take on 'ironical sexism' combines driving drums, uplifting synth chord stabs, vintage synths and chopped up vocals to a very melodic yet banging eighties-flavoured dancefloor killer that will get everyone moving. check it out right here:

revolte - ironical sexism (blanche dubois remix)

blanche dubois is currently recording a single for vicious pop digital and is looking for new remix and production offers. show him some myspace love and in case you missed the other revolte remixes we featured about three weeks ago, go here. read more!

loose shus.

loose shus has been making music for about 7 years. as so often on discodust recently, his music is very eighties-flavoured but loose shus does this in his very own way, going a lot further down the road while others are only scratching the surface. he draws a lot of inspiration from old vhs tapes, finds the weirdest samples and experiments with various recording techniques, as you can read in this interview on ohh! crapp.

whatever loose shus does though, he ends up with tracks that work perfectly on nowadays parties and sound so fresh as if he just brought them back with him from the future, yet his songs contain vintage elements that everyone else has long forgotten. i was lucky enough to get ahold two of his latest works, namely 'total fox' and 'threesome' and both of them are as good as their titles suggest, so get to know loose shus right now and enjoy another discodust exclusive first:

loose shus - total fox
loose shus - threesome

make sure to add loose shus on myspace and have a close look at his page, as it is pure eye candy! i seriously hope we will hear more from him soon. (oh, i think i am in love!) read more!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

el guincho + architecture in helsinki.

el guincho (known to his friends as pablo díaz-reixa) from barcelona, delivers a rather unusual mixture of 'spanish chanting, thudding tribal rhythms, ghostly harmonies, and the bits and pieces of a thousand as-yet-unwritten pop songs' (quote from the pitchfork album review, score: 8.3/10), ending up in some kind of 'samba psychedelia' or even more on point, he has also been called a 'one-man carnival'.

his remix for the upcoming cd ep of australian experimental indie collective architecture in helsinki called 'like it or not' just ended up in my inbox and the daredevil i am, i am taking the risk and decided that it's about time to broaden your musical horizon again and bring some tropical flavour to all of you. so if you are up to hear something new, check his remix out right here - like it or not!

architecture in helsinki - like it or not (el guincho remix)

the ep also features a remix by max tundra and architecture in helsinki and el guincho are touring australia together in may. here are two more el guincho jams from his album 'alegranza!' - the very catchy sixties flavoured 'palmitos park' and the plain weird neverending looping 'antillas'.

el guincho - palmitos park
el guincho - antillas

show el guincho and architecture in helsinki some myspace love. and no fear, i'll safely take you from the carnival back inside the disco in a bit. read more!

greg punkov.

now here comes some serious disco shit from sarajevo. the song is 'tzaka-tzaka celophane', the name is greg punkov. he's been talked about on cbs lately and when you're brave enough to put on your headphones for 8 minutes of string inferno you'll know why. as for greg punkov himself he works as a radio dj, producer and runs his own netlabel called oscilator.

other than that he organizes parties and festivals all around the balkans. the fact that he's not signed yet or noticed all around the globe just because he is not located in one of the hot spots where oh so hip italo disco is happening right now is a shame. like in "it's a shame i didn't get this girl's number the other night".

greg punkov - tzaka-tzaka celophane

make sure to give this guy a shot, check out his other tunes on oscilator, show him some passionate myspace love and don't forget where the sun's rising. read more!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

sally shapiro + lindstrom.

paper bag records is releasing a compilation of remixes of sally shapiro songs today, going by the name of 'remix romance vol. 1'. it features ten reworks from everyone who matters in the whole space disco/retro italo scene these days like lindstrom, junior boys and tensnake as well as a remix by next-level post-rockers holy fuck.

thanks to the kindness of johan agebjörn, the producer of sally shapiro, we can offer you the lindstrom remix of 'time to let go' in all it's 320 kbps glory. i hope you are in for an eleven minutes space disco epic ride. i am definitely in love with it. time to get going:

sally shapiro - time to let go (lindstrom remix)

also coming up from sally shapiro is a double twelve-inch titled 'he keeps me alive' featuring six tracks in total, original tracks as well as remixes from discodust favorite cfcf and the juan maclean, besides others. again, you can check a track out in advance, here's the title track:

sally shapiro - he keeps me alive (radio mix)

'he keeps me alive' will be available on vinyl worldwide from permanent vacation and will be released on may 2nd. 'remix romance vol. 1' is only available on cd in north america, so you have to order it from paper bag records directly if you are outside the us & canada. but it's available on itunes worldwide.

show sally shapiro and johan agebjörn some myspace love and watch out for 'remix romance vol. 2' coming up in mid-june! read more!

mystery jets + switch.

fluokids just delivered. mystery jets produced by erol alkan, remixed by switch, released soon on merok who are definitely on fire recently having the teenagers and esser in their roster as well.

now get the most anticipated track of the last months right here:

mystery jets - hideaway (switch remix)

show mystery jets, switch, erol alkan and merok some hot myspace lovin'. read more!

combo remixes.

we have previously featured combo from portugal with his original tune 'just change' over here and now he is back with two remixes for uk disco glam pop band heads we dance and american banger conductor culture prophet. while his remix of 'loose 79' is an italo-vibe track driven by a wobbly synth line covered with dancepunk style vocals, his take on 'my heart is set on you' is a neverending jam session somewhere in-between french house and miami vice hair metal.

culture prophet - loose 79 (combo remix)
heads we dance - my heart is set on you (combo remix)

make combo your friend on myspace and keep on moving! read more!

jetset hifi + dw.

one of my favorite co-workers recommended that i'd head over to myspace and check out jetset hifi from belgium and i was glad i followed his advice as soon as i heard his remix for stockholm-based time travelling disco robots dw. reminding me of recent remixes by data and les petits pilous, jetset hifi delivers a distortion disco anthem that will evoke mayhem on the floors:

dw - hijack (jetset hifi remix)

show jetset hifi and dw some myspace love and hear more from dw over at my darlings from knicken. read more!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

designer drugs.

designer drugs are michael (pictured above) and theo from new york and are definitely among the top upcoming electro producers in the states. i wanted to feature them on here for ages but was quite late on discovering them at all and then i decided to hold out until they have some new material ready. of course it was well worth the wait, designer drugs just keep getting better. sound-wise, imagine bangers going really melodic and catchy, up there with the more uplifting tunes by mstrkrft but with a very special own formula.

so i am glad to have two yet unblogged remixes by designer drugs for my post today. the first one is a remix for indie band protokoll from san diego, their ep is out on iheartcomix and you can get it from itunes. as so many other tracks on the blogs lately, this one is also taken from the iheartcomix mixtape by franki chan (thanks for the heads up!).

designer drugs turn the track into a real driving dancefloor stomper alternating between catchy vocal parts and a great lead synth. get the track right now:

protokoll - moving forward (designer drugs remix)

next up is their newest remix for a track called "les gens pour ce qu'ils sont" by french electro-rockers flou, make sure to check them out on their myspace. designer drugs manage to take it even higher though and this track will work just as good on the floor as 'moving forward'.

flou - les gens pour ce qu'ils sont (designer drugs remix)

and finally, here is the track that initially made me realize just how good designer drugs are and that they're totally different to all those random bedroom producers we come across lately.

their remix for 'heaven' by hail social (who have an excellent choice when it comes to remixers) is still one of my favorite tunes even though i have had it for months, so if you don't have it yet, don't miss it. thanks to travis at bigstereo for putting the track up, i guess i wouldn't make it through the day without designer drugs any more these days (pun intended?).

hail social - heaven (designer drugs mix)

show designer drugs some myspace love and let's hope they will become really huge this year! read more!

Friday, April 11, 2008

felix cartal mixtape.

once again we at discodust have the pleasure to provide you with a mixtape from no love lost records, this time by our long time favorite felix cartal. here we go with the write-up by lee from no love lost records:

"no love lost records is very excited to bring you an exclusive mix by one of our favourite upcoming djs and tunesmiths, vancouver's rising star, felix cartal. the mix felix cartal has crafted for our mixtape project is a contorted and head spinning journey across twenty of today's most thunderous electro slayers. this mix is lethal, truly. residing perfectly alongside tunes by folks like fukkk offf, alter ego, sébastien léger, junkie xl et al, are four of felix cartal's own killer tracks and his razor sharp remix of lazaro casanova's 'venganza'. felix cartal's significant production and dj dexterity continue to cement him as heir apparent in the hard electro stakes. this is one of the most intense mixes we have featured since those scallywag italian beetroots destroyed our sense of time and space with their nigh on flawless beatific rage of a mix. share the love with felix cartal via his myspace."

check the comments for the full tracklist and now enjoy another exclusive mixtape here on discodust:

felix cartal - no love lost records mixtape (on zshare)

in addition, here is one of the latest remixes by felix cartal, done for franz & shape, a first on discodust as well:

franz & shape - psichedelica (felix cartal remix)

and another related must-have, here is the original of 'venganza' by lazaro casanova:

lazaro casanova - venganza

show felix cartal, no love lost records, franz and shape, relish recordings and lazaro casanova some love on myspace! read more!

Thursday, April 10, 2008


overthrill are from germany and that's about everything they want you to know. that's fine with me too, less to write and more focus on the music then. they hooked me up with two tunes and i am pretty sure the banger fans will love them.

first is 'revolver', an original tune by overthrill with sebastian or mr. oizo style cut & chop techniques incorporating a lot of futuristic sounds, spacey chords and my favorite thing ever: vocoders! also up is one of their remixes for 'would you' by noah who held a remix competition that overthrill have won. i would expect no less from this monster built with layers of distorted synths and screeching guitars, an epic breakdown and my favorite thing ever: vocoders!

overthrill - revolver
noah - would you (overthrill remix)

show overthrill some much deserved myspace love and expect to hear more from them on discodust in the near future. read more!


parallels is back. if you are a regular reader, you remember the post from back then and in case you don't: parallels is the live drummer for crystal castles and i definitely consider him one of the best producers of vintage vibe robot disco tunes these days.

unfortunately i kind of lost contact to him after the post and just saw he has two new tunes and a mix out over at the always refreshing, never forgetting (the 80s) valerie blog and i couldn't help myself but post them here as well. enjoy two new epic space operas by parallels named 'magnetics' and 'dry blood':

parallels - magnetics
parallels - dry blood

i also highly recommend that you check out his 'back to earth' mix that he has done exclusively for valerie featuring a great selection of old and new electro-flavoured disco ranging from stevie nicks and mirage to heartbreak and the revolving eyes. check the comments for the full track list and either get it from my friends or from one of the additonal mirrors i uploaded it to right here:

parallels - back to earth mix for valerie (on mediafire)
parallels - back to earth mix for valerie (on megaupload)

show parallels some myspace love and make sure to always stop by at valerie on your daily music blog round. read more!


i have tons of tracks to post tonight and i'll start it off with the most perfect pop song i have heard in a while. according to some of you this probably won't fit in on discodust but as i like it a lot, it does. got it?

just like the prodigy, squarepusher and blur, essex is the hometown of esser, the band surrounding ben esser. 'i love you' is a real indie pop gem with witty lyrics driven by fuzzed-up bass. the nme calls it 'playschool pirate pop' and that really suits it well. so let's see if you are too mature to love it too:

esser - i love you

esser - i love you video on youtube

show esser some myspace love and keep an eye out for 'i love you' dropping as a limited seven-inch release with 'long arms' on the flipside on merok, the label that brought us klaxons, crystal castles and the teenagers. read more!

altair nouveau.

brandon mitchell is altair nouveau. one might want to know what an altair is, either it's a bright star or one of the first personal computers. altair nouveau has got something of both, and something new as the name indicates (it's french, yeah?). anyhow, his sound is somewhere in between late 70s neurotic pop, ny disco of all decades and reminds me of stuff valerie dropped lately.

altair nouveau - space fortress
altair nouveau - cosmos

brandon works in a seattle record-shop where he's collecting all those little gems that influence his music: from moroder, goblin, vangelis and carpenter to in flagranti, dfa, prins thomas and lindstrom plus some rare obscurities. all that is processed in his classic home studio creating a sound perfectly fitted for mirrorballs and laserlights. big time for pigtailed girls and goofy-dressed guys. mark my words.

altair nouveau - sorcerer

so if you're into brown sweaters, erlend oyesque styles and nervous disco tunes you'll probably love altair nouveau. check his homepage for further tracks and don't forget to show him some love at his myspace. read more!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

matt & kim + mano & holt.

our good friend franki chan hit us up with some more heat from his iheartcomix mixtape, this time it's the mano and hollywood holt remix of "it's a fact" by matt & kim.

telle records has now released the matt & kim full-length and if you get the chance, see them on their european tour in norway, sweden, holland, belgium, france and the uk. check the comments for the detailed tour dates and grab the remix right here:

matt & kim - it's a fact (mano remix featuring hollywood holt)

in related news, acid girls who were also featured on the iheartcomix mixtape strike back with a killing remix for dizzee rascal, out on def jux at the end of april, available here now:

dizzee rascal - sirens (acid girls remix)

stay tuned for even more from iheartcomix on your favorite blog real soon! read more!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

britney + dance kill move.

i was about to post something completely different but just remembered that i downloaded this a while ago and forgot to check it out, so this crazy workaholic over at get weird turn pro wins the race once again with this rather banging version of 'break the ice' by britney spears, remixed by dance kill move. enjoy!

britney spears - break the ice (danced killed n moved)

you'll always be in our hearts, britney! read more!

the millioners remixed.

on with two great remixes for finnish electro/pop/disco house outfit the millioners. thanks to nik over at the always amazing bibabidi and my friend russ chimes for bringing this to my attention who is in fact responsible for one of the remixes. the second remix comes from italian vintage hero rodion who is also signed to gomma, just like so many artists in our recent posts. seems they are everywhere!

both remixes are very disco-inspired while russ chimes keeps his trademark style of lovely chords and very playful vintage synthesizer melodies, rodion is more on the dubbed out space disco side of things. make sure to get them both and pick your own favorite:

the millioners - body into use (russ chimes remix)
the millioners - body into use (rodion casiocore remix)

show the millioners, russ chimes and rodion some myspace love! read more!

headman + tronik youth.

sorry for idling for a few days. i will just try and pick up the slack today and post everything that has been laying around one by one.

let's start it off with two tracks off the now released new headman single 'catch me if u can'. we have featured him so often before that i will just skip the introduction part and leave you with these two banging remixes by bag raiders and tronik youth. once again, thanks to the friendly people at gomma for making my day.

headman - catch me if u can (bag raiders remix)
headman - catch me if u can (tronik youth remix)

head over to our friends at bigstereo to check out the original and buy the full high-quality release at beatport.

in related news, our friend tronik youth sent over an unreleased version of his dega breaks remix, full of lovely vocoders, don't miss this:

dega breaks - all night (tronik youth vocoder mix)

watch out for more from headman, bag raiders, tronik youth and gomma. read more!

Thursday, April 03, 2008


keenhouse was born in the eighties, is half german, half indonesian, grew up in the forest and is now residing in los angeles. you have probably heard him before on the alone in the future mix by minitel rose over at our darlings from valerie.

keenhouse produces very catchy songs with a french touch, always being very playful and musically elevated, yet all of his tunes will want to make you dance immediately. i think it has been a while since we have unearthed such a great talent and i really mean it.

i am sure he will be approached by a lot of other bloggers soon and his inbox will be flooded with remix requests. that's what we are here for though and you know where you've heard him first. enough words now, enjoy two tracks by keenhouse, i assure you that you'll love both:

keenhouse - deep in the forest
keenhouse - mechomaniac

now go and show keenhouse some myspace love as he definitely deserves all support we can get him! my best regards to the ever so marvellous zonders for the fantastic artwork and for reminding me of keenhouse before he disappeared somewhere deep in my myspace inbox. much love! read more!

thoughtless hussies.

here we go with one more for the bangers squad today, as i have just received a mail from the great people over at back yard recordings along with a special recommendation of neil from tronik youth. it's the first remix of uprising dj team thoughtless hussies from london & nottingham in the uk. looking at their myspace info, they have played in like every hyped english, german and french venue with about everyone who has been hot in the past years and now they are finally producing tracks as well.

their banging remix of 'pets dance' by s.p.a. will definitely cause destruction on the dancefloor, so pick it up right here and play it loud:

s.p.a. - pets dance (thoughtless hussies remix)

so if tronik youth, back yard and discodust got love for them, why wouldn't you show them some myspace love? read more!

computer club.

a while ago, my friends from hot pink delorean hooked me up with a tune named 'load rocket' by a friend of them, member of the drum & bass crew evol intent, just like treasure fingers. i even had a longer chat with the guy back then but seems like we've missed each other recently, as his tunes were just posted on missingtoof and he now goes by the name of computer club.

i was pretty excited about 'load rocket' back then and i am still now, it's a furious banger track knocking out everyone who dares to get in the way and with some support from you djs out there, it should definitely be huge. grab it right here:

computer club - load rocket

as a bonus, here is another computer club track, a cover version of 'bizarre love triangle' by new order:

computer club - bizarre love triangle

show computer club some love and stay tuned for an official release dropping soon! read more!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

maral salmassi remixed.

maral salmassi grew up in persia and escaped to germany in 1986. she began dj'ing in cologne in 1994 and started her first label konsequent in 1997, labels art of perception and television records followed in 1999 and 2002.

together with cologne-based producer zero cash she started the label television rocks as a platform for their own productions. maral salmassi produces funky, playful glamour tech combining new york wave disco, old school hip hop, electro and french cut-up hop.

here are two banging remixes of recent tracks by maral salmassi, the first one coming from discodust favorite fukkk offf and another one by trashtalk who had a major hit with 'tank girl'. grab them right here:

maral salmassi - fire gem (fukkk offf remix)
maral salmassi - back up your ass (trashtalk remix)

move over to myspace and add maral salmassi, zero cash and television rocks to stay up-to-date on upcoming top-notch productions straight out of cologne, germany! read more!

the diamond cutting room.

artwork by the zonders.

the diamond cutting room are two barely legal girls from down under who just finished their first bunch of tracks. 'ready to fly' is already rated as one of the sure shots for the upcoming party season by ibiza's leading djs. and i can only agree - over the top catchy vocals, lovely piano chords and a lot of spacey synths will make this a perfect soundtrack for the early morning hours on the beach.

sabrina and sam prepared both dub and vocal versions, grab them right here:

the diamond cutting room - ready to fly (diamond cut dub)
the diamond cutting room - ready to fly (diamond cut vocal club mix)

show the girls some myspace love. and yes, i am aware of the fact that if you are only into bangers, this most likely won't be for you, but i am in the mood for some uplifting summervibes, so in case you aren't, put some of the recent discodust bangers on repeat, stay tuned for the upcoming posts or just choke on your hate, kthx. read more!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

felix cartal + mr miyagi.

my man felix cartal (who is responsible for the first discodust exclusive ever, anyone remember 'moss vs. tree'? yeah, right!) hooked me up with a great remix for the next franz & shape single. unfortunately it turned out that i can't post it yet. so greg over at panda toes is the winner because he got an unreleased felix cartal remix as well, for 'pick your poison' by mr miyagi from sweden who have also previously been featured on discodust.

go see felix cartal on his tour with the bloody beetroots and la riots, watch the promo video on youtube. also watch out for an upcoming exclusive mixtape from felix cartal on your favorite blog (that's discodust!) featuring his still unreleased outstanding remix for lazara casanova. but for now, get his ever so banging mr miyagi remix right here:

mr miyagi - pick your poison (felix cartal remix)

and as i am always striving to give you more, here we go with an unreleased chromeo remix by mr miyagi which unfortunately did not make it on the final release:

chromeo - fancy footwork (mr miyagi remix)

show felix cartal and mr miyagi some myspace love, just in case you aren't loyal readers and haven't already. read more!