Thursday, September 23, 2010

azari & iii.

following up on the still lasting success of 'reckless with your love' (that we posted over a year ago) and their collaboration with friendly fires plus countless remixes for the likes of munk, runaway, cfcf, voltage and sunday girl, toronto's currently hottest collective azari & iii are back with their new single 'indigo'.

originally supposed to be released on the resurrected trax records which never came through, it's out on turbo now instead. 'indigo' stays true to their classic house vibe but succeeds to sound fresh nevertheless, incorporating the same kind of slightly detuned chords we hear in a lot of borderline dubstep tracks from the united kingdom these days.

buy the full release in high quality on junodownload. read more!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

plan b + nero.

my favorite producers of downright banging dubstep, london producer duo nero just unveiled a new remix for the current single 'the recluse' by singer and rapper plan b. play it loud!

check out plan b's myspace for the video to 'the recluse' and more downloads! read more!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

clare maguire + breakage.

in her rather short career, clare maguire has already been in touch with jay-z (who attested her 'star quality'), rick rubin, jarvis cocker, primary 1 and bloodshy & avant, among many others. and i can definitely understand their fascination, as her voice and the atmosphere in her songs are something truly special, sometimes reminding me of no one else but stevie nicks.

her official debut single "ain't nobody" comes with a remarkable video and a remix by memory tapes has already received lots of blog love. most wanted remix in the package seems to be the one by london-based dubstep producer breakage though, already dubbed 'the biggest remix of the year' by zane lowe from bbc radio 1. not sure if i can second that yet but it's a great remix for sure, judge for yourself and enjoy another discodust premiere in 320 kbps!

watch out for the official single release on october 18th and head over to our friends from neon gold records for a couple more treats by the wonderful clare maguire. read more!

Friday, September 17, 2010


disclosure are two 16 and 19 year old brothers residing in south london who just released their debut single on moshi moshi. operating somewhere in-between dubstep and garage, the diva vocal fragments and fading synth chords of 'linstigator' remind me of joy orbison and that must be a good thing.

buy the single 'offline dexterity' on junodownload. head over to dummy for a brief questionnaire and another track by the talented youngsters. thanks to pitchfork for the track above. read more!

foamo + nas + damian marley.

one of our current favorite uk producers, bass addict foamo is giving away a dub version of his remix for nas & damian marley's 'as we enter'. loving the use of the mulatu astatke sample here! this is fire!

head over to foamo's soundcloud to hear previews of his upcoming tracks 'here comes' and 'generate some heat'. read more!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

electric youth.

it has been quite a while since we have heard from electric youth. while both members of the toronto-based boy/girl duo have spent a lot of time in the studio writing, recording and producing recently, nothing besides a collaboration on the grum album has really surfaced yet.

we are about to change this now though, giving you their all new track 'right back to you'. moreover, if you were wondering where that classic melancholic, yet energetic eighties-flavoured 'discodust sound' went, here it is coming right back to you, better than ever. enjoy another discodust premiere!

watch out for more from electric youth in the near future, as there is plenty of new music in the works, waiting to be unleashed! read more!

russ chimes.

after his most recent remixes for mark ronson and sunday girl, discodust favorite russ chimes is finally all set to drop his first original release, more particularly an ep named 'midnight club' featuring three all new originals. you can admire the cover artwork above or even better, watch all of the three videos directed by saman keshavarz (known for his sxsw award-winning video for 'luv deluxe' by cinnamon chasers).

pulling off one of the smartest music blog promotion stunts, all three videos combined result in a short movie and one video after another has been unveiled during the past weeks, leading to massive buzz all over the interwebs. so once again, unless you are living under a rock, this post might be rather pointless but being one of the world's greatest russ chimes fanboys in the world, i wanted them mentioned on here as well. deal with it!

russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 1: never look back) on vimeo
russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 2: tertre rouge) on vimeo
russ chimes - midnight club ep (part 3: targa) on vimeo

and even if you know the videos already, what you might not have heard yet is the brandnew remix russ chimes did for the upcoming single by kelis, called 'scream' (originally produced by david guetta).

the ep will drop end of october on eye industries. i can't wait! read more!

grum + perseus.

we all know that grum went from regular unsigned track premieres on discodust to international stardom and it's all going great with him getting more and more love and gigs all around the world. the new single 'through the night' is due on october 4th and comes with remixes from the swiss, bit funk, perseus, grum himself and others.

if you haven't heard of perseus yet, that's probably because it is the first public release of the team which consists of members from belgium, indonesia and america, including our very own discodust family member leon. but even if he wouldn't be involved, i would have gone for their remix because it's really well done and by far my favorite of the bunch, so get it right here!

listen to the full set of remixes on soundcloud and in case you actually haven't seen it yet, watch the original video on youtube. read more!

Friday, September 03, 2010

florrie + justin faust + fred falke.

in case you didn't drown in 'chillwave' yet or have been living under a rock, you should be familiar with florrie by now, as she constantly keeps on getting love from all over the blogs and just doesn't seem to stop recording and putting out new great tracks. her newest original track 'give me your love' has once again been remixed by both justin faust and fred falke. same as last time around, my favorite has got to be the justin faust remix and i am not just saying that because it's another discodust premiere!

i was told that there are more remixes to follow and florrie has a lot more original music in the works that will be on the web soon, while i am especially excited for her upcoming duet with the one and only annie. check out florrie's website and follow her on twitter. read more!