Monday, August 24, 2009


discodust favorite grum keeps making big moves, unleashing his new shining summery smash single 'heartbeats' while his previous tracks 'runaway' and 'sound reaction' still haven't left the bags of dj's out there.

showing off that grum is a big fan of 'discovery'-era daft punk and the human league, 'heartbeats' is an uplifting joyous floorfiller or damn, more like a real banger in the best way possible or as the promo info puts it: "this is what mylo would have sounded like if he'd been raving to justice the past couple of years". while we can't hand out any downloads yet (sadface), we at least secured a premiere of the video for 'heartbeats' as you have probably seen above.

grum - heartbeats (video on vimeo)
grum - heartbeats (buy it on beatport)

you can buy 'heartbeats' on beatport now along with remixes by fellow discodust favorites joe and will ask?, worship and weird tapes as well as stockholm syndrome.

support for the release comes from big players in all kind of scenes including the likes of aeroplane, pendulum, rob da bank, richard x, jon hillcock, axwell and annie mac.

in oder to further fuel the fire, here is a round-up of the latest grum remixes for passion pit, tommy sparks and freeland. every single one of these remixes is so good that each would have been worth a post of their own, tempting me to say that grum is the number one remixer to turn to for getting your (indie) pop straight to the dancefloor right now!

passion pit - to kingdom come (grum vocal mix)
freeland - borderline (grum remix)
tommy sparks - borderline (grum remix)

bonus track: grum - minimix (for annie mac's mash up)

show the man some love on myspace or twitter and buy 'heartbeats' on beatport now. (tracklist for the minimix is in the comments.) read more!

Friday, August 21, 2009

super mal.

(note from aleks: welcome aboard our new writer leon, also known as fakebeat, who is easily the most enthusiastic french house connaisseur i have ever come across and a great addition to our ranks!)

i don't think super mal needs much introduction here, but just to refresh your memory, this british duo has worked back and forth with the now erupting phonat on various releases in the past. from the folks who brought you 'bigger than big' and 'pixelated' comes a brand spankin' new single called 'blood & sun', out now on their very own bandito records.

'blood & sun' is the perfect end-of-the-summer remedy. the moment you get locked into the hypnotic bass and bright pads you might start to see your two feet planted next to coronas sunken in the sand. sure that sounds great and sunny, but where exactly does the 'blood' part come into picture? funnily enough, that little dreamy vision i painted has got nothing to do with the track name.

i got the chance to ask lyndon from super mal where the track name came from. lyndon and james actually left the track unnamed for a while, until they found themselves in a local convenient store on the adventurous streets of london, (important part) a bit baked. waiting in line, they noticed an elegantly dressed old man. the fellow demanded something the store owner did not have, and to everyone's surprise was so upset that he pompously slammed his fist on the counter in fury and shouted 'blood and sun!!!'. anyway, old man or not, it won't be hard to find yourself humming to the catchy tune of super mal's latest.

super mal - blood & sun

and as a bonus, super mal have done a re-edit of their track 'pixelated' which was done in collaboration with phonat last year.

super mal & phonat - pixelated (super mal vocal re-edit)

make sure to support this re-emerging act and buy the tune on beatport to hear it in its full 320 kbps glory. make sure to say thanks on their myspace. read more!


visitor (formerly known as cobra dukes) have only landed a few weeks ago and already caused quite some stir around the blogs with their diamond cut produced track 'los feeling' and a lot of quality remixes to go with it.

now they're unveiling another new track and this should be the final call for the music industry and label people observing this space (and abusing me as their free of charge a&r) to hit them up and get them a decent deal because you're just losing money every second visitor are not on your team!

'too far gone' is another perfect example of how to blend quality indie-pop style songwriting with captivating stadium-ready electronic production, resulting in an instantly catchy song. enjoy another premiere on discodust, hopefully spreading all over the blogs like wildfire soon!

visitor - too far gone

consult the hype machine for more from visitor or hold out and let us do the hard work for you as we'll have a dedicated round-up post with all the good 'los feeling' remixes some time next week, only just waiting for a certain very special someone to deliver his remix now. for the while being, follow visitor on twitter. read more!

kid cudi + fever ray remixed.

even more remix goodness involving kid cudi just dropped over at the fool's gold blog and that seemed like a good opportunity for me to finally introduce some afrojack goodness on here, as he's dominating dj playlists like no one else right now. dubsided rockers nadastrom also got busy on the track, so i just had to feature these remixes on here as well.

kid cudi feat. kanye west & common - make her say (afrojack remix)
kid cudi feat. kanye west & common - make her say (nadastrom 88 dub)

plus just yesterday i was whining about how fever ray is not as danceable as the knife and then i've found an all new crookers remix on the always amazing electric zoo. first i couldn't really get used to the synth line but now i am totally hooked on it! all about it! in love! can't live without it any more! starting a fan page! no, seriously: this is straight fire and i can't wait for the crookers album to drop.

fever ray - seven (crookers remix)

so now show these busy remixes some love: afrojack, nadastrom and crookers. also check out the all-new crookers blog. read more!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

greenmoney + kid sister + sibley.

like we told you about a week ago, there's just nothing stopping greenmoney right now. they're playing fabric this friday, killing it in room 3 alongside uk key players such as mj cole, zed bias and seiji while skream, caspa and benga got room 1 locked down. check the full line-up over at the fabric homepage.

in order to celebrate this, our friends at greenmoney and fabric hooked us up with two really special treats. first up is the remix for kid sister's new single 'rhh' coming up soon on fool's gold, originally produced by the swedish house mafia but i suppose you already know who made our favorite remix on this release. as a world premiere, stream the track right here on discodust.

kid sister - rhh (greenmoney remix) on soundcloud

and as you know how we roll, just a stream won't really cut it, so we have also got greenmoney's remix for los angeles' hottest new female rapper sibley (pictured above) up for you. coming from a modeling and acting background, she has been recording tracks since 2005, was recruited for ne-yo's girl group project "l'creme" but dropped out in favour of a solo career. she's currently working with producers and songwriters previously leading the likes of rihanna, m.i.a, chris brown and ne-yo to the top of the charts. make sure to check out the blazing hot video to 'tie me down' as well.

sibley - tie me down (greenmoney full vocal)
sibley - tie me down (greenmoney dub)
sibley - tie me down (video on youtube)

if you still want more from greenmoney, our friends from discobelle are hosting their trevor loveys remix and the greenmoney radio show is still going strong as well. and if you're in london this weekend, go see them live at fabric. read more!

azari & iii.

azari & iii is the lovechild of dinamo azari and alixander iii, both from canada and besides that unknown to me. however, they dropped a track into my myspace inbox a couple of weeks ago, unfortunately in a time where i didn't really give a fuck about this blog but damn, i have been playing this track on repeat nearly every day ever since i received it and while i am really bad at compiling charts, this would take the number one spot right now, hands down.

'reckless with your love' by azari & iii is a classic house anthem in true detroit style, probably the most pure and catchy track in that vibe ever since inner city back in 1988. those beats, those vocals, those strings - fuck, this is an instant classic for me and i can only hope that this masterpiece gets an official release and all the love that it deserves.

azari & iii - reckless with your love

show azari & iii some love on myspace and find 'hungy for the power' over at 20jazzfunkgreats who always seem to know what's good even before any producers out there even think of it. read more!

kid cudi + pitbull + natasja remixed.

without a lot of talk, here is a bunch of remixes in the 'urban' vibe (at least that's what i hear german club dj's dubbed it these days) i came across while doing the blog rounds today, ranging from electro house (felix cartal and bird peterson) to overly aggressive bangers (hot pink delorean) and mosh-pit dubstep (evol intent, the drum & bass collective that brought us computer club and treasure fingers). we stay in the club!

n.o.r.e. featuring kid cudi - floating in the sky (felix cartal remix)
n.o.r.e. featuring kid cudi - floating in the sky (bird peterson remix)
enur featuring natasja - calabria (hot pink delorean remix)
pitbull - i know you want me (evol intent remix)

shouts to media contender for most of these. and i miss you, palms out remix sunday. and rest in peace, natasja. read more!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

joe and will ask? + saintsaviour.

joe and will ask? are definitely discodust regulars by now and they just keep getting better and better while staying true to their techno-rooted sound. now they just dropped their first full original vocal track 'fabric of win', which turned out electro-house flavoured and catchy as hell with the wonderful voice of saint saviour (pictured above), reminiscent of fever ray when she was still fun to dance to. get a taste of the goodness with the radio edit of 'fabric of win' right here!

joe and will ask? featuring saintsaviour - fabric of win (radio edit)

note that the mp3 previously floating around on some other blogs had a minor glitch, so in case you already downloaded it elsewhere, you might want to get this proper one. the complete single with the original, alternative and instrumental versions of the song is up for sale on beatport now.

besides working on original songs, joe and will ask? are still very in-demand remixers, so after they recently reworked la roux and little boots, their remix for well-established german producer sharam jey is good to post now as well, celebrating the release of the video to his latest single 'in my blood'.

sharam jey & nik valentino - in my blood (joe and will ask? remix)
sharam jey & nik valentino - in my blood (video on youtube)

show saint saviour as well as joe and will ask? some myspace love and if you like what you hear, buy 'fabric of win' on beatport now. read more!


brooklyn-chicago collaborators flashmen follow up on their first bunch of demos (that we have posted back then) with a reworked and polished single version of 'little wildkat' and two new remixes.

first there is a seven-and-a-half minutes journey to 'disco dub' land by savile who got busy on 'flashmen theme' and then there's the actual stand-out track for me in this post, the remix competition-winning rework of 'as the night rolls on' by upcoming producer says simon who delivers smooth melodic french-style house by the book. check these out and choose your own favorite!

flashmen - little wildkat (final)
flashmen - flashmen theme (savile's disco dub)
flashmen - as the night rolls on (says simon remix)

show says simon, savile and flashmen some love and a dedicated feature of says simon might come up soon! (he just doesn't know yet! our secret for now, okay? hush hush!) read more!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


one of my personal favorites, italian music maestro phonat has already received a fair amount of love with his previous single 'learn to recycle' and while his new track 'set me free' has been on heavy rotation for a while for those who know their game, the real buzz is only getting started now. after radio1 residents jaymo & andy george dubbed it their 'favorite song of 2009 so far' and musical lawbreaker number one norman cook attested that 'this guy fucks with all the rules', mofohifi records obviously noticed they are on to something really big right there.

'set me free' is a brilliant fusion of the loveliest elements in both french house and the more melodic variations of current big room sound, combining huge riffs reminiscent of pryda or (gasp) deadmau5 with the edgey disco roots of daft punk and the soulful warmth of a fred falke production, in short: phonat delivers this season's perfect peaktime anthem. check out the official video and the extended mix right here.

phonat - set me free (video on youtube)
phonat - set me free (extended mix)

in order to reach out to an even greater audience, 'set me free' got remixed by avicii, the latest 'made man' in the orbit of the swedish house mafia, mosh-pit dubstep terrorist high rankin and the united kingdom's hardest working french revolutionist louis la roche. the single with remixes just dropped on beatport today but you can preview all tunes in 192 kbps right here.

phonat - set me free (aviici remix)
phonat - set me free (high rankin remix)
phonat - set me free (louis la roche reconstruction)

show phonat some love on myspace and buy 'set me free' on beatport to ensure he'll keep those masterpieces coming. read more!

Monday, August 17, 2009

kiss in cities.

kiss in cities is a boy-girl band from manchester consisting of laura marsden and joe cross who are also members of the band we are performance. while their other band reminds me of the killers, this new project sounds like totally over-the-top synth-laden power pop, so kitschy catchy that i can't help but think of eighties high school romances (did anyone see that coming, regarding the photo above?) - which is a really amazing thing in that little twisted world of mine, just to make this clear.

the always reliable illegal tender posted 'u r my girl' a couple of weeks ago but hype machine shows that all the other tasteless bloggers did not pick it up from there in order to make kiss in cities world-famous, so it's discodust to the rescue! (and that's not me being so full of myself, just dreaming out loud!) fans of cyndi lauper, frankmusik or (gasp) alphabeat in their brightest moments should love this!

kiss in cities - u r my girl

show kiss in cities some myspace love and i'll see if i can get us some more tracks from them soon! (and add illegal tender to your arsenal of feeds now!) read more!

Friday, August 14, 2009

fm attack.

vancouver-based shawn ward's disco outfit fm attack only surfaced on the scene a few months ago and just delivered an epic full-length album named 'dreamatic', subtitled "an epic journey into 80's electro, synth-pop and nu disco". that's pretty spot-on, although this lacks the euphoria i have encountered listening to the album and i can't remember the last time so many (disco-loving) people messaged me about a release, telling me that i must check it out immediately.

and actually i had a hard time choosing a particular track for the blog at all, as there is clearly a lot of love, passion for synthesizers and obvious talent dripping from all of the nine tracks on the album. finally i decided to go with 'sleepless nights' which is an italo-disco flavoured dream of a track featuring everything we love here at discodust: catchy melodies, lovely chords and of course vocoders! but hear for yourself as we strike back with another premiere!

fm attack - sleepless nights

but seriously, you should listen to the entire album, released on tonite records and available on junodownload and itunes. don't just always talk about loving the music, buy the album and show fm attack some love. also coming up is his remix for the new grum single 'heartbeats' which should be on here early next week! read more!

majestic + project bassline.

majestic is the official mc for leading uk garage production team the wideboys and has been making serious noise in the garage scene ever since he started performing on stage and at pirate radio stations ten years ago. his single 'in the vip' provides a cynical yet charismatic take on the vip culture in certain nightclubs and with support by the likes of radio tastemakers sinden and kissy sellout, the track already created quite some buzz and is destined to follow in the footsteps of anthemic club bangers like 'wearing my rolex'.

while the original track is of course produced by the wideboys, we have got the remix by project bassline (look them up and you might be in for a surprise) for you right here which immediately got me hooked and will definitely be played out like crazy, starting just now. enjoy another premiere on discodust!

majestic - in the vip (project bassline remix)
majestic - in the vip (project bassline dub)

the single drops on october 7th on big life records, so this promo is circulating way early but i expect to hear this track in the clubs for much longer than that anyway. show majestic some love on his twitter and his myspace. will definitely keep watching out for more from him! read more!

the young punx + shinichi osawa.

the young punx come back at us with full force with a very special bundle of tracks fueled by their huge success in japan. 'rock star (understand)' is a cover of a song called 'understand' by the yokohama based band asian kung-fu generation who recently shared a stage with the young punx in yokohama, playing to over twenty-five-thousand fans.

'rock star' is the first track to 'leak' from the upcoming new album by the young punx called 'mashpop & punkstep' and combines their signature electro sound with the best in japanese pop music. and in case you like it a bit harder, there's a remix by no one else than shinichi osawa that made it straight to the pole position of the japanese itunes electronic charts. get your guitars out, rock stars!

the young punx - rock star
the young punx - rock star (shinichi osawa remix)

show the young punx and shinichi osawa some myspace love! read more!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

greenmoney + william orbit.

greenmoney are definitely among the hottest producers in the uk (and far beyond) right now, i seriously love how they blend uk funky flavoured rhythms and deep bass pressure with everything else that's good. since the last time we checked (over here) the guys finished new remixes for sibley, aswad, kid sister, trevor loveys and william orbit. wow, what a line-up!

we have got the all new greenmoney remix for the madonna, pink, sugababes and blur producing legend william orbit (pictured above) for you today and by the way greenmoney incorporate classic techno flavoured chimes and some old school house piano stabs, i am sure they have spent a fair amount of time at illegal warehouse raves back in the days. as so often with them, the remix comes with a dubbed version as well - enjoy another premiere on discodust!

william orbit - purdy (greenmoney's 'out of orbit' remix)
william orbit - purdy (greenmoney 'riddim' dub)

if you still can't get enough, tune in to the weekly greenmoney radio show, excellent selections over there! besides that, their debut single for fool's gold is in the works as well, so things are going great for greenmoney and we'll definitely hear more real soon! read more!

boy 8-bit + florence and the machine.

(note: had to repost this because of - you guessed it - dmca misunderstandings. back up now!) the evil legions of discobelle just exclusively unleashed this monster of a remix by boy 8-bit for 'drumming song' by the so so talented florence and the machine. as the name implies and as this season's big room sound obviously requires, the tune sports some pretty big drums and tends more towards electro house than earlier boy 8-bit material, fucking love the remix, especially the breakdown!

florence and the machine - drumming song (boy 8-bit remix)

hold out for the single dropping september 7th on island, also featuring yet another great remix by jack beats. show boy 8-bit, florence and her machines some love! read more!

designer drugs remixes.

the designer drugs remix powerhouse is still going strong and in-between all their time spent in the studio and in sweaty clubs, the guys just found the time to hook us up with their latest remix for the new flo rida single featuring nelly furtado. as so often, for some reason the remix didn't make it on to the official release but atlantic gave them the heads up to spread this around the blogs, so enjoy another discodust premiere right here.

flo rida featuring nelly furtado - jump (designer drugs remix)

also yet unheard is the special radio version of their remix for 'strange enough' by n.a.s.a. featuring ol' dirty bastard, karen o and fat lip. on top of that, i have also included the great designer drugs remix of 'your heart feels' by thieves like us that i didn't post when it showed up a few weeks ago - don't miss, absolutely huge!

n.a.s.a. - strange enough (designer drugs remix)
thieves like us - your heart feels (designer drugs remix)

the new designer drugs single is dropping in october and they are touring europe in september and october, check their myspace for the tour schedule! read more!

acid girls.

acid girls from los angeles are living the (american) blogger's dream: they went straight from hosting one of the most influential music blogs to dj'ing parties all over the world and are recently receiving more and more praise for their own productions and remixes. similar to duke dumont or jokers of the scene, their productions have a very wide range of influences but always build on the roots of classic techno.

their new single is about to drop on iheartcomix on september 1st features two dancefloor destroyers along with remixes by jokers of the scene and dave p & adam sparkles. pick up the a-side 'the numbers song' right here which has been a reliable killer tune in a lot of dj sets for months.

acid girls - the numbers song

and as acid girls have been really busy these days, here are some more tracks you should definitely check out including an original tune with shooting star frankmusik (which scored a release on kitsuné) and two remixes for spanish band delorean (who got the 'best new music' badge over at pitchfork the other day) and colorado-based electro-rock vandals 3oh!3.

acid girls featuring frankmusik - wake up
delorean - deli (acid girls remix)
3oh!3 - don't trust me (acid girls erotic braille dub)

watch out for more from acid girls and if you're looking for some cutting edge remixers for your upcoming release, they'd definitely be on top of our list right now. read more!

Saturday, August 01, 2009

digitalfoxglove + freak you.

french label on the fruit is known as one of the most reliable sources for heartfelt, epic dreamy soundscapes with a lot of attention to detail in the synthesizers department. we have previously featured label owner freak you (over here) and vintage wizard worship (over here) and are now introducing their latest signing digitalfoxglove.

based in germany, digitalfoxglove works as a graphic designer but has always had a strong passion for electronic music. fascinated by the kind of music featured on blogs like this, especially the rather melodic and dreamy tunes, he decided it was about time he seriously gets into music production and spent nearly his entire spare time for the last two years on getting the hang of it. and what can i say, it definitely worked out great!

'beasts and flowers' features catchy melodies supported by lovely chords and shows off a fair amount of originality and sophisticated synthesizer work. definitely not your average track, this collaboration by digitalfoxglove and freak you is a musical delight for everyone who's into (quoting myself) epic dreamy soundscapes and i am glad that we're among the first to post it (and i predict that many others will follow).

digitalfoxglove featuring freak you - beasts and flowers

show digitalfoxglove some love on myspace. he is currently working with different vocalists and guest musicians to finish off his debut release for on the fruit. we will definitely keep you posted! read more!


discodust resident hostage won't ever stop, you know it. consistently exploring new sounds and hijackin' them for a wild ride to rave territory, you can always be sure his productions will set dancefloors on fire.

this time he hits us with 'i get high', an uplifting summer jam which puts up a soulful sample against several heavy basslines, ending up with a perfect tune for this season! just like all recent hostage tunes, 'i get high' already got radio1 support and as (almost) always, you get it first on discodust!

hostage - i get high

and just in case 'i get high' doesn't feel heavy enough to you, we've got you covered, as hostage hooked us up with his latest heavy hitter 'welcome to paradise' as well, delivered as custom refined 'discodust mix'. if i wouldn't feel special 24/7 already anyway, now would be the time, right? anyway, play this loud!

hostage - welcome to paradise (discodust mix)

more goods from hostage are coming up soon, among them is a remix for the new foamo single 'wardance' and if everything works out, a mindblasting collaboration with someone very special. we'll keep you posted! read more!