Tuesday, April 28, 2009

sharkslayer + rico tubbs.

hey you kids who kept asking for 'more bangers', are you still out there? i know i've let you down but you know how it is, hardly anything exciting around lately. the whole distortion sound is going down the drain, most of the fidget tunes rely on detuned clownstep basslines, the tunes just don't work and no one really comes up with anything original either. thank god there's sharkslayer, consisting of top billin's very own nenis and dj pushups.

their recent remix for 'boom riddim' by rico tubbs is one of the few harder tunes that i've heard in the past months that is totally blowing me away! if this doesn't get the crowd moving, nothing will! sharkslayer deliver one of this month's hottest club bangers, hands down!

rico tubbs - boom riddim (sharkslayer remix)

and in case you have been sleeping on it, here's another recent remix by sharkslayer for 'the star of east berlin' (by) dj wool.

dj wool - the star of east berlin (sharkslayer remix)

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Monday, April 27, 2009

cinnamon chasers.

recently, i find myself diggin' in the crates over at junodownload more and more often, looking out for new music that's not made by the usual suspects that get blogged to death by everyone else. after mainly doing research in the dubstep area on there lately, as the sun comes out more and more i am now on the hunt for more uplifting and melodic disco and electro tunes and eventually came across something truly wonderful.

cinnamon chasers is the solo project of russ davies, nephew and son of ray davies and dave davies respectively, two founding members of the kinks. hot on the heels of legends such as giorgio moroder, vangelis and jean michel jarre as well as current synth wizards along the lines of alan braxe and junior boys, the london-based producer creates "a perfect blend of crisp electronics, pop based song structure and melodies with an 'indie' feel".

popular fans of cinnamon chasers include faze action and lifelike. less popular fans include myself, as i have listened to the beautiful uptempo dreamy melodic epic 'luv deluxe' 40 times in a row at work last week. and amazingly, now you can do the same!

cinnamon chasers - luv deluxe

stay tuned for the full length forthcoming on modus records and check out the cinnamon chasers for more downloads and a remix contest! i will definitely keep watching him! read more!

eli escobar.

i wonder how long it will take until people will finally recognize the greatness of eli escobar, passionate club dj and producer from new york. i always digged his productions but his rework of 'should let you go' released by our friends from top billin that we posted last summer totally blew me away.

while a lot of people out there claim to be 'disco', they'll never get as close as eli escobar with his carefully crafted 80s disco boogie sound. his stellar remix of the stevie nicks classic 'stand back' just proves this again. pick up the vinyl over at turntable lab.

stevie nicks - stand back (eli escobar disco mix)

and for further proof of eli escobar's awesomeness, here is his remix for 'i feel alive' by 33hz, released by fluokids' very own redhotcar on his label fool house.

33hz - sentinel of love (eli escobar remix)

show eli escobar some love on myspace and check out his blog outside broadcast. shouts to the always amazing discobelle for putting up the 'stand back' remix. read more!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

sparkle motion.

after their incredible 'flight school' (available here)mix, sparkle motion (dj yoda and tobes from spine magazine) are back with another marvelous mixtape named 'new jack city vol. 1'. while 'flight school' was all about 80s r&b breaks, their new mix is "taking things forward a few years to the days of hi-top fades, parachute pants and doing 'the running man'. think bobby brown cruising for chicks in a 1989 testarossa, and mike tyson riding shotgun with a white baby tiger on his lap".

sparkle motion compile almost an hour of classic new jack material with unobtrusive yet refreshing mixing, featuring tracks from genre leaders who disappeared years ago and had their greatest success around the early 90s, like boyz ii men, mantronix, bell biv devoe or another bad creation as well as tracks by living music legends like ll cool j, diana ross and janet jackson.

'new jack city vol. 1' is a precious document of a long forgotten era in music, an entertaining bite-sized lesson in music history served as a dope summer cruising soundtrack. absolutely recommended for both all the youngsters and old schoolers out there, if we had a 'mix of the month' section, this would be it, same as 'flight school vol. 1', sparkle motion take the crown for the second time in a row!

sparkle motion - new jack city vol. 1 mixtape (on sharebee)

sparkle motion are still operating under the radar without a dedicated myspace or website, so we'll just have to stay tuned for their next wholetrain rolling out of the yard for us all to admire.

and i need to add that i'd be excited to hear some of your thoughts regarding the relevance of the 'new jack era' in today's music. seems like there's not a lot left of the vibe, signature crooning and breakbeats around in popular music these days. i'd be ready for a comeback, what about you?


01. tony toni tone - it feels good
02. boyz ii men - motownphilly
03. ll cool j - strictly business
04. big daddy kane - i get the job done
05. johnny gill - rub you the right way
06. mantronix - don't go messin' with my heart
07. janet jackson - alright
08. bell biv devoe - poison
09. another bad creation - iesha
10. joey b ellis & tynetta hare - go for it (heart & fire)
11. wrecks-n-effect - new jack swing
12. dino - i like it
13. salt-n-pepa - expression
14. monie love - full term love
15. christopher williams - one girl (club dub)
16. tyler collins - girls nite out
17. heavy d & the boyz - somebody for me
18. diana ross - workin' overtime
19. glenn medeiros & bobby brown - she ain't worth it
20. ll cool j - around the way girl
21. tara kemp - hold you tight
22. ll cool j - 6 minutes of pleasure
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joe and will ask?

consistency is crucial nowadays when making music. joe and will ask? have been one of the few consistent groups to crank out solid work while simultaneously honing in on and refining their own sound. already gearing up for the release of their second ep, the two brits have already garnered the respect and regular play from some major dj's in the scene. each time i go back to their myspace, there are more videos and more press coverage and more hype. this track was specially concocted for their fabric dj set on the first of may. if you're in london, you definitely don't want to miss them.

joe and will ask? - yellowstone

the guys channel simian mobile disco on this one. and i only say that with the implication that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. it's bouncy and filled with dramatic crescendos that ends the way it begins - with simplistic perfection.

joe and will ask? - merrygo

here's another one from the ep. and while we can't indulge you with the entire thing for free you can go to beatport and pick up the rest!

joe and will ask? - shim

furthermore, the boys teamed up with british newcomers jupiters heroes and, true to form, build up the pressure almost to the point of exploding. oh the suspense!

jupiters heroes - melvin never made it (joe and will ask? remix) read more!

Friday, April 24, 2009

in flagranti interview.

(edited by aleks: i totally left miss toats hanging with this, she finished this interview off some time in march and due to my slacking, it's only up here now. so if you want to bitch about anything, blame it on me. or even better: don't bitch at all, just enjoy another great interview on discodust!)

i finally got to sit down with sasha from in flagranti as he was passing through town to chat about the fuel that keeps his group going. him and his parter, alex, have written their own rule book for musical success which ultimately doesn't make them play by any rules at all.

in flagranti - i'm sorry i'm terribly sensitive

'brash and vulgar' was released march 20th on codek records. don't forget to check out the label website to watch the backlog of amazing vintage footage paired with the sweet sounds of in flagranti.

miss toats: i've never seen you guys play live. i know you've had vocalists perform with you and you've dabbled with synths, but what will your show look like tonite?

sasha (in flagranti): what i'm doing is dj'ing with my own loops in ableton live. basically i use all my music making tools and elements of songs that i've already made and just shuffle them around and layer them different ways. in the end it will sound like i'm djing, but i'm making up tracks as i go. each set sounds different from the last. i actually discover new things each time i play. that usually inspires me to try new things and i end up making more tracks when i get home.

so what happened to the live performers? it seems to be a more entertaining medium and almost a lost art in this scene.

ya, my goal is to have more of a live show, but it's hard financially. it's just not economical right now to bring a vocalist and drummer. when i go to europe in march, i'll be live with alex. he'll have a keyboard and he'll control the visuals. we want it to coincide with the music, just like our videos do.

yes, i've noticed how much your graphics really contribute to your whole aesthetic. i find myself looking forward to the vintage footage almost as much as i look forward to the new music.

the video is almost an explanation for the music. you might initially hear a song and not 'get it' but after seeing the images, it just makes sense. if we could manage to get it working live, we'd do the images. but those images are part of us, too. like my stepdad had those magazines and we'd love to look at them back then.

that's something that alot of people don't do much of. sure, they might make a music video, but they don't have strong visuals attached to each and every song. and alex seems to only use a small portion of footage, but cuts it up and loops it in a way that's visually appealing.

the music is the same way. hip hop first introduced sampling and looping. in a way it's the same technique. you find one part that you like and mess with it - cut/paste, extend, loop, etc.

so do you have to get a lot of samples cleared for your original tracks?

the stuff that's obvious we don't put on our album. i don't sample stuff like james brown or michael jackson. you probably won't recognize what we use. if i walk home and there's a stack of records in the garbage and i find some shit that i like, i'll probably use it. to me, it's a freebie and i don't care about who has the copyright. i'm not going to take the whole melody so you know where i took it from. i'll use it to mess around with. i'll take a drum kick that's half a bar long, so its a bit different. i mean find someone who can tell me 'oh i know he took that kick from that song' and then we'll have something to talk about.

it's funny because it kind of turns into a game for some people. they love searching and discovering the original material and incorporate it into their dj sets. i still enjoy watching the videos from your first full length album. since then you've mostly just released ep's, but i know you're just about to release your next full length. has your philosophy changed seeing as how the music market has changed?

i guess no one really knows how it's going to evolve. i have a feeling that this is going to be our last full-length. people can pick and choose which tracks they want to purchase digitally, so there's really no benefit to putting out twelve tracks at once anymore.

i suppose you are playing by your own rules. you should because you are cultivating your own sound and operating kind of as your own entity. touring in such a blog house-filled world, what cities have you gotten the best responses?

definitely more in europe than america. i have also played a few really nice parties in america thrown by people who understand our music and what we're trying to do. we end up being really well received. i think in europe, the mainstream may be even a bit more in tune with what we do. here, the mainstream and us are worlds apart. people still throw good parties here. the rhonda party here in los angeles is the perfect example of a party where everything is right. it was perfect from the first record i put on to the last one. it's probably the best party i've ever done. in europe, belgium seems to be on top of music.

maybe soulwax has just cultivated them into music connaisseurs. it's such a weird time in music right now. the harder blog house isn't generating as much steam any more, and disco is starting to pick up. where do you guys feel that you fit in the mix with all of this?

i'm not quite sure, but i'm not only interested in disco. i like punk. i like rock. i'm not going to be doing disco until i die. to be honest, i'm kind of taking advantage of the resurgance of disco. i went disco dancing when i was 13, so if people want to do it again, let's do it again. i can adapt. as long as there is a fair amount of girls, and a good vibe, i can cope. i just need substance.

with your own style of production and musical taste, who do you consider your peers these days? todd terje? riton? holy ghost?

all of them. i admire them, i just don't follow any of them. i still follow the old stuff. i keep in touch with people that keep in touch with me. i can't speak for alex, but for me it's definitely all the old stuff i grew up with. i go back and get inspiration from that. i still am amazed when i find an old vinyl from the 70's that i've never heard of. the digging never stops.

where do you normally dig?

i dont dig anymore. that stopped maybe 5-6 years ago. there's a thrift store in greenepoint that has a million records with incredible music in there. i just can't stay for too long because i'm allergic to dust. so i leave the digging up to alex.

so what's your fantasy party setting to play in?

the best for me is if i don't know anyone because then i can really party. i can go crazy and don't have to worry about what people see me do.

i kind of picture you in studio 54 with diana ross over there and halston over there...

i think i'd to go back to the 70's, even 60's, but at the age i am now.

so would i.
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jokers of the scene + the brash.

the unstoppable jokers of the scene continue on their crusade through raveland and give us another great remix, this time for fellow canadian duo the brash, remixing 'h muet' for their upcoming ep 'mute & nude'. full release dropping on saboteur records on may 8th, jokers of the scene remix on discodust today!

the brash - h muet (jokers of the scene remix)

note that this file is encoded in 192 kbps as opposed to the lower quality versions on most other blogs where this has been posted before. stay tuned for more heat from jokers of the scene, they've got a big remix coming up for rob threezy, scheduled for release on nightshifters which you can hear on their new mixtape, featured over at our friends from discobelle. read more!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

shake aletti + toddla t.

does the united kingdom ever run out of amazing new artists? guess not, as another big track is coming your way out of nowhere. sheffield-based 'popfunk' duo shake aletti are blending the catchy pop of hot chip with the p-funk you kids probably only know from chromeo, ending up with what should be a number one song on the charts in a better world. in discodust world, they are right on top for tonight.

the lyrics alone - "that's just the way that he does it, girl. you're gonna have to get used to that" should have the 'big things ahead' alarm bells ringing when 'the way he does' kicks off and the same obviously happened to toddla t as he provided a hard hitting remix with his signature driving percussions and distorted deep frequencies for those who always need some more bass, assuring that no upcoming summer season party will be safe from this tune! choose your flavour, shake aletti are giving both tracks away (in 320 kbps) for our enjoyment, so get them already!

shake aletti - the way he does
shake aletti - the way he does (toddla t remix)

if these guys don't end up with a deal soon, i will stop drinking. forever. and you know what that means! so head over to the shake aletti myspace and show them love! (and besides that, everyone keeps talking about how awesome the upcoming toddla t album is, so don't miss that either!) read more!

grum + friendly fires.

remember when we first introduced you to a young producer from leeds named grum over a year ago? well, things have been working out great for him, his first single 'runaway' is out on all new label heartbeats, getting heavy support from all the radio key players from annie mac to jaymo & andy george. if you haven't heard 'runaway' yet, head over to beatport.

today we've got an all new grum remix for 'skeleton boy' by friendly fires for you which did not make the deadline for the actual release but is just so damn good that you'll have to hear it - to me it seems like every new grum track is more catchy, more driving, more crossover, yet more awesome than the one before, he just keeps getting better! fans of the remix include the likes of alan braxe, filthy dukes and alex metric.

friendly fires - skeleton boy (grum remix)

show grum some myspace love and once again, you must check out 'runaway' on beatport. read more!

ellie goulding.

while reminiscing about the good old days of celebrity deathmatch, some of us bloggers over on grindin have been discussing who we think would win in the battle of the new indie pop princess would be. we've thrown everyone into the ring from alice from crystal castles to victoria little boots to la roux to marina & the diamonds.

thanks to our buddy derek davies over at neon gold records (home to passion pit and marina & the diamonds), we have a new contender! ellie goulding is ready to sing her lungs out, has frankmusik protégé starsmith on the production and is our secret favorite for the 'best newcomer of 2009' crown - not too sugary sweet or too trendy or too 80's, just damn right!

ellie goulding - starry eyed

the whole package should be released some time this summer and some heavy remixes are already in the works. (aleks hijackin' this post now) and just in case ellie goulding is all new to you, here is some more of her wonderful work: the sam sparro cover 'black & gold', the frankmusik produced 'wish i stayed' and the just plain beautiful 'guns & horses'.

ellie goulding - black & gold
ellie goulding - wish i stayed
ellie goulding - guns & horses

all tracks straight from the neon gold blog, add it to your feed reader if you don't want to miss out on the next pop sensation! read more!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

wildlife! + the do.

switzerland's finest wildlife! applied his magic touch to french-finnish pop duo the dø, delivering a tropical-riddim-driven heavy bass banger which will definitely show up in the playlists of leading cutting edge disc jockeys, starting today!

the dø - on my shoulders (wildlife! remix)

wildlife! and terry lynn are touring the uk, austria, switzerland and germany - check the wildlife! myspace for the dates! read more!

parallels + detachments.

discodust favorites parallels are back with a new remix for detachments. of course it's as good as ever and i've had this on repeat for large parts of the weekend, hesitant to blog it because it was only up on rcrd lbl (holding on to it too tight kills music) though but finally got the 'good to go' today. so check another retro-electro flavoured disco stormer right here, 320 kbps for all you audiophiliacs.

detachments - the flowers that fell (parallels remix)

keep an eye on the single coming up on thisisnotanexit records. also detachments are currently preparing their album together with dfa's tim goldsworthy, two lone swordsmen's andy weatherall, playgroup's trevor jackson and band of the moment salem - i am excited! read more!

momma's boy (mikix the cat).

here comes the new kid on the block. momma's boy also known as mikix the cat (pronounced my-kicks) is one of the newest additions to the brooklyn-based heavy bass clan trouble and bass. you know it takes some big bass to be welcomed into the family with drop the lime and ac slater.

well, i'm presuming that mikix has birthed an alter ego as an outlet for some of his other more parisian-styled productions. he has an upcoming remix for douster coming out on my favorite up and coming label of the moment, sound pellegrino (institubes sub-label headed up by teki latex and dj orgasmic). can you think of any other institubes related producer that so suavely pulled this off? his name is escaping me at the moment. i think his name rhymes with 'purses' or 'murses'. ah, oh well.

expect big things from mikix in the future. he's yet another producer whose tracks are in limbo awaiting the final say from a few labels as to their destiny. his "movin' around" ep is out now on trouble and bass and you can sneak peek below. you can also hear what momma's boy is up to on his mixtape below as he's injected a few original tracks into it.

mikix the cat - movin' around
douster - for weirdos only (momma's boy remix)
mendel - beatburger (mikix the cat mac honey remix)

momma's boy - momma's soul food mix (via megaupload)

tracklist after the jump!


momma's boy – loco bongo
butch - amelie (format b remix)
worthy & yankee zulu – concomba
momma's boy – maldito niño
dario nunez, hector rodriguez, zafra negra - no puedo seguir (sufriendo por ella)
gregor salto - mexer feat. thais (funkin matt 3am remix)
christian martin - elephant fight (justin martins jungle remix)
blacktron - between us
ruben alvarez, rober gaez - the rhythm of life (david penn remix)
ilario alicante - living near africa
the advent, industrialyzer - terra nosa
kobbe, kevin brown, mar-c - voodoo doctor
kolombo - swing low low swing
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major lazer.

rehab, detox, relapse. looks like i am back from the dead again. and could there be anything better for a comeback than the very first real leak from the heavily anticipated major lazer album (that everyone else put up two days ago). featuring the vocal talent of santigold and mr. lexx along with diplo and switch on the beat, 'hold the line' is destined to be one of this summer's true beepers, err, bangers!

major lazer - hold the line (dj edit)

beats and vocals are available over at the magnificent mad decent for all the bedroom guys who want to destroy this masterpiece. can't wait for more from major lazer.

candy hearts to everyone who missed me and to molasuperpoco, 88 days in my veins, bigstereo and discobelle for keeping me entertained while i was hiding away. read more!

Monday, April 13, 2009


bradley, dj from new york's famous friends and daniel, singer/songwriter from chicago are flashmen. going by the name and the wonderful artwork they commissioned from the zonders, you can probably guess what they are up to: a sci-fi-riffic blend of teenage memories and futuristic funk. and if you think you have heard it all before: no! no! no! definitely not!

flashmen sent over two tracks for their debut blog appearance and seriously, it couldn't be any better. the driving arpeggiated bassline, lazer string hits and daniel's great vocals in 'little wildkat' are supported by some of the best use of horns that i have heard in ages, reminding me of eighties new wave hits. the whole combination should also make this track attractive for people who are hardcore into dfa records or regular listeners of beats in space.

flashmen - little wildkat

the second track 'flashmen theme' (which should probably have been the first in this post but yeah, i can't ever do anything right) is a more playful and melodic affair from the world of spaceships, leisure suits and martini-sippin' - this time featuring bradley on the vocals, showing the more vulnerable side of flashmen, asking 'can you feel it in the air?'. i definitely can!

flashmen - flashmen theme

having these tracks for a while and still being heavily addicted to both of them, i am glad flashmen are finally getting their name out there because they are definitely one of my favorite new acts and i expect big things to come from them and will definitely keep you posted. become a friend on myspace and follow flashmen on twitter. read more!


johnny jewel, the mastermind behind italians do it better, chromatics, glass candy has recently left his hometown portland for montreal where he met singer megan louise, leading to his latest project 'desire'. megan sings in french and english and johnny's stays true to his signature disco-noir production style while i'd describe the currently leaked songs as a bit more playful and lighter than chromatics - and very catchy!

gudren wolf put up all tracks from the five-track cd that desire gave away on saturday's show in portland where they opened for glass candy. i had a real hard time deciding what to post and as i am a big fan of everything that johnny jewel puts out, love all the tracks on this and want desire to be heard, i decided to upload the whole package for you on here as well. if you only want to hear one song for a start, my favorite right now is 'under your spell'.

desire - introduction (montre moi ton visage)
desire - mirror mirror
desire - under your spell
desire - dans mes reves
desire - if i can't hold you

much love to portland resident patricia furpurse over at gudren wolf for putting those up, to disco workout for bringing this to my attention and to the portland mercury for some well-needed background information. and if desire had a myspace page, i would ask you to go there right now - so just keep an eye on the italians do it better myspace for now! read more!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

little boots + the golden filter.

you have probably heard on some other blogs or myspace or wherever that there's a little boots remix by discodust darlings the golden filter. i have spent a lot of my precious time to dig up this remix as no one wanted to share it with me. not little boots, not the golden filter, not her management and not her label. but here it finally is, in 320 kbps and i think i couldn't imagine a more hot hot hot combination in my mind - come on, the golden filter and little boots at once! wet dreams!

little boots - new in town (the golden filter remix)

and i'll just ignore this final paragraph today. you know the drill by now. show the golden filter some myspace love, show little boots some myspace love, save all your money for future releases from them, keep on reading discodust, send me job offers, worship me, love me. read more!

fm attack.

fm attack is the dreamy vintage synth new romantic wave italo disco dreamwave (yes, we are still looking for the official name for this 'genre') side-project by deep house producer and dj shawn ward who was discovered and signed by no one else than tiga for his very own turbo recordings.

inspired by his mother's eighties record collection as well as plain love and passion for the sound of analog synthesizers, shawn started fm attack and is definitely giving valerie and lifelike some heavy competition now!

fm attack - disco attack
fm attack - take me away

show fm attack some myspace love and stay tuned for more from him, i'll definitely keep an eye on him! props to my boy fakebeat for the hookup! read more!

Friday, April 10, 2009

circlesquare + valerie.

circlesquare probably needs no introduction any more after the remixes for his single 'hey you guys' by the juan maclean and mickey moonlight have been played like everywhere recently. and their excellent choice in remixers doesn't stop there - discodust favorites russ chimes and anoraak teamed up for an all-stars remix for 'dancers' and as we've all come to expect, it's the usual high quality from team valerie.

circlesquare - dancers (russ chimes vs anoraak remix)

check out circlesquare on myspace and i guess i don't have to stress that we'll always keep the goods from russ chimes and anoraak coming. read more!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

bjork + switch.

by ways of tim chester (who seems to love being one step ahead of me, with a passion) over at the daily download comes this dubbed out twisted switch remix of bjork. not sure why this is just popping up now as the original song has been out like half a year ago but even if switch did it centuries ago, it's still so far out there that all of us probably won't 'get it' for quite a while. either way, dave taylor once again proves that he is one of the best producers of our time.

bjork - nattura (switch remix)

and no fear, the next couple of posts will be less challenging again. (maybe. poor you!) read more!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


hardly anyone in the uk has been rising as fast as jaymo. from organizing and playing out at the legendary moda parties he quickly moved on to his own monthly show on radio 1 with andy george plus doing shows for annie mac and kissy sell out.

on top of that, jaymo is also producing and has released a couple of original tracks and official remixes for shinichi osawa and noisia while more remixes are about to drop soon on southern fried, iheartcomix and his very own moda music.

his rework of 'let me be me' by audio bullys is up here right now and i bet this hard hitting electro house stormer can cause some serious mayhem on the floors out there! enjoy another discodust first and for good measure, we've also got jaymo's original track 'tuned in live' and a stunning 'sixty tracks in five minutes' minimix jaymo & andy george did for annie mac's mash up. don't miss any of them!

audio bullys - let me be me (jaymo remix)
jaymo - tuned in live
jaymo & andy george - minimix (for annie mac's mash up)

follow jaymo on twitter, tune in to "in new dj's we trust", show him some love on myspace and prepare to read more from him on discodust soon! read more!


it really seems like france is the home to the majority of nowadays' vintage synthesizer wizards and they just keep getting better. crj from paris backs up this thesis by enchanting us with his carefully crafted cover of 'ivory tower' by giorgio moroder (originally released on the soundtrack to the neverending story) and nails it down with his beautiful original track 'loverider' featuring thomas dorian. enjoy both tracks in full 320kbps dolby surround!

crj - ivory tower
crj (with thomas dorian) - loverider

neverending love stories to the teams from valerie and disco workout for spotting crj (years) earlier! read more!

arveene & misk.

obedient ed banger records fanboys should already know the irish producer-duo arveene & misk from their recently released remix for 'erreur jean' by mr. oizo. the good kids over at funkism unearthed their original track 'hells bells' which is a straight-forward club banger with pitch bent arpeggiated leads, deep bass and the occassional old school piano stab. sounds like a winner? fuck yes!

arveen & misk - hells bells

i am sure arveene & misk have more big things coming up, stay tuned!

update: turns out there was never any permission to post this, so the track is removed. stay tuned until monday, there'll be some worthy replacements straight from arveene & misk. read more!

mixhell + crookers.

ain't nothing stopping crookers. their remix for kid cudi finally got picked up by the sleepyheads in the industry after they discovered this crazy new thing called fidget-house. in the meantime, crookers are already busy on pushing their sound further and this remix for 'boom da' by mixhell featuring jen lasher and oh snap!! will definitely bring some booty shaking galore to the floors! check it out right here!

mixhell - boom da (crookers remix)

the full release is available on vinyl now from our friends at new judas, also featuring remixes by edu k and les petits pilous. juno is waiting for your order! read more!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


toronto-based one-man casio power-pop-army goldengirls should have been featured on here ages ago but i guess regular readers (and especially those guys who sent me their great tracks) know the deal by now, half of the tracks i want to post never show up here because they get lost somewhere on the way.

i am glad that i didn't sleep this time around because goldengirls just dropped his new track 'do the criminal' along with remixes by ccenturiess and designer drugs and you can't afford to miss any of the three versions!

goldengirls - do the criminal (ccenturiess remix)
goldengirls - do the criminal (designer drugs punk rock remix)
goldengirls - do the criminal

i'll make sure to watch goldengirls' every move from now on. and so should you! read more!

the hundred in the hands.

the hundred in the hands are a brooklyn-based post-punk boy-girl-band who proved to have excellent taste by hitting up disco editor in chief jacques renault for a remix. he turns their original 'dressed in dresden' into an all stripped-down laidback plastic dream of an early morning dancefloor brightener. even more than that, internal research papers from the secret discodust laboratories reveal that 'undressed in dresden' is also an awesome song to ease the pain of sunday noon hangovers.

the hundred in the hands - undressed in dresden (jacques renault remix)

and for a highlight in your boring uk indie rock sets, here is the original as well!

the hundred in the hands - dressed in dresden

full disclosure: this has been out in the wild for quite some time but i just found it on the weekend, can't even remember where but hey, it's finally here, about time! read more!


you will love kennedy from california. and the weird thing is that although he is associated with warner and already had a couple of his tunes used in flicks of the american pie and national lampoon's series, i have never heard of him before.

kennedy blends yesterday's disco with today's production and laces the tracks with surf-flavoured uplifting vocals. in a world where everything makes sense, kennedy should already have heavy radio airplay by now but obviously no one felt like making some serious promotion for him yet, so i guess we'll have to go and see what the blogs can do.

i am not even sure how old or new or released or unreleased these tracks are but 'karate' seems like a perfect french house-flavoured summer jam (reminding me of phoenix) which will definitely get the girls dancing on the floor and 'john and yoko' features the former blog house princess yelle, has some heavier guitars and real heavy and driving percussions. lighten up your day!

kennedy - karate
kennedy - john and yoko

i'll try and keep you posted about kennedy but you should add him on myspace anyway and more importantly: you fellow bloggers out there are more than welcome to spread the good word. read more!

Friday, April 03, 2009

the chain + delphic.

i have recently noticed a really frightening tendency in my music listening habits. while i have still got love for everything disco- and retro-related, electro and everything that has got heavy bass, i find myself listening to more indie, rap and (now comes the scary part) techno lately. mainly out of love for tracks from people like style of eye, popof and joe and will ask?, i am feeling more and more tunes lately because techno as a whole seems to be moving away from minimal tracks that just put me to sleep to more thrilling tunes with actual peaks, catchy melodies and complex percussion patterns.

so i was excited to have this remix for delphic's 'counterpoint' in the mail, done by the chain who are the latest signing on the recently reborn legendary techno label r&s records (who are the home of delphic as well).

the chain's first release featuring the tracks 'letting go' and 'geo' just dropped on beatport, being 'a big nod towards the early nineties but balanced with large doses of contemporary production to keep them moving in the right direction', so the one-sheet says and that's perfectly right. so get in the mood with their 'counterpoint' remix and check their actual release right afterwards!

delphic - counterpoint (the chain remix)

and while we're on it, you should definitely hear the original track by delphic as well which is a great piece of synth-laden indie rock. or maybe dreamy rocking indie pop. whatever, it's awesome and girls love it!

delphic - counterpoint

keep an eye on the chain, delphic and everything that r&s records puts out! and for some more tracks, head over to the r&s records free downloads page. read more!

jack beats + kissy sell out.

quite some heavy bass action tonight. our friends from jack beats are back with a new remix as well, this time putting their magic touch on 'this kiss' by radio key player kissy sell out which is most likely going to drop on his very own label san city high.

with their driving trademark wobble basslines and an ecstatic breakdown, this track is yet another sure shot by jack beats. and just in case you already picked this track up elsewhere: this one is 320 kbps!

kissy sell out - this kiss (jack beats remix)

send jack beats and kissy sell out love letters on myspace! read more!

sepalot + ac slater.

i wonder if ac slater ever sleeps as he seems to be one of the most wanted remixers these days. his latest work is a remix for 'go get it' by sepalot, released on traditional german label compost records. sepalot is a german dj and producer from munich who is part of one of germany's most successful rap crews called blumentopf who have been around since 1996.

the original 'go get it' was a track on sepalot's album 'red handed' which is an electronic flavoured hip hop album including features by berlin diva miss platnum and brooklyn-based rapper saigon, you should definitely check that out! but first of all, go and play that ac slater remix loud!

sepalot - go get it (ac slater remix)

the 'red handed' remixes should be out on compost records soon, also including a remix by rob threezy, so our friends at nightshifters (who also released ac slater) have definitely got this one locked down. for some more from sepalot, check out his blog over at sepalot.wordpress.com. read more!

foamo + cagedbaby.

here's a new remix by discodust favorite foamo who got busy on the new single 'forced' by fellow uk producer, singer, songwriter, dj, remixer (gasp) cagedbaby (pictured above). this time it's a lot more melodic, versatile and not all that heavy bass-driven as you've come to expect from foamo (more like what you'd expect to hear from fake blood) but this just proves he is steadily evolving, moving forward and is definitely here to stay - big tune!

cagedbaby - forced (foamo remix)

the single is dropping end of april on southern fried, so watch out for that! and don't miss out on future releases by cagedbaby and foamo. read more!