Thursday, May 29, 2008

tepr + kid sister.

the second best female rapper (well sorry, i am in love with amanda blank) in blog music world, kid sister, gets remixed by number one côte ouest representer tepr who succeeds at breathing some new life into (what should have been a worldwide mega hit) 'pro nails'.

kid sister - pro nails (tepr remix)

in related tepr and kid sister news (or rather old news to some of you), also make sure to pick up his latest remixes for santogold (my favorite but unfortunately i am not allowed to post it) and rafale and her getting the bag raiders treatment:

rafale - rock it (tepr remix)

kid sister - pro nails (bag raiders remix) on

thanks to alicia at iheartcomix and greg at panda toes for hooking up, watch out for much more later today, i am on fire! read more!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

drop the lime.

the official heavy bass champion of the world drop the lime (aka curses!) of trouble and bass fame is back with some more low frequencies to burst your eardrums. if you haven't heard of him yet, his style ranges from breakcore, bassline house, rave, jungle and dubstep - in short: everything that involves heavy bass. he has recently done official remixes for moby, robyn, blaqstarr, health and midnight juggernauts and has releases scheduled on mad decent, fools gold and counterfeet.

in order to promote his upcoming 'the tales of colt 45' usa tour presented by colt 45 & vice, here is a track off his upcoming 'like thunder' ep:

drop the lime - i love ny

click here to see the complete colt 45 tour dates

additionally, here is a recent live turntable (serato) mix by drop the lime, get it right here:

drop the lime - bass for golden pudels

check the comments for the mix tracklist and show drop the lime some myspace love, i am sure he is going to be even more huge in 2008! read more!

la mode + kill the noise.

la mode versus diddy.

kill the noise versus estelle and kanye west.
(and note that this version of the mp3 does not suddenly end after 6:32.)

p. diddy - bad boy for life (la mode fuckup) on mediafire
estelle & kanye - american boy (kill the noise remix) on mediafire read more!

daedelus + xxxchange.

once again i am very late on this one. whatever, my main man wolfgang 3000 of the zonders recommended this track to me on the weekend and yeah, it's one of the best tracks to grace the boring world of music blogs recently. xxxchange remixes daedelus who has got his album 'love to make music to' coming out on ninja tune in early june. so if you haven't already, grab this track right now:

daedelus - make it so (xxxchange remix)

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fantastadon + hot pink delorean.

long-time discodust favorites hot pink delorean and fantastadon strike back once again. i won't introduce them yet again, check the discodust archives for much more heat by both of them. here we go with hot pink delorean banger 'freak night' remixed by fantastadon in full 320 kbps glory:

hot pink delorean - freak night (fantastadon remix)

and if you missed the original track back then, here's your second chance:

hot pink delorean - freak night

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


the next big thing from australia, catchy fun pop song factory bmx who have previously received lots of blog love from our friends at palms out sounds and bigstereo, are back with a new track named 'refero beach' and as i have been so slow and lazy recently, this is a good opportunity to get you totally hooked on bmx and introduce you to their full discography!

so here we go with three tracks from bmx - combined they result in a perfect summer soundtrack and played in the correct order there is a story, at least travis from bigstereo pretends that and you know he is usually right. enjoy!

bmx - theme to bmx
bmx - war
bmx - refero beach

now be quick and rush over to the bmx myspace in order to become their friend before everyone else does! read more!

le castle vania + grum.

what happens when one of my favorite remixers gets busy on one of my favorite recent bangers by one of my favorite upcoming producers and adds the greatest invention ever - vocoders? that's right, pure goodness! killer. no more words needed, enjoy le castle vania's remix of 'go back' by grum:

grum - go back (le castle vania remix)

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dlid (dick laurent is dead).

the good people over at quatre records are back with a new release. dlid (dick laurent is dead) is a member of the electroluxe family and is about to drop his 'discovision' twelve-inch on 2nd june. previous releases on quatre had huge support from major scene players like d.i.m, teenage bad girl, the bloody beetroots, missill and les petits pilous.

the title track 'discovision' is a real solid banger, not too original but perfectly fitting in with tracks by boys noize, digitalism or justice and the track also features some great aggressive female vocals on top, making it a great replacement for 'la musique' which feels a bit played out by now. so go get your latest dj set enhancement right here:

dlid (dick laurent is dead) - discovision

watch out for the upcoming release on quatre records featuring the original 'discovision' as well as a remix and another original called 'get lost!' which is one of the secret weapons in the recent dj sets of touché from the black ghosts. read more!

Monday, May 26, 2008

dj donna summer.

jason forrest aka dj donna summer aka birthday party berlin main mastermind aka cock rock disco label owner aka pitchfork super darling is definitely one of my favorite 'friends' in the whole 'blog scene' right now and dropped an exclusive mix for xlr8r early may that you must not miss.

quoting the man himself, the mix is 'a highly edited mash of a ton of different styles from fidget and bassline to a bit of dubstep and hip-hop but all soaked in old-school rave and slapped on the ass by some bmore and baile' and chops and screws up 44 tracks in 45 minutes. see, this is what a mix should be like in 2008. head over to our friends at xlr8r and grab the mix right now:

dj donna summer - exclusive mix for xlr8r

but i wouldn't post this without a track, so my man jason hooked me up with a brand new dj donna summer track. 'big boy trux' clocks in at medium booty bass tempo (140 bpm), combining a uk-style wobble bassline with pitched down vocals, distorted new french touch synths, oldschool rave signals, a gabber kickdrum, shuffled house percussions and sharp 909 hihats. in short: a dj funk playing at a thunderdome party, broadcasted live on rinse fm. confused? that's what we were going for.

dj donna summer - big boy trux

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Monday, May 12, 2008

ladyhawke + alex gopher.

after the wonderful (download only) 'back of the van' and the respective remixes by van she technologic and fred falke, ladyhawke is back with her first full single 'paris is burning', set to be released on june 30th, probably one of my favorite pop songs ever and right on time to become a huge summer anthem this year, fingers crossed! the single will feature remixes by peaches, kid gloves and alex gopher.

you can check out the alex gopher remix right here which is another very driving electro house dancefloor mayhem as we've got used to from him by now. don't miss this:

ladyhawke - paris is burning (alex gopher remix)

watch out for the ladyhawke full album due for release in september and add her on myspace. read more!

tronik youth + grum.

[artwork by the zonders] after the smash hit first single 'we are', tronik youth is back with a new track: 'laugh, cry, live, die'. the single is coming up on back yard on june 2nd and will feature remixes by headman, acid jacks, young lovers and discodust favorite grum.

check out the original and the hard hitting grum remix out right here at 192 kbps:

tronik youth - laugh cry live die
tronik youth - laugh cry live die (grum remix)

watch out for the release coming up on back yard and show tronik youth some myspace love! read more!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

infadels + alex metric.

two years after their debut album 'we are not the infadels', after playing over 300 gigs from europe to china, infadels are back with a new album named 'universe in reverse', 'bursting with energy, growling guitar melodies and hooks in abundance'. the very catchy feel-good anthem 'free things for poor people' is the second single from the album which is coming up on june 23rd on wall of sound.

lucky as we are, wall of sound got some remixes for the single as well and my favorite one is done by alex metric who constantly impresses me with all of his recent work, including the remix for splittr and of course his own ep 'in your machine' on marine parade. his remix is a perfect combination of stadium indie rock track and a driving electro (yeah you hate that term by now) banger that will cause fireworks in your heads. go check it out right here in high-q, blogged first on discodust:

infadels - free things for poor people (alex metric remix)

show infadels and alex metric some myspace love and watch out for the album 'universe in reverse'.

UPDATE: mp3s taken down because the promotion phase is over. read more!

Friday, May 09, 2008


the post on my favorite recent 'find' from germany, overthrill, obviously had quite some impact, as they got tons of friend requests, remix offers and a request from no love lost records to contribute a mixtape to their exclusive mixtape series. and what an outstanding tape it is, featuring 82 tracks in less than an hour. lee from nllr delivered a nice write-up again, better than i could ever write anything, so here you go:

"arriving with our fifty-first exclusive mix is overthrill from germany and they've put together an absolutely gargantuan mix for us. eighty-two tracks carefully selected from across the entire dance, pop and hip hop space-time continuum. to give you some idea of just how broad a sampling of tracks overthrill have masterfully worked into their epic set, here are just a smattering of the artists featured: bangers & cash, les rythmes digitales, dizzee rascal, queen, chemical brothers, bob sinclar, madonna, westbam, propellerheads, danger, m.i.a., timbaland, the prodigy, jackson and his computer band, lady sovereign, uffie, the avalanches, sebastien tellier, pussycat dolls, rolling stones, thomas bangalter, beastie boys and obviously many, many more. overthrill clearly love indulging their every dance floor whim and who can argue with that ethos when you can pack more than eighty tracks into an hour long mix without it sounding rough or gimmicky, quite brilliant. enjoy overthrill's maximix and share the love via their myspace page!"

i highly recommend (!!!) you to check out their mix, it is simply stunning and hands down one of the best mixes i have heard in ages:

overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on mediafire)
overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on megaupload)
overthrill - exclusive nllr mix (on zshare)

enjoy this masterpiece of a mix, check the comments for the tracklist and go add overthrill on myspace! read more!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

annie + get shakes.

finally every underground super hipster's favorite pop princess annie from bergen, norway, is back! with 'heartbeat' and 'chewing gum', she was on her best way to become the new queen of pop but it seems as if the mainstream media wasn't up for that yet.

so this year she's giving it another try and her new single 'i know ur girlfriend hates me' (yeah, i bet they all do) is going to be released in early july. we were lucky enough to get ahold of this hypnotic vintage electro disco flavoured remix by get shakes two months early. check it out right here and enjoy another premiere on discodust:

annie - i know ur girlfriend hates me (get shakes remix)

listen to the original track on annie's myspace and while you're at it, add her as a friend and tell her aleks from discodust loves her! read more!

Monday, May 05, 2008

pony pony run run.

our good friend anoraak just sent over a new track by his band pony pony run run and it's a great change from all the grimey bangers stuff i've had in the mail lately. 'boy/girl surrender (summer edit)' is an awesome electro-flavoured powerpop summer anthem that is playing on repeat here since i got it and it will probably end up on a lot of my summer mixtapes. get addicted right here:

pony pony run run - boy/girl surrender (summer edit)

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Friday, May 02, 2008

after midnight + the frail.

after midnight are philthy b. (former villains member) and dj farron from la. think chuck norris meets prince, as in the coolest mother-fucker meets the baddest mother-fucker. they have experience in all of la/hollywood's hottest clubs and are currently trail-blazing the rich la electro-based scene with intentions of hitting the top without ever looking back. check out their heavily banging remix of 'addiction' by the frail from sf, another premiere on discodust:

the frail - addiction (after midnight remix)

show after midnight and the frail some myspace love! (and if you've got the feeling that this entry is a bit rushed and is very similar to the official after midnight press info, you're right, but that's just because i am already late for a date and did not want to leave you hanging without this killer track! yeah, making girls mad at me 'cause i love my readers, that's me!) read more!