Monday, May 26, 2008

dj donna summer.

jason forrest aka dj donna summer aka birthday party berlin main mastermind aka cock rock disco label owner aka pitchfork super darling is definitely one of my favorite 'friends' in the whole 'blog scene' right now and dropped an exclusive mix for xlr8r early may that you must not miss.

quoting the man himself, the mix is 'a highly edited mash of a ton of different styles from fidget and bassline to a bit of dubstep and hip-hop but all soaked in old-school rave and slapped on the ass by some bmore and baile' and chops and screws up 44 tracks in 45 minutes. see, this is what a mix should be like in 2008. head over to our friends at xlr8r and grab the mix right now:

dj donna summer - exclusive mix for xlr8r

but i wouldn't post this without a track, so my man jason hooked me up with a brand new dj donna summer track. 'big boy trux' clocks in at medium booty bass tempo (140 bpm), combining a uk-style wobble bassline with pitched down vocals, distorted new french touch synths, oldschool rave signals, a gabber kickdrum, shuffled house percussions and sharp 909 hihats. in short: a dj funk playing at a thunderdome party, broadcasted live on rinse fm. confused? that's what we were going for.

dj donna summer - big boy trux

show jason forrest and dj donna summer some myspace love, check out the birthday party berlin blog and instead of writing pointless hater comments on your favorite blog, why not try to track down his other split personalites as well - catch 'em all!


MySpace Design said...

wicked awesome track.

crocodile done deal said...

donna summer!!!!!!!!
so fresh, and rhymes with marijuana drummer!